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24: 10AM-11AM: Kanin Resigns... Again


Jack manages to evade the posse that is following him and land the helicopter on a building top and start his escape on foot. Chloe realizes that Jack is going to try and find Dana so she has Cole lead a team to find him. Kanin still believes that Taylor needs to come clean about the Russian's involvement. He tells her that the truth is going to come out whether Jack is the one to do it or not. Taylor finally agrees to call off the peace treaty and she wants Kanin to draft a statement for her. Logan (Taylor is really screwing up with this guy) meets with Taylor and offers an alternative to the Dana problem. He suggests that his private security firm take her to a secure location and retrieve the evidence from her. He says she can be declared an enemy combatant and then her word means nothing and will not go on public record. Taylor is reluctant because she knows this means that Dana will be tortured, but she finally agrees to it. The peace treaty is too important to her.

Taylor calls Chloe to let her know that Mark Blesdoe from a private security company is coming to get Dana. Chloe voices her concerns but is told that this is what is happening. Taylor tells Logan that all non-coercive tactics are to be used. Logan agrees (yeah right). Jack goes disposable phone shopping and calls Chloe. He tells her that Taylor is lying and that he needs her help. Chloe hesitates but then agrees. She tells Jack that Dana is being moved. He wants the address. She tells him she'll have to call him back. Jack then calls an ex-military friend (how does he have all of these numbers memorized??) Jim Ricker, who apparently owes him a favor. He tells Jim that he needs weapons and other stuff and that he will be by to pick them up. Blesdoe arrives at CTU and calls Logan's aide Pillar. Pillar tells them to return Dana to CTU once the information is obtained. Blesdoe explains that this is a cleanup mission that it would be better if Dana just died. He tells Pillar that they can make it look like an accident. Pillar tells him he will have to discuss it with his "client".

Blesdoe meets with Chloe and she wants to know where Dana is being taken. He tells her that he cannot disclose that information and she wants to see the order from the President. She claims they never received it. He pulls it up on is PDA and she inserts a mini USB drive when he isn't looking and copies all of the information. Dana pleads with Chloe not to let them take her because they will kill her. Chloe remains silent as they drag her out. Chloe calls Cole with the info. She tells him that she almost gave Jack the address but realizes that she is under Presidential order. She tells Cole that Jack isn't thinking clearly. Cole believes that he might be, but he takes his orders to bring in Jack anyway. Jack arrives at Jim's place (who is quite paranoid considering the amount of video monitoring and door locks the guy has). He has all the stuff that Jack asked for and tells Jack that they are now even. Jack tells him that they will be even when he says so.

Jack calls Chloe back and wants the address. She tries once again to get him to turn himself in. She gives him a false address 10 minutes away. At the address Cole and his team and suiting up and preparing to surprise Jack and take him into custody. Chloe tells them to use non-lethal force, but Cole knows Jack, and cannot tell his men not to defend themselves. Kanin brings Taylor the draft of the speech and she tells him that she has changed her mind once again and tells him about what they are doing with Dana. Kanin is horrified and can't believe that she would sink as far as Charles Logan. He tells her that he can longer be a part of it and is resigning (second time for poor Kanin) but that he will state that it is for health reasons. Besides, she has Logan now and there is not room for both of them. Dalia is reviewing her speech with Jamot and is worried that people will suspect her of trying to steal her husband's power. Kayla enters and tells her something that Hassan always said "the best way to dispute public misperception is to deal with it head on". Kayla apologizes for her behavior earlier and says she is ready to support her mother.

Jack arrives at the fake holding building and lets Chloe know that he is there. She then informs Cole that Jack has arrived. Jack slips a rifle over his shoulder and moves in. He makes it past the sentry outside and then takes out another "bad guy" by punching him in the face. Cole and his men are waiting inside when a large sand bag comes down the aisle with the agent slumped over it. Jack manages to grab another guy while they are distracted and holds him at gun point. Cole steps out and tells him to drop the weapon. Jack tells them to drop their weapons or he will shoot. Cole knows that Jack is not a bullshitter and has his men do as they are told. He wants to know how Jack knew it was a trap and he tells him that he knows Chloe all too well. He has Cole report to Chloe that he has Jack and Jack hears how bad Chloe feels about the whole thing but that she is glad that Jack is safe. Cole wants to know what Jack is going to do now, but Jack tells him to shut up. Jack takes Cole into another room and tells him that he only risked coming to the location because he knew that Chloe would send him. Jack wants Cole's help. He tells him about needing to talk to Dana and what Taylor is covering up. Cole doesn't believe that Taylor would do that, but Jack confirms it with the fact that she told him to his face. Jack also reminds Cole that he aided Dana and isn't as squeaky clean as everyone thinks he is. Cole hesitates for a few and then decides that Jack is right. Cole's men need to think that Jack took Cole hostage, so they play out the scene.

Dana is led into a warehouse where there is a table full of torture like instruments. She tells them she knows nothing and they strap her down. Kanin confronts Logan and tells him that he has manipulated Taylor to where he wants her. Logan offers his get well wishes to Kanin. Kanin tells him that if Logan hurts Taylor that he will come after him with everything he has got. Logan is obviously pleased that Kanin is leaving. Taylor starts the press conference. As she speaks about peace and how nothing must stand in the way we see Dana being strapped to the waterboard. She continues her spill about doing the right thing and we see Kanin giving her a disapproving look and then leaving the room. Dalia is brought to the podium and Novakovich has a very unhappy expression.

Posted by Stacey on April 27, 2010 10:31 PM
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