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24: Day 8 - 1:00PM - 2:00PM Review


The hour picks up with Logan (and his smug look) watching a new conference on his involvement with the peace treaty and Suvorov's imminent arrival at JFK. He gets a call from Pillar who removes the smug with the news that Jack got away with Reed, the evidence and gutted Pavel. Dalia and Taylor finish a meeting and Dalia admits to Jamot that she is wary of Logan's involvement. She adds that she trusts Taylor so it must be okay. However, she wants Jamot to do whatever he can to find out how she got the Russians back to the table. Logan meets with Taylor and tells her about Jack. Once again Taylor is furious with Logan's incompetency. He tells her that she needs to have Reed's story killed as a matter of national security. He reminds Taylor that she is a popular President who has always done the right thing (including sending her daughter to jail) and that he is sure she will do the right thing now.

At CTU Arlo shows Chloe the video from the warehouse, including what Jack did to Pavel and the gun that killed Renee. Chloe still wants to try and talk Jack down before Pillar and his men kill him. Arlo also finds Ricker who served with Jack in the Gulf War, but apparently he has been dead for 7 years. Chloe tells Arlo that he must have faked his death and they have to find him. Ricker calls Jack with the phone trace, but he is not happy to give up Logan's location. He tells Jack that he is crossing a line that he cannot come back from. Jack tells him that he doesn't intend on coming back. He tells Ricker to cover his tracks for anything leading him to Jack and thanks him for his help. Jack then steals an SUV. Taylor (who is understandably sporting a headache, or maybe it's her conscious) calls Tim Woods and tells him to get in touch with Reed's editor Klausner to kill the story. Reed has contacted Klausner and tells him the basics, they agree to meet in a diner in 15 minutes.

Logan is in his limo headed towards to the UN and talking to Novakovich. Novakovich is terrified that Jack will come for him (rightly so), but Logan promises that it will never happen...except here comes Jack dressed in full body army (which looks kind of ridiculous actually). Logan's limo is in a tunnel and Jack manages to get it trapped in there by firing off shots which causes people to abandon their cars behind and in front of the limo. Logan starts whining and almost crying that Jack is coming for him and for his secret service agents to do something. They try and stop Jack but he shoots to wound them. He gets on the car and manages to shoot a small enough hole through the bullet proof glass to pop in a container of tear gas. The gas causes Logan to exit the vehicle and Jack grabs him. He tells Logan he'll kill him if he doesn't cooperate. Arlo and Chloe have located Ricker and they also hear that Jack has got Logan. She has Arlo patch her into Pillar and Eden's phone convo and she hears Pillar command to shoot him dead. Jack gets Logan to a utility room and because Logan is such a weenie, Jack has no problem getting him to confess. He tells Jack that he had nothing to do with Renee's death (he was brought in afterwards), that there is no evidence or list of all the men involved and that it was a bluff to get the Russians to the table and that it worked, but now Jack has screwed it up. Jack gives him 5 seconds to tell him who ordered the hit on Renee. Logan finally tells him Novakovich and where he can find him (so much for that promise). Jack chokes Logan till he passes out and gets away right as Pillar's team arrives.

Arlo and Chloe are listening in to Pillar's conversations and know they need to get someone out there to find Jack but all agents are in the field....except for one. Eden confronts Chloe and wants to know why Cole is being released into her custody. Chloe tells her that Pillar took away all of her resources for the security at the UN and that Cole designed the layout so she needs him and she doesn't need Eden's permission to do it, that she is still the director of CTU (way to stand up for yourself). Meredith Reed is waiting at the diner when she gets a call on the diner phone from Klausner. He tells her that the FBI arrived before he could leave. She tells him that it is all a cover up and he tells her to protect the evidence and that they could be tracing his call. The FBI starts to bang on his door and tell him that he isn't supposed to be making phone calls. He tells Meredith to get out of there and that he will try and call Sampson at the Justice Department.

Chloe tells Cole he is going to find Ricker and get him to tell him where Jack is. She has him logged as accompanying her to the UN, but she has a separate car for him and some guns. Novakovich's driver Ivan, is attacked by Jack who makes him tell him how to get to Novakovich. Ivan gives in and Jack beats him unconscious. Jack makes his way to the elevator and is attacked by two guards. He gets a keycard off of one of them and shoots them both. As he is about to get in the elevator one guard gets up and stabs Jack in the side. He manages to stab the guard with his own knife and stumble into the elevator bleeding, but still on a mission. Meredith is hiding out in a hotel lobby and calls Dalia. Dalia cannot be reached, but she is put on the phone with Kayla. Kayla wants nothing to do with her, but Meredith tells her that she has proof about who really killed her father and that she needs to speak with her mother right away. She gives Kayla the hotel number and hangs up. As she walks away (which is stupid, how is she supposed to hear the phone ring?) she is arrested by the FBI who seize the data card (I hope she made a copy). Woods tells Taylor the news and she tells him that she is the only person who is to view the card.

Logan (gasping through an oxygen mask) tells Pillar to call Novakovich and warn him that Jack is coming for him. Too late. The phone is answered by Berkov, who is the only survivor of Jack's slaughter. Novakovich has been impaled with a fire place poker and everyone else is dead. Berkov tells Pillar that Jack came in shooting and did not ask any questions. Logan calls Suvorov next to report the news. Turns out, Suvorov ordered the hit on Hassan AND Renee. Logan tells him not to worry that every officer is on the hunt for Jack and that Novakovich told him nothing. But this is Jack we are talking about and he is listening in on the conversation via a tiny microphone on Logan's lapel. He records the conversation and moves on to his next target leaving a large blood stain on the wall behind him.

Posted by Stacey on May 19, 2010 10:37 PM
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