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30 Rock Fodder

30 Rock: Gavin Volure


Hello Lemonings!

The parade of guest stars on 30 ROCK culminated tonight with that wild and crazy guy, Steve Martin, playing Gavin Volure, a wealthy recluse with eyes set on Liz. (And John McEnroe playing himself as a dinner guest).

So there is a twist in tonight's episode involving his character that I'm going to skip over in the event you haven't seen it yet.

Our "B" storyline revolves around Tracy's belief that his kids are out to kill him after watching an E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY. The kids are great, and I have to say, over the past few weeks I've fallen out of love with Sherri Shepherd on THE VIEW, so I was relieved to not see her tonight.

Oh, and there's a Tracy Jordan sex doll.

Favorite lines:

Liz: "Is this potpourri or chips, cause I'm going to try to eat it?"

Kenneth: "Sometimes kids act out when there's a change. I know I was a handful when my family moved from our farmhouse to that militia camp in the woods."

Tracy: "Don't Menendez me!"

Tracy: "That's just a Japanese sex doll in daddy's bed!"

Was it my pain pills or did the pace seem really slow tonight? I felt like Martin and Fey had better chemistry together in BABY MAMA. And where the hell was Jenna?

Wasn't one of my favorites, but still, even 30 ROCK's weaker episodes are better than most other show's strongest. With the sweeps over, I'm ready for the show to settle back into its own characters without bringing in the cameos. (Sadly, last week's episode with Jennifer Aniston did NOT have good ratings)

I think the show works best when all the ensemble is together and not anchored by a "name." But that's just me.

Next week is a repeat, so have a Happy Thanksgiving!

-Chad Darnell

Tags: 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Tiny Fey
Posted by Chad on November 21, 2008 1:01 AM
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