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24: 9AM-10AM: Taylor Steps over to the Dark Side


Jack is in a bit of a stupor after receiving the news that Renee died. He wanders the hallways and cannot tell the nurse how to reach a next of kin for Renee. The nurse brings him a change of clothes and he sits in a chair with his head in his hands. His grieving is cut short when he receives a call from Chloe. He wants to know what Renee knew. Chloe doesn't want him to compromise the investigation and he promises he won't. She tells him that it's someone from the Red Square mob and that he can find Bazheav downtown being arraigned at the federal court. Kanin arrives at the UN much to the shock of Taylor. He tells her that he figured he would have to talk her into talking with Logan, but she has already done so. However, Kanin is not happy that she doesn't know what this so called leverage over the Russian's is. Logan meets with Novakovich and tells him that he knows about the Russian's involvement in the assassination of Hassan and that if Russia does not go back to the table to sign the peace agreement then Logan will tell Taylor about the Russian government's involvement.

Jack gets to the courthouse and hears that Bazheav has been denied bail. He gets five minutes to talk to him and demands that he tell him who shot Renee. Bazheav denies any knowledge of this and tells Jack that Red Square no longer exists. Jack threatens to kill his whole family and Bazheav tells him that it doesn't matter, if he talks his family is dead anyway. Jack offers them witness protection and Bazheav tells him that it came from Moscow and that he doesn't know names but Dana Walsh does. Taylor calls Logan who is on his way back to the UN with the news that Novakovich has agreed to come back to the table. She gives Logan credit but Kanin wants to know what the leverage was, but Taylor tells him that it doesn't matter. Jack calls Chloe with his info. He wants to talk to Dana and Chloe arranges it. She asks Cole to be there in case Jack does something crazy.

Jack arrives at CTU and Chloe tells him that the cameras will have to stay on. Jack tells her that if he wanted Dana dead, she'd be dead. He goes in and asks Dana about Renee. Dana seems shocked (though she is sociopath) and tells Jack she is sorry but has no idea. Jack slams her head into the table and hits her in the face. Chloe wants Cole to intervene but tells her to wait. Dana tells Jack to stop and that she will give him all the names, all the way up to the top. She also tells Jack that she has proof, but first she wants her immunity reinstated and protection because as soon as the talks, she is dead. Jack tells her that if she is lying, he will hunt her down no matter where she is and kill her. Logan's aide gets a call from a contact at the Justice Department (these people move fast). Pillar (the aide) tells Logan about Renee and how Jack talked to Bazheav and that now he is going to interview Dana. Logan can't let that happen which means that he is going to have to tell Taylor everything. Logan seems pretty pissed that Jack is in the picture knowing that Jack ruined him the last time. Taylor lets Dalia know that the delegates have voted in favor of her representing the IRK and Dalia tells Taylor that her people will vote within the hour of her presidency.

Logan arrives at the UN and meets with Taylor. He tells her that Jack is out of control and must be stopped. Taylor and Kanin won't hear a word he is saying unless he comes clean. He tells them about Russia's involvement in Hassan's murder. Taylor is furious and can't believe that Logan didn't tell her sooner. Taylor tells him that if he could have prevented any of this then he is in deep trouble. Logan tells her no, but if Jack talks to Dana and finds out then the peace process will come to a dead end. Kanin tells Taylor that this is ridiculous and how would Dalia feel if she knew she was making a deal with the men who killed her husband. Taylor thinks long and hard but decides that the peace process is too important. See this is what happens when you talk to Logan, that dirty bastard. She decides to go to CTU and speak with Jack personally.

Taylor arrives at CTU and thanks the staff for all of their hard work. She heads up to Chloe/Hastings office and tells Jack that she needs him to stand down, that she is sorry about Renee but she can't have him out and about on a vengeance mission. He tells her that it is about justice. He argues with her, but she shuts him and down and tells him that he will be escorted to the air force base where he will be debriefed. Jack realizes though that he is going to be locked down until the peace treaty signing is over. Jack is led out by two secret service members and Taylor tells Chloe to lock down Dana and that no one is to have access to her. Chloe thinks that Dana can help, but Taylor tells her that she is a sociopath and that she will say anything for immunity. She tells Chloe that there will be a press conference in two hours and that she wants CTU to make sure the security is air tight and that Tim Woods spoke very highly of her.

Chloe tells Cole to head up the security at the UN. As Jack and an agent approach the chopper, Jack pulls the agents gun and orders him to tell the others to drop their weapons because he is taking the chopper (of course he knows how to fly a chopper, he's also got his Jack pack back). Chloe sees what is going on and runs to the helipad but its too late, Jack is off the ground. Chloe orders him back down and tells him that it's a bad idea, but Jack pays no attention and flies off.

Posted by Stacey on April 20, 2010 5:27 PM
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