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30 Rock Fodder

30 Rock: Jack Gets in the Game

Grounded Beef

Tracy awaits delivery of important mementos from his estranged wife, Angie, another step in their mildly dramatic break-up. Items, such as the key to Gary, Indiana. Or the gold record for Tracy’s novelty hit, "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah." Angie finally arrives. Drops off the goodies. Awkward! And only more so when – Kenneth?! – hits on her. (But it’s only a set-up. Something about Grizz and Kenneth hatching a plot to get them back together. Please don’t ask for details. If you’re that hungry for a puzzle, go unravel a Soduko.)

The plan backfires. (Or does it? Again. All twisty-turny with the plot. Who wrote this, David Mamet?) Tracy sends Kenneth over to Angie’s place on Da Crib Avenue, to, um… Let’s just say, "sassify" her. Which somehow led to one Puritanical kiss and lots of weeping. (Courtesy of Kenneth, naturally.) Plagued by nightmares of Kenneth in an eye patch, serving turkey legs to Angie while Grizz administers back rubs, Tracy arrives to save the day. Reconciles with Angie. All is well.

(See? I put Tracy first, and it’s just wrong. It feels wrong. But I can’t keep putting his inferior storylines last, now can I? Oh, Tracy, please. Demand. Better. Storylines.)

Prime Time Rib

Jenna (I love you! There. I said it.), still struggling with her Off-Broadway weight, goes on the Japanese Porn Star diet. "I can only eat paper. But I can eat all the paper I want." When that still doesn’t work, Liz tries to reassure her with some feministical mumbo jumbo about sexist body double standards. (Oh, you mean like being forced to see Mr. Nicholson’s genuine, flabby bottom in, "Something’s Gotta Give"? Or maybe she meant Ms. Bates bobbling hot tub breasts in, "About Schmidt.") Jack tells Jenna outright. She’s fat. Sends her to Dr. Spaceman. He lets her know she’s in the scientifically designated, "Disgusting range." Asks how she feels about Crystal Meth. Or… tooth retention. Finally, he refers her to the Bradshaw Clinic for some crazy surgical options. Jenna knows the place. "Where the Olsen twins were separated!"

(Um, no. Where Carrie detoxed out Mr. Big.)

Before she goes, though, Frank pitches a sketch idea: Jenna coining the catchphrase, "Me want FOOD!" Liz finds the suggestion repulsive. Insists that Jenna will continue as always, playing her usual repertoire of characters. Leading Jenna to suggest she can dance on rollerblades. But her center of gravity is off, and when she wipes out (literally) during a skit, she’s forced to trot out Frank’s suggestion. Which does, actually, draw laughs. Jenna begins getting recognized on the street. T-shirts abound, as "Me want FOOD!" catches on.

Forced to decide between a surgery that includes liposuction, bone shaving, and organ reduction, or increased celebrity, Jenna chooses wisely. "I’m keeping it," she declares. It, of course, being fat.

New York Stake

Liz Lemon spends the episode in denial about having chosen the big city over her big man. She doesn’t miss Floyd. She’s not vicariously holding on to the wedding dress. "I’m going to sell it online, but my internet is being all weird." Jack compares her procrastination to her (not) putting together her home office furniture, made by – get this:


The furniture company is Liz’s swear word?!


In the end, Liz puts the office furniture together. And when it naturally doesn’t work, she props the desk up with a cleverly wadded up wedding dress.

Top (Dog) Sirloin

Jack, hiding his secret heart attack, is forced to enjoy a $54 steak by watching Liz inhale it. (That would be like asking me to slowly savor: This. This. Or this.) Attempting to get his act together, Jack reads the warning signs in a Yanni Illustrated interview that his boss, Don Geiss, is headed for retirement, and wants to be chosen for the position. But before he can whistle, "N. B. C." (as Kenneth does, polishing the masthead letters in question), Jack’s gay nemesis – Devon Banks – arrives, romancing Don Geiss’ unmarried, aging daughter, and securing a dinner date with Don and his wife.

Jack and Devon sniff each other’s butts, as usual. Jack discovers where the dinner is being held, and arrives at the restaurant, coincidentally. Devon pumps his kryptonite, Kenneth, and learns about Jack’s health scare, then turns the table by forcing red meat, red wine, and -- at a BBQ -- sports on Jack. In return, in order to out Devon, Jack dangles the proverbial carrot in front of him by getting a strapping young friend to wrestle Devon while half-naked.

Finally, Devon chokes on a hot dog, and Jack blackmails a truce for some reciprocal Heimlich maneuvering. Devon still tells Don about Jack’s heart attack, but Don hints to Jack that he’s still in the running. Don wants to retire, and do things like get to know his secret family in Canada. Jack relaxes, reaches over his (more than) double standard belly and attempts to swipe a burger from a little girl.

Best Food Lines:

Liz (regarding her security blanket wedding dress): Oh. I’m supposed to put it in the closet with ham fat all over it?

Kenneth: This grilled cheese has mayonnaise in it. What?

Devon: I could never eat this much meat! Jack: That’s not what I hear.

Final Thoughts:

It’s official. This show would rather give a great line to a guest star than to use the players they’ve got. Two episodes in, and the whole supporting cast has yet to factor. My suggestion is, "fire" the writing team, and don’t go back in that room until the actors playing writers inspire the real writers to serve up some juicy characters and dialogue.

Posted by Chad on October 12, 2007 3:30 AM
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Will Arnett cracks me up!

-- Posted by: Connie at October 12, 2007 5:16 PM

Holy crap I thought this episode was hilarious. Don't change one thing -- well, except maybe Jenna's weight.

Love Will Arnett, loved when Liz's tooth fell out, and loved the Tracy Jordan novelty song.

Keep 'em coming!!

-- Posted by: Rachel at October 12, 2007 10:14 PM

Wonderful post. I learned many interesting things. Thank you)

-- Posted by: Noah at January 31, 2013 3:51 PM

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