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24: 11AM-12PM: Jack Starts his Payback


Dalia is giving her speech at the press conference while Taylor watches. Logan is watching from a TV when his aide Pillar lets him know that Dana is not cooperating. He wants to know if he has confirmation for what to do with her after the information is retrieved. Logan tells him yes, though he also states that he also has no idea what he is talking about. Dana is currently being waterboarded when Jack and Cole arrive at the location. Jack plans to cut a deal with Dana (as in let her go) once he gets the proof. Chloe calls and Cole answers, playing it off that he is bringing Jack into CTU. Chloe tells Arlo that she wants Jack to see the psychologist as soon as he arrives, because she has never seen him like this. Jack and Cole sneak into the building taking out men on the way. He gets the location from the security guy and bursts into the room where Blesdoe is holding Dana. He puts a gun to Dana's head tells Jack to drop his weapon, he doesn't think Jack will shoot. Wrong. Jack shoots him in the head and Cole frees Dana. The three make their way out of the building.

Arlo gets call from one of the agents who informs him that Jack took Cole hostage. Chloe realizes that he knew all along her plan and that he was probably 2 steps ahead of her. She puts out another APB on Jack and calls the White House. Jack demands the proof from Dana and she wants to know where her immunity deal is. He tells her it is off the table, but that he will let her go. She doesn't believe him. Jack pulls over and roughly pulls Dana out of the car; he puts a gun to her heart and tells her she has three seconds before he pulls the trigger. Dana gives in and tells him that it is in a safe deposit box in her and Cole's name but that only she can access it. Dana goes to Cole and tells him that Jack wants revenge and not justice that he is going to kill everyone on the list including her. Cole calls out Jack, but he tells him that Dana is just trying to get in his head, and that he had to make her think he would pull the trigger. Cole seems satisfied with this answer.

Reporters are grilling Dalia when Tim Woods brings Taylor a note about Jack. She leaves the press conference and Woods tells her that Jack escaped and now he has Dana and that Logan wants to speak with her. She calls Logan and yells at him because Dana was supposed to be more secure there. She realizes that she is on speaker phone and becomes even angrier. Logan claims to have a solution that involves sending Pillar to CTU to oversee the man hunt for Jack. After some coercing, Taylor gives in for the operational exchange but that's it. Chloe is still the acting director. She hangs up on him, but Logan pretends to continue to be on the phone with Taylor and that the exchange is pleasant (why fake that for Pillar?). Pillar leaves for CTU and Logan meets with Novakovich and his aide. He tells him that the Russians will have to take out Jack and now that Logan has an insider in CTU they can give them Jack's location to get it done.

The trio arrive at the bank and Jack stands in the lobby. Dana again tries to plead with Cole that Jack is crazy, and that he would have pulled the trigger. He tells her that he was just playing her and to quit trying to play him. Pillar arrives at CTU and starts taking charge. Chloe wants to know why he is there and he says on Presidential order and that it's time to stop treating Jack like a friend and instead like an enemy. He changes Chloe's level of force to unrestricted. Cole's banker and high school friend leaves Dana and Cole in the room while he goes to get the box. Dana tries to play Cole again by telling him she was going to use the video file as leverage against the Russians so that they would leave her and him alone. Cole tells her there never was a them and that she has been lying to him the whole time and he would never believe her. The box comes in and Dana goes to open it but Cole pulls it away. He opens it and finds a gun and he comments on how Dana would try anything. As Cole picks up the gun Dana shields her eyes and looks away as a flash bomb goes off. She jumps up and elbows Cole to floor knocking him out. She picks up the gun and puts the file in her pocket. When the banker walks in, she shoots him. Dana calls 911 and tells them she is at the bank and sees the man from the TV (Jack) she tells them he is looking her way and then hangs up. She regards Cole one last time with a stroke on his cheek and makes her escape.

At CTU Pillar finds Jack at the bank. He calls Pavel (the Russian aide) and tells him the police will get to him first so he'll have to take him out in custody. However, this is Jack Bauer we are talking about and he manages to take down the cops (with a shot to the guy's foot) and escape. He sees Dana running across the road and he takes off after her. Jack and Dana play cat and mouse through a warehouse and Jack tricks her into using her last bullet by throwing his jacket in her direction. Jack corners her and she has no where to go. He wants to know if she killed Cole and she tells him that she could never do that to him. He makes her give over the disk. He walks up to her with his gun pointed at her chest and she wants to know if there is anything she can do. Jack tells her nothing and looks long at hard Dana and this time he shoots her point blank in the chest. She falls back and is still breathing. Jack puts another bullet in her and walks away.

Posted by Stacey on May 4, 2010 11:16 PM
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