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24: 8AM-9AM: Hello President Logan, Goodbye Renee


Wow, what a sad, unexpected episode. Jack is unlucky when it comes to romantic relationships.

Jack talks with Taylor and expresses his apology for not protecting Hassan as she ordered. Taylor tells him that it was Hassan's choice to go with the terrorists and that he knew the risks. Jack tells her that it is important that they continue the peace process but Taylor fears that with no leader for the IRK, that the peace process will dissolve. Meanwhile Samir is still alive, but while he is in the ambulance one of the paramedics injects him with something. Renee sees the guy and they catch eyes, but she can't place him. Taylor is about to address the delegates. Jamot is speaking to Novakovich (I'm making up that spelling) and becomes angry when Novakovich implies that he should be happy that Hassan is dead because he had him interrogated. Jamot tells him this is not the case and as he walks away, he runs into Taylor. He tells her that he may have way to save the peace agreement.

Novakovich speaks with the fake EMT Pavel. Pavel tells him that Samir will be dead soon and that no one else is alive to identify them. He does tell him about Renee and how he remembers her from his days with Vladamir. Pavel is following Jack and Renee's taxi. Taylor and Jamot meet with Dalia. They want her to take Hassan's place as the leader of the IRK. At first she tells them that she is not a politician, but then decides that the peace agreement is too important. She agrees and will join them at the peace agreement hearing to back Hassan. Taylor calls Tim Woods and tells him to go ahead with their plan. Tim calls Chloe and lets her know that in light of all that has happened at CTU that Hastings is being removed from command and that she is to take his place for now. Chloe tells him it's a bad idea, but Woods tells her that Hastings is already being informed. Chloe goes to Hastings and tells him that she thinks it's a bad idea, but he takes full responsibility. After all, he is the one who hired Dana. He tells her they need to get to work before he is asked to leave the building for debriefing.

At Jack's apartment things heat up between him and Renee. She tells him that she won't hold him to any of his promises, but he stops her with a kiss. Across the street Pavel breaks into an apartment and kills the old man who lives there. He points his sniper rifle into Jack's window where he and Renee are in bed. Novakovich meets with Taylor and tells her that Russia is pulling out of the peace agreement as they do not see Dalia being able to take over for Hassan. Taylor accuses him of having no interest in the peace process from the beginning, and threatens to call President Suvarov. Novakovick tells her to go ahead, that it won't change anything. Taylor meets with Kanin. He tells her that Dalia will be a good leader but that the only way to get to the Russians is to meet with former idiot president Logan. He tells her that he has already received word about the Russians pulling out and wants to help. He might be a criminal but President Daniels did pardon him. Taylor reluctantly agrees.

Hastings leaves CTU and Chloe gets a call from Cole in medical telling her that Samir is about to die. He is dead when Chloe arrives. Cole tells her that he was with him the entire time, except for a few minutes at the scene. Chloe wants a full tox report ran on him. Dalia tells Kayla her plans to lead the IRK. Kayla is terrified that her mother will be killed. Dalia tells her that the decision has been made and to pull herself together as they need to go to the U.N. Taylor meets with Logan and lets her displeasure be known up front. Logan bypasses it and puffs out his now portly belly and chest even farther. He can get the Russians back in because he has "leverage", though he won't elaborate. He tells her that it will be kosher and her Presidency won't be tarnished, but he wants acknowledgment for helping and wants to be present at the signing. Taylor reluctantly agrees and he tells her that he needs to meet with Novakovich.

Back at Jack's apartment, Renee is wrapped up in a sheet lying on the bed while Jack goes to get some water. His cell phone starts to ring and he tells her to ignore it, but she answers anyway. Chloe tells Renee about Samir and how he had lethal drugs in his system. Renee suddenly remembers where she recognizes the EMT from. She tells Chloe to pull the Red Square mob files because he once worked with Vladimir and they will be able to identify him. As Renee gets up to tell Jack, a shot rings out. Jack sees the crack in the window and Renee lying on the floor. He runs to her and she has been shot in the chest. He tells Chloe to have the trauma team ready at the hospital. He scoops Renee up and manages to get out of the apartment. Pavel takes off trying to head them off at the front of the apartment building. He is too late as Jack gets Renee into a taxi. He tells the taxi to do whatever is necessary to get them to the hospital now.

Jack gets Renee to the hospital and she is rushed into surgery. Chloe calls Jack and he tells her that Renee is not good. She tells him about Samir's death and the EMT and the files that Renee wanted. He hangs up as the trauma team comes out looking grim. The surgeon apologizes to Jack, but there was just too much damage, he couldn't save her. Jack goes into the room and kisses her one last time and then breaks down.

Uh oh bad guys. Jack is coming after you with a vengeance.

Posted by Stacey on April 13, 2010 8:28 PM
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