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30 Rock Fodder

30 Rock: Ludachristmas

The Plots:

Liz's family arrives in NYC to celebrate Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. Lemon are tremendously supportive of both their children. In Liz's brother Mitch's case, that means sustaining his belief that it is still 1985, the day before a terrible skiing accident that will trap his memory in time. Sure, he's 40 now and has lost over two decades of his life, but there appear to be some benefits, like still living at home, and occasional sex with Jenna, which he's not obliged to remember.

With Liz, the family deception is a bit more suspect. Back in 1985, they stood behind their daughter when she sued her way onto an all boys football team, even though they lost the season as a result. Nowadays, they are so proud of her, as her mom tells her while touring the studio. "They built all of this because of words you wrote!" she crows, gazing with fondness on the "Who Farted?" set.

It's that sort of blindness that sets off Jack's radar. But even so, he's still charmed by the Lemon family and their unusual ways, and he is soon joining them for ice skating and family photos. Also, they provide him an excuse to get away from the surprise visit of his mother Colleen, but not for long, as she hunts them down and quickly sniffs out all the Lemon disfunction. During the course of one dinner, Colleen reveals the tension in the fragile Lemon marriage, cures Mitch (plunging him into despair), and takes away Liz's support net over being in her late 30's, unmarried and childless. On the other hand, Jack and Colleen grow closer.

Meanwhile, Tracy, due to being late for a court appearance, is hooked up to an alcohol-monitoring anklet, right before the highly anticipated annual Ludachristmas event. Even so, he decides to attend anyway, but his plans are foiled when Kenneth, aghast at the staff's attitude towards the holidays, traps them in a room to teach them the true meaning of Christmas. Kenneth's efforts go nowhere, until he shows them a video of orphans rejoicing over their presents -- blocks of wood -- but the turnaround quickly gets out of control, as the staff riots against a Christmas tree. The good news is, Tracy enjoys a couple of drinks and doesn't get caught, due to the drunken chaotic Christmas party at the Ankle Monitoring Central.

The Best Moments (an All Alec Edition):

Liz repeats her parent's praise, that she's both beautiful and intelligent.
Jack: Were they taunting you?

Jack prepares a snack pack for his crotchety mom from the craft services table, casually passing it within range of a sickly, coughing call girl.

Genuinely delighted by a gift bucket of popcorn, Jack looks up with delight.
Jack: It has cheese and butter and caramel. All my favorites! How did you know?

Jack repeats Liz's parent's praise (of him), recounting all the things that are true:
Jack: ... and I did do a fabulous job finishing my muffin.

Posted by Chad on December 14, 2007 12:57 PM
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Loved the casting of Buck Henry and Andy Richter... and was that Tracy Morgan's actual ankle bracelet making a special guest appearance? Can't remember how far back that was.

-- Posted by: Rachel at December 15, 2007 1:17 AM

Andy Richter was pretty funny, and yes, I think that was the actual ankle monitor. I wonder if the ankle monitor makers get residuals now?

-- Posted by: Chad at January 11, 2008 8:59 PM

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