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30 Rock: The One With The Cast of Night Court


Hello Lemonings! Thanks to Rachel for filling in for me last week! I had a "thing" that has resulted in me being on heavy antibiotics and pain medication for the past week. (And in case you were wondering, ice cream, antibiotics, and sushi do NOT mix). So I had to watch tonight's episode twice to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.

Also: one should not blog and take pain pills, but let's try to get through this together, shall we?

Tonight was the much hyped and anticipated appearance of Jennifer Aniston. You remember her. She used to be on that show. The one with all the "friends." And in case you forgot she's on the cover of every magazine and on Oprah's couch and she's in a new movie called MARLEY AND ME...

Tonight's appearance/ performance pretty much guarantees her the Guest Actress in a Comedy Emmy nomination. The Academy loves her and Fey and company sculpted a role that allows her to deliver a high-energy performance and showcase her comedic timing. And she looks great doing it. She plays a FATAL ATTRACTION-esque woman after Jack.

I just wish there had been more of her. I like Jennifer Aniston. I like that she's all "don't feel sorry for me." And I'm sorry she lost her husband to Angelina, but really, that's a no win situation for everyone. Hopefully NBC will sell lots of washing machines and pay her quote to make another appearance in the future. Might I suggest she comes back to 30 ROCK pregnant with a "Little Jack" on board.

However, I had to grab the remote and hit rewind when suddenly Harry Anderson, Markie Post and Charlie Robinson appeared on the screen. For those readers who grew up on the Britney Spears generation, you don't remember the awesomeness that was NIGHT COURT, a NBC show which ran for 9 seasons (from 1984-1992). Harry Anderson played "Judge Harry Stone," Markie Post and her hair played "Christine Sullivan" and Robinson was a clerk named "Mac."

I'm sure most viewers who knew the show were expecting a last minute appearance by John Larroquette, who never showed.

On the show, Kenneth gets a new uniform which he hates. In a rant, he proclaims his disappointment that NIGHT COURT was canceled before the characters Harry and Christine could get married. In an effort to cheer him up, Tracy pulls strings and brings the three actors in to film a final episode, scripted by Kenneth.

That's when I looked at my pills and wondered if I had taken too many. I, for one, loved NIGHT COURT. And I give props to Fey and Company for booking talent that is clearly unknown to the precious 18-35 demo. And eventually the A and B stories pay off together in the end. I just kind of wish the NIGHT COURT storyline was its own story. (Though I did love Liz stopping production of the episode screaming that he was dangerously infringing upon Warner Bros. property. It's a very "inside" joke, but very funny.)

Favorite line of the night: Liz: "Hey, did you see our shout out in "Variety?" They called us a comedy show!"

I can only hope that 227 gets the same kind of send-up soon. In fact, I'm going to launch my own personal campaign to get Jackee Harry hired as a cougar who goes after Kenneth. Or Bea Arthur.

NBC loves their crossover episodes. God rest their souls, but if I had to experience another CROSSING JORDAN and VEGAS crossover, I think I would have killed myself. Or watched an episode of CAVEMEN.

So my question for you... which other NBC show should 30 ROCK include in the future?

-Chad Darnell

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Posted by Chad on November 14, 2008 1:07 AM
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I liked the line Harry Anderson said about having a new Heroes character! The Night Court bit was way more amusing that Anniston's whole storyline - it kind of fell flat on me.

I would have loved to read your drug-induced 30 Rock recap! It would have been like the Oprah episode!

-- Posted by: Connie at November 14, 2008 11:20 AM

I'm with Connie.

Night Court>Anniston

-- Posted by: sitruc at November 16, 2008 12:08 PM

I agree with everyone else. It's not that I thought Aniston was horrible or anything, but they pumped up that episode SO MUCH. I didn't hear a peep about the Night Court people, and that really stole the show.

VERY psyched for Steve Martin this week. Just hope BJ & the Bear don't show up!

-- Posted by: Rachel at November 17, 2008 11:39 AM

If they do BJ & the Bear, they have to do My Two Dads! Have a Greg Evigan-a-thon!

-- Posted by: Connie at November 17, 2008 5:58 PM

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