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24: 4AM-5AM: Chloe is a CTU Badass


Well.....didn't see that one coming

CTU is a complete mess, and with the radiological detectors down, the terrorists have a free pass into the city. Jack calls his buddy Phil Holden at NSA and he can't access satellite for them, but gets the traffic cameras up and shuts down all incoming and outgoing traffic. The only way into the city is across the East River, so Jack and Cole head that way. Hastings has Kayla sent back to the UN so that she can be evacuated with her family, but first he tells her the bad news....lover boy is still alive and set her up to destroy CTU and die. He also wants her to help CTU identify the men that were holding her hostage.

At the waterfront Samir is told that an unmarked SUV is approaching. He tells his people to get into sniper positions and take everyone out. Cole sees a flash of a heat source and realizes that they have been spotted. Jack tries to call NSA, but the terrorists have scrambled their communication. The SUV takes on fire and the tires are blown out blocking it back up against a wall. As the windows start to crack, Jack, Cole and the two CTU agents get out and start firing back, taking refuge with the cars bullet proof doors. Tarin realizes that one of the men is Jack. He tells Ali not to underestimate him. Samir and Tarin take the rods across the river and Samir tells Ali to make sure everyone dies. Cole sees the boat leaving. They need to call NYPD, but with the phones scrambled they need to reach a call box across the parking lot, in the line of fire. Jack decides to take the doors off the SUV and use them as shields to make their way across.

Frank Haynam arrives at CTU and is there to fix the servers. He is a senior engineer at NSA and helped design the place. He is a real prick and only wants to use his own men. He tells Hastings that Jack called them but they haven't been able to reach him since. Chloe is worried and asks Hastings to send men out to search for him. Hastings tells her that they don't have the man power. He wants her to go see if Haynam needs anything. Chloe goes to Haynam and lets him know that she has a faster way to get things back up. They can tap into the trunk line. Haynam balks at this idea and tells her that there are too many things that can go wrong. Chloe tries to argue, but he shuts her down and sends her on her way. Chloe calls Renee who is hanging out at Jack's apartment. She gives her the 411 and Renee sets off to look for Jack. Renee also tells Chloe to do what she has to do to get the NSA to listen to her idea.

Dana goes to Bill Prady and lets him know that unfortunately the EMP wiped out all of the files and that the tape has been destroyed. Prady, being the tenacious annoyer asks about backups. Dana tells him they are destroyed as well. She wishes him luck and sends him on his way. Chloe goes back to the server room and once again tries to reason with Haynam. This time however when he shoos her away, Chloe pulls out a gun. She threatens to shoot him if he and his men don't leave. She locks the door behind them and gets to work. Haynam calls security. Jack and the men start to make their away across the lot. King, one of the CTU agents starts to freak out and thinks that the door won't hold. Jack tells him to keep it together but he makes a break for it. He is shot and the others run for cover. Jack tells Owen, the other agent, that they have to leave him. Owen can't and runs after him. Both men are shot and eventually die. Jack and Cole are now sitting ducks.

Kayla is brought to her parents as they are being readied to head to an underground tunnel. It will protect them if a nuclear weapon is detonated in the city. President Taylor and the other delegates are waiting. Hassan begins to doubt the peace agreement and tells Dalia that he almost lost everything over it. Dalia persuades him to believe that he is doing well, and not to turn his back now. Hastings men drill through the door and Haynam and Hastings confront Chloe. Haynam is busy yelling and throwing a tantrum and Hastings tells him to back off. Chloe explains her plan and begs for 10 more minutes. If it doesn't work then he can arrest her. Hastings, finally not being an asshole, gives her the go ahead and gets everyone out of the room. Interestingly, when asked for her opinion, Dana says that it is too dangerous as well. Chloe gets to work. Outside of the server room, Hastings is told that a parole officer Prady is there to see him. Dana overhears that Hastings will meet with him in fifteen minutes.

Chloe tells Hastings she ready to fire it up and if she doesn't electrocute herself it should work. There is a brief spark but then all is restored. Hastings tells Haynam to go see if Chloe needs any help and to be civil this time. Chloe tells Hastings to find Renee because she went looking for Jack. Jack has a plan to get Cole to the phone. He will run out and draw their fire allowing Cole to make it to the phone. Cole objects over the suicide mission, but Jack pulls rank and tells Cole to make sure Hastings keeps his promise about Renee. Jack dashes out and is shot down, but Cole makes it to the phone. As Ali has Jack's head in his sites, he is shot in the head, by Renee. She and Cole take out the remaining men. Renee rushes to Jack who has been hit in his vest. He is having trouble breathing, but seems to be okay. He tells her that the rods are headed to the city. Cole tells Jack that NYPD is sending choppers. Renee realizes that Jack has a collapsed lung.

Arlo passes on Coles call to Hastings. He wants NYPD to set a perimeter around the lake. He begins to thank Chloe, but she cuts him and tells him she isn't good with praise.

And now things get interesting....Dana goes to confront Prady again. She wants to know why he just won't leave. He tells her that he knows that she helped Kevin. If she turns herself in now, things will go a lot easier. Dana suddenly kicks him in the gut and gets cable around his neck. With fury, she chokes him to death. Very calmly she puts his body into a vent (yeah, that won't emit an odor) and calls....SAMIR. She tells him that CTU is back up and she has been trying to preserve her cover. Samir needs help getting to the other side of the river. She tells him that she will get him out.

Posted by Stacey on March 23, 2010 6:26 PM
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