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24 Fodder

24: 12PM-1PM: Jack: 6 Russian Operatives: 0


The NYPD have located Dana's body and they bring Cole in from the bank. He identifies her and Pillar has him sent back to CTU in cuffs for aiding Jack. Jack watches the video that he got from Dana and it shows her talking with Pavel (the assassin) about Hassan's execution. Jack needs to find out who is on the video so he takes it back to Ricker's place. Meanwhile, Pillar is having CTU devote their full attention to finding Jack. Chloe questions him about why Dana would take Jack to the bank and that something is going on. Pillar blows her off. Chloe tries to confide in Arlo that something is not right, but he says he has his orders to do his job. Jack gets to Ricker's place and he tells Jack that he is all over the police scanners. He wants to help Jack, but he needs to know exactly what is going on. Jack tells him about the cover up. Ricker nods but wants to know the other part. Jack admits about what happened to Renee and that he wants revenge. Ricker thinks this is a fine idea and tells him that the man in the video is Pavel. He tells him that Pavel is in the U.S. but he doesn't know where. Jack decides to call Meredith (Hassan's former lover).

Jack calls Meredith, who has just written a glowing review of Hassan for her paper, and he tells her that he needs her help to go public with the truth of what really happened to Hassan. Meredith seems a little uneasy with the idea, but agrees to meet Jack at a coffee shop in a department store after he reminds her that he helped clear her name earlier in the day. Pillar is chatting with Cole but getting nowhere. Cole just tells him that he must be part of the cover-up. Cole seems pissed about Jack using him, but he also still thinks that Jack is right. Pillar tells him to do the right thing and Cole says nothing. Eden tells Pillar that they intercepted a phone call to Meredith with all of the key words that they have on their search. Arlo tells them that he can unscramble it, but Pillar wants it sent to Eden to handle. Pillar plays the tape for Logan and Novakovick. They decide that Pavel with take them out when they meet and then will retrieve the evidence. Logan wants to personally oversee this and asks for Pavel's phone number.

Chloe goes to Arlo after Pillar and Eden keep having shady conversations behind the opaque walls of the office. She knows the call must be from Jack, otherwise why would they care. If it is from Jack why aren't they dispatching CTU and NYPD to bring him in. She also tells Arlo that there are three calls made by Pillar that she can't trace. She knows Pillar is a part of the cover-up and finally Arlo agrees to help her. Chloe needs to talk to Cole to find out what he knows, but since he is on lockdown Arlo creates a 90 second loop around the security camera feed to allow Chloe to get in without it being recorded. Chloe goes in and Cole is uninterested in helping. He tells her that Jack shot Dana point blank and that he wants revenge for Renee. He thinks it would be best if Jack and Pillar just killed each other. Chloe reminds him that Jack is her friend and she wants to expose the cover up. Cole tells her that someone must be helping him because he showed up with a ton of weapons. Chloe and Arlo get started on Jack's list of known associates. Logan watches the news and hears that President Suvarov will be landing any minute. He calls Pavel who tells him that Jack has not arrived yet, and Logan tells him that he should do what he has to do when it comes to Meredith.
Taylor is working out last minute negotiations with Dalia when she gets a note to meet with Logan. He tells her about Jack and she is extremely unhappy. He tells her that he has it under control and that everything will be taken care of shortly. Taylor doesn't even seem to care anymore that this means killing Jack. Logan also wants his recognition for his help with the peace process. She tells him that her press secretary will draft something and have it ready for the afternoon news. Meredith is waiting for Jack at the coffee shop. Pavel is set up in a sniper position and is on the phone with Pavel and in contact with other operatives. They spot Meredith but cannot find Jack. He is weaving in and out of the crowd and hiding behind taller people. Pillar spots him and tells Pavel to take him out, but before he can do so he feels a gun to his head, its Ricker. Ricker gives Jack the all clear and he grabs Meredith. Pillar tells the operatives to take him out, but Jack is better and guns them all down. Jack and Meredith escape and meet up with Ricker and Pavel. Pillar reports the bad news to Logan and suggests maybe it is time for him to pull himself away from all of this so that it does not look badly on him as he still has complete deniability. Logan tells him that it is too late and that his involvement with the peace process is about to be made public. He wants to go forward. Pillar goes to the store himself to clean up the mess and tells Eden to put up a 2 block perimeter.

Arlo shows Chloe the footage from the store which proves that Pillar was trying to kill Jack. They decide to use the video to find Jack's help. Jack takes Pavel to a warehouse and ties him up. Meredith realizes that Jack used her and yells at him. Jack gives her the evidence and tells her that once she sees it, she'll know that it's real. She realizes that Jack is going to torture Pavel and begs him to stop. Ricker takes her to another room. Jack inspects the gun that was used to shoot Renee. He asks Pavel why he did it, and he tells Jack to go to hell. Of course Jack plans on sending him there first. Meredith starts to watch the video and Jack starts to torture Pavel with a pair of pliers. He knows that Pavel could have shot Renee to kill her with one shot, but instead he shot her where she would bleed out slowly and suffer. Jack uses a blowtorch and knife on Pavel and he doesn't get anywhere. Frustrated, he realizes that he has Pavels cell phone, but that Pavel ate the SIM card. He guts Pavel (which kills him) and cleans off the card. He puts it in his phone and calls the last number. The voicemail picks up revealing the caller as Charles Logan.

Posted by Stacey on May 12, 2010 8:48 AM
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