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24: 6AM-7AM: Hassan Plays Hero


President Taylor wants to know where Kanin is. She tells Weiss that she has a statement that she wants him to read. Weiss pulls out his phone to call him, but Taylor tells him to find Kanin. The bomb is scheduled to go off in less than 10 minutes and Taylor also wants to know where Hassan is. Inside the tunnel heading back to the U.N. Jack locks black ops Bishop into a storage room saying that his injuries are slowing them down but that he'll be okay. Hassan wants to turn himself over because his life is not worth millions of New Yorkers. He hits Jack in the back with a crow bar and forces everyone into the storage room and lets Bishop out. He tells Dalia he is sorry and takes off with Bishop to turn himself in to the terrorists. Hassan and Bishop get into an SUV and Bishop calls Bruckner to tell him what Hassan is doing. Bruckner calls Samir and tells him that they have Hassan. Samir wants proof and Hassan gets on the phone and tells Samir to turn over the bomb. Samir hangs up on him, but he does call Tarin (who is freaking out) and tells him to shut down the bomb.

Jack calls Chloe to tell her what is going on, but to keep it a secret for now. He wants her to pull up the cameras from where he is located and back track to find the SUV. He wants a secure line to Taylor and she sets it up. Taylor is hounding Weiss again about Kanin's whereabouts when she gets the call from Jack. He tells her about Bruckner and how Hassan has gone to meet the terrorists. Taylor is furious. Chloe tells Jack where the SUV is headed and he steals a car and heads that way. Hassan's phone rings and he answers it. He knows that it is Tarin, but Tarin tells him to give the phone to Bishop. Bishop gets out of the car and follows Tarin's directions and locates a set of keys. As Bishop is finding the keys Tarin gets in the SUV with Hassan and drives away. Bishop finds the van Tarin is driving and the bomb is inside.

Secret Service agents inform Taylor that Bruckner and Weiss (yep he screwed you over too) are locked in Kanin's office. The team breaks in and arrests them both. Kanin is barely alive and the paramedics start to work on him. Taylor can't believe that he would betray her like that. Weiss refuses to tell her where Hasssan is at and Taylor tells him that he will be charged with treason which carries the death penalty. She implores Weiss to make it right, but his phone rings. It's Bishop and he tells them that Hassan is with the terrorists and that he has the bomb. Hastings is briefing CTU on the situation when Dana tries to slip away, but Chloe calls her out and tells her that she needs to do her job. Jack arrives at the bomb site and tells Bishop that he might have retrieved the bomb but he still betrayed his president and he'll pay the price for it. Chloe calls Jack and lets him know that Taylor wants him in charge of recovering Hassan. He wants Cole on his team but Cole is just returning to CTU and will have to work from there. Dana uses this as an excuse to call Tarin, but Cole reaches her before the call goes through. She tells Cole that Jack needs his help and that Prady finally left.

In the SUV Hassan pleads with Tarin to do the right thing that he was only trying to bring peace to their country. Tarin tells him that he was going to hand their country over to the US and that he watched Hassan betray his wife with a "western whore". Hassan tells him that it won't matter, because someone else will step in to make it right. Tarin tells him it won't matter because Hassan won't be around to see it. Taylor speaks to Kanin briefly as he his rolled out and she tells him that she needs him. At that moment Renee arrives with Dalia and Kayla. Taylor tells her that she did a great job and Renee looks really uncomfortable. She asks to be sent back to CTU and Taylor agrees. Taylor then leads Dalia and Kayla into the situation room so that they can monitor Jack as he tries to save Hassan. Dana needs another excuse to call Tarin to let him know that Jack is closing in, so she tells Chloe that she needs to go check the trunk line in the server room and slips away. This time however, Arlo catches her looking at traffic patterns. He wants to know what is going on with her and she tries to play it off. She challenges Arlo to check up behind her and he does. As Arlo checks into the backlog of all she has been viewing, Dana comes up behind him with a piece of wire and is ready to choke him. Hastings calls and tells Arlo to get back upstairs just in time. Dana phones Tarin and tells him where to turn (into a parking garage) to be able to get away from Jack. She tells Tarin that she is done and will call Samir but after that, she is out.

Chloe realizes that Tarin has turned off into the parking deck. Jack chases him to the top. Instead of a game of chicken Tarin accelerates and drives the SUV off the top of the parking deck. Jack hurries down, but Tarin is dead and Hassan is no where to be found. Hassan is seen being stuffed into a trunk and drugged. A woman with a blonde wig gets directions and gets into the car and drives out of the parking deck. Jack finds Tarin's phone and realizes that someone at CTU must be working for the terrorists and as soon as Chloe can get the uplink from the phone they can find out who it is, but until then, no one else can know.......

Posted by Stacey on April 6, 2010 10:41 PM
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