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24: 5AM-6AM: Kanin Goes Down


First off, a couple of interesting things were learned in the previews for the rest of the season, one of which was even better than the episode itself.

1. This is it. This is the last day that Jack will be able to save. There have been rumors, but FOX made it official last night letting viewers know that this is the final season. However, that means that the movie version will be out in the next couple of years as that has been a huge want for Keifer Sutherland.

2. Former President Crazy (aka Logan) will be back! I hope this means that his crazy pill popping ex wife Martha and Aaron will make an appearance as well.

Okay, on to the review. Jack is being checked out by the EMT and he tells him that he has some cracked ribs and it could cause a collapsed lung, but Jack being the man that he is, tells the EMT that he is fine. Meanwhile, Samir and Tarin are in a taxi with the rods. Arlo and Chloe are tracking them by the drone but Dana pulls a quick malfunction of the system and it allows them to get away. Samir also wants to have NYPD's police grids, but Dana says she can't get to them yet and hangs up. Hastings has also called Taylor to let her know that they lost Samir and that they can no longer guarantee the safety of the city. Hassan and his family are being evacuated soon and Taylor calls Jack. She tells him to escort Hassan personally to her. Renee decides to tag along.

Samir pulls into a warehouse where the bomb maker is waiting for him. He tells Samir it will be ready as soon as the rods are loaded in. Samir tells Tarin to get ready to move in a few. Samir has a phone call to make to the President. Taylor is meeting with the National Security team when she receives a call from Samir. He tells her that the bomb will create fall out for 40 square blocks. He tells her that he will not detonate it in return for something. He wants Hassan. Taylor adamantly refuses and Samir tells her she has an hour to change her mind. Weiss tells the president that they need to turn Hassan over because one mans life is not worth the lives of 100,000. Bruckner (I'm not sure of his title) agrees. Kanin and Taylor can't believe what they are hearing. What would the public think of this action? Not to mention they cannot give in to terrorist's demands or they will be overwhelmed with other terrorists demands. Also, they have no way of knowing if the terrorists will stick to their word or not. Taylor decides against it and tells them to get to work to prepare for the worst.

Dana wants Chloe to give her the NYPD coordinates. She calls Samir and tells him she will have them soon. He tells her he believes that Taylor will give in. His bomb maker tells him the bomb is ready. General "asshole" Bruckner takes Weiss aside and tells him about his plan to hand over Hassan. He tells Weiss that he will do a covert operation that makes it look like Hassan was taken hostage, that way; the public will not look poorly on the Presidents administration. Weiss isn't really buying it, and Bruckner tells him that what the President is doing is illegal and it is their job to protect the country. He needs Hassan's evacuation plan, but Weiss doesn't have it, Kanin does. Weiss tells him that Kanin will never go along with it. They will have to take it instead. The two men sneak into Kanin's office and begin to download the information. However, Kanin catches them in the act. Bruckner blocks his ability to leave the office and Kanin tries to dial Jack. Jack can hear nothing and Weiss hangs up the phone. Suddenly Kanin clutches his chest and falls over. He is having a heart attack. He reaches for his pills but they fall out. Weiss gets a pill to him but they aren't helping. Weiss wants to call an ambulance, but Bruckner stops him. He tells them they will call an ambulance once the operation is complete and hopefully Kanin will last that long. At CTU, Dana calls Samir with the NYPD routes to avoid when bringing in the bomb.

Jack tries to call Kanin back in the evacuation tunnel but he doesn't answer. He calls the operator and she cannot locate him either. Jack knows that something is not right. Buckner calls his black ops team and tells him to whatever is necessary to get Hassan. Jack and the detail are 200 yards from the evacuation vehicle (this is the longest tunnel ever, doesn't make sense) and the black opt team is set up. Jack tries Kanin again, but ends up getting Weiss. Weiss tells him Kanin is busy but Jack insists that he was calling with someone important. Weiss yells at Jack to do his job and hangs up on him. Jack knows now that something is not right. He tells the detail to turn back that they are going back to the U.N. The black ops team figure out what they are doing and begin to close in, taking out agents as they approach. Jack pulls Hassan to the side and Renee gets Kayla and Dalia. They fight there way back down the tunnel taking out black ops on the way.

Hassan sees the secret service being shot down and wants to help Jack. He reminds him that he was an army officer himself. Jack tells him no, that he needs to get to his family. Kayla of course falls and twists her ankle and the group has to huddle up. Jack gives Hassan a gun and tells him to protect his family. Jack tosses a smoke bomb and while Renee lets gunfire spray he slips into the smoke and starts to take out the bad guys. One of the men are about to shoot Jack, but Hassan shoots him instead. He manages to get the head of the team taken down, Bishop. He unmasks him and realizes that he is American. Bishop tells Jack what is going on and that they have to get Hassan to the terrorists before the bomb goes off in the next 20 minutes. Jack tells him that he only takes orders from the President and takes Bishop with them as they head back to the U.N.

Samir calls Dana who tells him that Hassan was being taken to the Air Force base in NJ. Samir realizes that Taylor has no intention of giving up Hassan. Dana tells him that if he uses the bomb that he'll lose all leverage. Samir hangs up on her and calls Tarin. Tarin took the place of driver when Ali was killed. He is now in position in a van with the bombs. Samir tells him to start the countdown and that he will never be forgotten and his family will be honored. Tarin starts the clock and it is at 15 minutes. Tarin also looks like he is about to either pass out; vomit or hopefully he is just rethinking this whole bad idea.

Posted by Stacey on March 30, 2010 6:36 PM
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