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24: Day 8 - 3:00PM - 4:00PM Review


This is it; the last hour......

At the press conference Suvarov announces that the peace agreement will be a living memorial to Hassan. Dalia looks sick and excuses herself. Suvarov realizes that Taylor told her the truth about his involvement. No wonder he says that she can't look him in the eye. He wants to know what Taylor must have said to her to keep her in the agreement, but Taylor walks away. Suvarov gets a call from Logan who wants him to come to his office. Suvarov tells him that he is busy and Logan can meet him, but Logan tells him that he has information about a mole inside Suvarov's staff. Suvarov agrees to meet him. Chloe wakes up and realizes she is cuffed to the pipe. She pleads with Jack who is waiting for Suvarov to enter Logan's office. She tells him that they have all the evidence that they need and he doesn't have to do it, but Jack tells her that he has to finish what he started. Cole calls Chloe and she tells Jack that if she doesn't answer then he'll send in a team with orders to shoot and kill him.

Suvarov arrives at Logan's office and Jack has him in his sights. Chloe pleads with him to not shoot him. She asks him if Renee would have wanted this, if she would have wanted a war started in her name. Jack finally hesitates and puts the gun down. He tells Chloe that they will do it her way, but that she has to do exactly what he says. She agrees. Logan realizes that a shot is not going to come and comes up with a lame excuse to tell the very annoyed Suvarov. Jack gives Chloe the data card and she tells him that she can't get out of the building anymore than he can, that she bypassed CTU with an excuse of checking the perimeter. Jack tells her that they have to convince Logan that she is not helping him. He gives her the gun back and tells her to shoot him. Chloe can't do it. He tells her to tell CTU that he drew his gun first and she shot him. Chloe refuses to shoot him. The moment gets tense and finally Jack puts the gun to his chest and shoots himself. CTU bursts through the door and she tells them she had to shoot Jack. Medical rushes to him. Chloe gets Cole on the phone and tells him what is going on. She needs to get back to command so she can upload the file. Chloe is detained by an agent who tells her that Pillar wants to debrief her. She tries to use her head of CTU power but is told that it's from the President. Pillar speaks to Logan who tells him to get the data card because if he goes down, so does Pillar.

The EMT's are working on Jack when Pillar arrives. He wants to search Chloe after they cannot find the data card. Chloe objects but Pillar insists. He does a sleazy job of feeling her up and finds nothing. Chloe says she hopes he enjoyed it and walks out. Pillar tries to interrogate Jack but he says nothing. The EMT says that he is stable enough to transfer to CTU because the bullet was a through and through and did not hit anything major. Pillar realizes what is going on and orders Chloe to be locked down. Jack starts groaning and Pillar comes closer to hear what he has to say and Jack bites off his ear. Chloe makes it to command and she starts uploading the data with Cole by her side. The agents rush in and Cole tries to stall them but they arrest Cole and remove the disk, interrupting the upload and take Chloe into custody as well. Logan takes the card to Taylor and tells her that Jack is being taken to CTU but that he will never let this go and that no matter where they send him that he will find a way out. Logan of course has a plan. Taylor stays silent, giving her approval for Jack to be assassinated. Logan leaves and Taylor watches the data card, but it is not the recording. It is the message Jack left to his daughter Kim. Taylor is moved by the message and seems to be coming to a resolve. Logan and Pillar sit in Logan's office and have a celebratory drink for pulling everything off. The Secretary General makes a few remarks and then Suvarov signs the peace agreement. Dalia is next and after a long hesitation she reluctantly signs as well. Taylor pulls out the pen from Hassan and puts it to the paper, but she just doesn't have the heart to go through with it (thank God she redeemed herself). She returns the pen to Dalia and says she cannot accept it. Suvarov urges her to think about what she is doing, but Taylor returns to the podium and announces that crimes have been committed over the past 24 hours. She admits to being a part of the cover-up and that she will give a more complete statement later, but that the peace process has come to an end. She leaves and tells Tim Woods to call transport that the EMT vehicle transporting Jack is going to be ambushed, but she is too late.

Logan and Pillar watch in shock as the events transpire on TV. The phone in the office starts to ring and Logan knows that it is Taylor wanting to know about Jack. Pillar says they should answer it because why add murder to their charges. He picks up the phone and Logan knocks him over the head with a decanter and says that it was his last chance and that Bauer took it away. He puts a pillow over Pillar's head and shoots him. Taylor, Woods and a team have reached the office and are yelling for Logan to open the door. He puts his gun under his chin and Taylor hears the shot. They break down the door and Taylor tells Tim that she needs Logan alive. The paramedics are working on Logan but they think he will live, but with severe brain damage. Taylor is wracked with guilt because how will they find Jack now. Tim suggests the drones and she wants Cole and Chloe released. Tim tells her that he has already done that. Chloe and Cole return to CTU where Chloe has Eden arrested. Chloe and Arlo locate the van that has Jack and sees that it has pulled into a vacant lot. The leader of Logan's men has Jack on his knees. He tells Jack that he knows who he is and that he will make it quick. Jack laughs and sweeps the guys legs out from under him, but he isn't strong enough to get away. The guy puts the gun to Jack's head and Jack is ready. Right before the trigger is pulled, another guard gets a call from Taylor who tells him to stop. He gets on the phone will Taylor (with Chloe, Arlo and Cole listening in and watching on the screen) who tells them to leave and if not, they will shoot a missile from the drone that is overhead. She wants to talk to Jack. Jack gets on the phone as the men leave and Taylor tells Jack that it is over, that she has told the truth and that she will be facing the consequences of her actions as well as resigning. She also says that Jack will have to do the same.

Taylor, now crying, tells Jack that she wanted the peace treaty so bad that she betrayed every moral principle that she had. She wants Jack to get out of the country while he still can because the Russians will be after him as well as the U.S. She apologizes and then hangs up. Jack gets on the phone with Chloe as the three of them watch him on the screen at CTU. Jack tells her that he never thought from the first moment that they met that she would be the one to help him through so much stuff. Chloe begins to cry as Jack pleads with her to keep his family safe because they will try and use them to get to him. She promises. He thanks her for all the help that she has ever given him and hangs up. He looks up at the drone and seems to be looking right at Chloe and then takes off running. Jack is once again a fugitive. Chloe tells Arlo and Cole that what happened here didn't happen and she orders the drone shut down. As the drone shuts down Jack's figure becomes fuzzy and then blacks out.

So that's it. 24 has come to an end (with all of the major players still alive, including Logan). I thoroughly enjoyed writing for 24 for the past 3 seasons and I am looking forward to the movie (we all know it's coming). Thanks for reading!

Posted by Stacey on May 26, 2010 7:09 PM
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