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24: Day 8 - 2:00PM - 3:00PM Review

The last 2 hours of 24 have come and gone and I don't know if it was just me, but they felt a little less Jack-centric and more all about the other characters. Jack spent the majority of the time, being shot, beat up, laying on a stretcher, or near death. Great final 2 hours, just not quite what I was expecting. However, the ending has been set up nicely for the movie.

Oh yeah, and "the events occur in real time" at the beginning of each episode? The producers are a little late with announcing that concept.

Review Part 1: 2PM-3PM

Arlo lets Chloe know about the bloodbath at Novakovich's place but Chloe is still adamant that she can talk him down. Cole arrives at Ricker's place but is quickly caught on camera by Ricker. Cole is identified and Ricker starts to erase all data. Cole shoots through the door and is met by Ricker and a gun being held on him. Cole tells Ricker that if he doesn't help Jack then he will die. Ricker tells him that Jack knew what he was getting into and he can fight his own battles. Cole reminds Ricker how Jack saved him and now he has a chance to save Jack. Chloe arrives at the UN only to have some field agent question her decision to pull out Cole. She tells him that he designed the security and to get over it. The agent is afraid they can't trust him. Cole calls and tells Chloe that Jack is targeting President Suvarov because he is the one who gave the order to kill Renee and that Jack has a copy of it. Chloe tells Cole that they will need the recording because Meredith was arrested and she knows that the evidence that Dana had has been destroyed. Cole wants to send out a message that Jack is going to assassinate Suvarov but Chloe tells him that Pillar will find him and kill him. Instead they will change the route Suvarov will take to the UN to buy them some time.

Logan calls Taylor (again) with more bad news. Jack took out Novakovich and his men. He tells her about Suvarovs involvement but that Jack cannot possibly know about that connection because he did not leave anyone alive long enough to ask questions. Taylor is even more distraught and tells him to take care of it. Eden calls Pillar as he gets into his car and tells him that Jack was injured in his assault on Novakovich. Pillar tells her that they have to find him. As he hangs up he hears someone tell him he already did. Jack is hiding in the back seat with a gun to his head. Jack orders him to drive to the UN. At the UN, Dalia presents Taylor with a pen that was very special to Hassan. He was going to give it to Taylor for the signing. Taylor is extremely moved but more so with guilt. Kayla goes to her mom after Taylor leaves and tells her about the phone call from Meredith. Dalia wants nothing to do with her at first, but Kayla convinces her that it must be important if she were to call. Kayla tells her the Russians were involved with her father's death. Dalia decides to call her back. Cole arrives back at the UN and Chloe tells him that as soon as they have the recording they are going to release it to every media outlet, government agency and military faction in the U.S. simultaneously using CTU. Jack has Pillar pull into the Hart building which is across the street from the UN and has already been cleared by CTU.

Jack gets Pillar out of the car and he realizes that Jack is going to shoot Suvarov while he is at the podium but he tells Jack that it's not for another hour and he isn't going to make it when he is bleeding so heavily. Jack tells him that he is going to sew him up. He gives Pillar the needle and tells him that if he makes one wrong move that he'll shoot him in the head. Pillar wants to know why Jack is doing what he is doing because he knows that Jack has always had a good reason to go "outside the box" on something. Jack tells him that the death of Hassan and the fact that the peace agreement is between liars. Pillar wants to know who makes him judge and jury and Jack tells him that Taylor does, and it was when she covered up the truth. He has Pillar turn around and get on his knees. Pillar realizes that Jack is going to shoot him and begs for Jack to let him be that he has a wife and child. This makes Jack stop and instead of killing Pillar he knocks him out and beats him with his pistol. Dalia cannot reach Meredith on the account that she has been arrested. Dalia goes to Taylor and tells her what she has learned and wants Taylor's help to find out if the allegations are true and to find Meredith. At first Taylor plays dumb hoping Dalia will take a simple answer of it's not true. However, Dalia insists and tells Taylor that she will not sign the peace agreement until she finds out the truth. Taylor has no choice but to tell her that she had Meredith arrested and that's when Dalia realizes that it is true and that Taylor has known all along.

Taylor tries to use Hassan by saying that this is something that he worked so hard far. But Dalia throws it back in her face and tells her that Hassan never would have stood for this. Dalia tells her that she plans to demand Meredith's release and whatever evidence she has and then she is going to use it to expose what has transpired over the last few hours. Taylor (looking as evil as we have ever seen her) tells Dalia that she will sign the peace agreement and if not then she will turn over evidence which implicates the IRK in the possible detonation of a nuclear weapon on U.S. soil and this will be enough for war on the IRK. Dalia is horrified that Taylor has said this and storms out of the office slamming the door behind her. Jack breaks into a utility room and starts to assemble his rifle. He has a clear shot of the UN building. Dalia tells Jamot what is going on and Jamot does not see anyway out of Taylor's threat. Dalia tells him that they can restart their nuclear program and then realizes how terrible that is. An aide comes to tell them that Suvarov is about to arrive and Dalia is expected to greet him. Arlo finds Jack's reflection on a soda machine inside the perimeter and tells Cole who tells Chloe. Chloe decides she is going alone to talk to Jack but if she is not back in 20 minutes then he is to put out an alert.

In the utility room, Jack begins to record a message for Kim: "As long as I can remember, every time I've had to talk to you, it seems that for one reason or another I've started out by telling you how sorry I am. I'm not going do that to you now. You're going to hear a lot of stories about what I've done today. Some of them may even be true. But no one, and I mean no one, can tell you why I did what I did except for me. A lot of good people died today. Not just President Hassan. Officers from CTU, members of other law enforcement agencies... Renee Walker. Who I was very close to." The scene shifts to Suvarov arriving at the UN. He shakes hands with Dalia who will not look him in the eye. They move into a meeting room where the Secretary General (a strange role for Eric La'Salle) talks about trust and honesty. Cole has an Agent (the same one who questioned his loyalty) send a ten-man team outside of the Hart building. Chloe sneaks around and finally finds the utility room. She goes in with her gun drawn, but Jack is waiting. Chloe tells him that he can stop, that they can use the tape for evidence against Suvarov and that Pillar is out to kill him with instructions to the agents to kill him on sight. Jack tells her she should not have come, but (in an uncharacteristic way) Chloe tells him softly that she is his friend and that she had to come. Jack tells her he is sorry and puts her in a choke hold until she passes out. Jack cuffs her to a pipe and returns to his gun.

Jack picks up Pillars phone and calls Logan. He tells Logan that he has him in his gun sights and that he will shoot him if he doesn't do what he says. Jack watches Logan's expression change to horror as he asks Jack what he wants. Jack tells him that he knows of Suvarovs involvement and plays a bit of the recording. He wants Logan to call him and have him come to his office. Logan wants to know how he is supposed to get him there and Jack tells him to tell the truth for a change and tell Suvarov that he has credible proof about an attempt on his life. Jack smirks as he tells Logan this.

Posted by Stacey on May 26, 2010 12:28 AM
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