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30 Rock Fodder

30 Rock: Cougars

The Plots:

Tracy coaches a little league team from Knuckle Beach as part of serving some community service time. Jack meets the ragtag underachievers, and quickly gets involved, determined to turn them into winners: New uniforms (thanks, Sheinhardt Wig Company!) and equipment. And when Tracy gets in the way? A new coach: Kenneth. Things quickly go awry, and the kids revolt, turning on their benefactors. Jack apologizes to Tracy, via Kenneth, and enlists his help in employing a "surge" to lead the kids to victory. There are some immediate gains, but will it be enough to make it through the upcoming election year? Oh, wait. What was I talking about again? Hmm. Let's move on to Liz.

Liz gets asked out by Jamie, the sexy new coffee boy. Jenna advises Liz that being a "cougar" is both acceptable and hip, so Liz begins dating the boy toy, while dealing with a jealous Frank, who is suddenly "gay for Jamie." Despite their 17-year age difference, Liz enjoys her new fling, encouraged along by Jack, who knows a thing or two about May/December romances. But the romance comes to a sudden end when Liz meets Jamie's mom -- not because the woman opposes the union, but because Liz does. See, Liz and Jamie's mom, Beth, could almost be twins. (Get that whole Liz / Beth thing?)

The Laughs:

Tracy introduces the Little League Team.
Tracy: A group of fine young men, and one special lady.
(Off "her" response.)
Tracy: "Dijonnaise" is a boy's name?

Jack: What are your dreams?
Kid #1: When I grow up, I'm gonna do vending machine maintenance.
Kid #2: I'm gonna get shot by a cop, and sue the city.
Kid #3: I'm gonna be a talkative doorman, with a drinking problem.

Kid #1: Someday, I'll have an office like this... to clean!

Liz: Give it up, Jenna. You're talking to an ultra-sound.
Jamie: Now I'm getting attitude from the sexy librarian over here.
Liz: What? Sexy? You are. Shut up.

Frank: That guy's adorable.
Lutz: Frank's gay!
Frank: Maybe I am gay... for that little peach.

Kid #2 (upon seeing Jack again): Hey you guys, it's that king we met!

Frank: Dude, I totally forgot. I bought you this sweater. It's slim-fitting. They call it a French Cut. And it wasn't on sale or anything.

Frank: I'm gay for Jamie.
Liz: That's not a thing. You can't be gay for just one person. Unless you're a lady, and you meet Ellen.

Jenna: Cougars. Hot older ladies, pouncing on their young prey. There was a whole article about it in Vanity Fair, the one with Crisis in Africa cover. God, it makes me so sad that more people don't know about cougars.

Jamie: They just changed bartenders. I want to go see if this guy will serve me.

Jack: Where did you two meet, Amber Alert?

Jack: To that clueless boy over there, you're a very powerful woman. Technically, you're a catch. You've got money, status, naturally thick hair, a decent set.

Jack: Why are you so against fun in your life?
Liz: I'm not against fun. I went up on my roof the other night.

Jack: He's hot, poor, and eager to please. Never give out your home phone number. And if you set a curfew, stick to it.

Jenna: I guess you're not the only cougar in town. This is Aiden. Aiden's a freshman at NYU. Aren't you, Aiden?
Aiden: Sure. Got any change for a soda?
Jenna: But you just had one.
Aiden: Whatever.
He skates away on his Heely's.

* Despite not being interested in Frank, Jamie accepts all his gifts... including that awful painting.

Frank: Jamie, I can't take this Sam & Diane thing anymore.

Jamie: Look at us. We look awesome together.
Liz: Yeah. Now I know why Demi Moore does this.
Jamie: I get that reference!

* When Jenna breaks up with Aiden, he repeats everything she says back at her. Then he "almost" touches her, keeping his finger just far enough away that he's not actually touching. Then he uses her own hand to slap her.

Posted by Chad on November 30, 2007 6:22 PM
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For the first time EVER, I am going to say something that I didn't like about 30 Rock... and that was the Frank storyline.

I think the first time that he mentioned Jamie, it was kind of funny. After that, it sort of ruined the character of Frank for me. Totally un-Frank. I will get over it, of course...

-- Posted by: Rachel at December 2, 2007 12:28 AM

Wonderful post. I learned many interesting things. Thank you)

-- Posted by: Luke at January 31, 2013 12:22 PM

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