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24: 3AM-4AM: CTU is No Longer


Jack is on his way to the hotel to get Tarin and Kayla. The NYPD have set up a perimeter and are not taking demands from Jack too well. Tarin gets a call from Samir and knows that he may have been compromised. Kayla is locked in the bathroom and refuses to come out, trying to stall. Tarin sees a police officer run by out the window and breaks into the bathroom, grabbing Kayla and dragging her out. Sergeant Amis takes it upon his self to go into the hotel but Tarin gets the drop on them and shoots the agents. He gets a comm and tries to impersonate an officer, but Jack is listening in and knows that he is lying and warns the other officers.

Tarin and Kayla get into a cab in the alley and speed off. Cole and Jack follow as Chloe leads them after them. They find the cab abandoned in an underpass and Jack knows that the terrorists will be calling Hassan next. Meanwhile, Samir is on the phone with a bomb maker who wants to know where the rods are. Samir tells him that they are outside the city and that they have not been able to disable the radiation detectors but that he has a plan. Dana meets with Prady at CTU. She tells him that she did meet Kevin at a bar, got drunk and slept with him. She tells him she lied because she is supposed to get married and felt terrible about what she did. Prady wants to know if she knows Nick, but she tells him no. Prady notices how uncomfortable Dana is and presses on and lets her know that he knows about the break in at the evidence holding building. Dana tries to get him to leave but he wants to wait till she has more time to talk.

Jack and Cole meet with Hassan and Dalia is pissed. She wants to know how Kayla could have been kidnapped. Hassan reminds her that it was their own people who did it. Jack wants to monitor his phone calls and they set it up. Samir calls Hassan and demands he give him File 33. Hassan claims to have no knowledge of it. Samir puts Kayla on the video and comes up behind her with a mask and begins to suffocate her with a plastic bag. He tells Hassan he has fifteen minutes to give him File 33 or Kayla dies. Reluctantly Hassan shows Jack the contents of File 33. It is data collected over the years by spies on the nuclear security of the U.S. Jack tells him that he can't hand over the information and that he brought it on himself. Chloe chimes in and tells them they have a lead on where Kayla is, near a train station. Jack and Cole head out and Hastings sends another team to cover from the air. Jack tells Hassan that when he gets the call back to send a fake file and stall.

At the bank near the station Tarin tells Samir that killing Kayla was not part of the plan and that Hassan will never give up the file. Samir tells him to stay strong or he will get someone else to deal with Kayla. Tarin can't even look her at her. Jack and Cole are minutes away. Arlo tells them they have 30 seconds before the terrorists call back and is then interrupted by Prady walking around. Dana heads over to deal with him and leads him back to the holding room. He wants the tapes that CTU has during the break in. Dana agrees knowing that it will implicate her. She calls Cole and tells him that its over. He tells her to wait for him, but she doesn't want to get him in anymore trouble she starts to cry and tells Cole that she loves him and hangs up. Jack asks Cole if he is okay and he tells him yes.

The deadline has arrived and Tarin starts to lead Kayla back to the vault. She begs him not to do it and that she knows that he loves her. Tarin hesitates and then tells her to run. Samir's men start to give chase but Tarin gets keys and makes it to a car. He tells Kayla to call CTU and that she must get there. He turns around and is shot dead by one of Samir's men. Kayla screams but keeps it together to get in the driver's seat and drive away. Kayla calls CTU and tells them that she doesn't know where she is and that she wants her dad to know that Tarin died trying to save her. Jack and Cole get to the bank but it is deserted. They find a tunnel system and Arlo gets the drones on the exits. He sees Samir and two men exit. Hastings congratulates everyone for a good job, especially Dana. Arlo gets facial recognition on one of the men before they get in the car and he realizes that it's Tarin. He is still alive! Samir tells Tarin that he did a good thing and that Kayla will die for a good cause.

Jack realizes that it is a set up and that Kayla's care must have a bomb in it and she is headed straight for CTU. Hastings tells Jack that it's too late that her car is in the tunnel. Jack tells Chloe to not lose Samir in the car. Kayla is yanked from the car and the bomb is located with 10 seconds left on it. It's an EMP. Jack tries to get Chloe to shut down the drones so that they won't be lost but there isn't enough time. A security guard tries to move the car but it is too late, the bomb goes off shattering glass and sending everyone flying. Arlo loses Samir and the lights flicker and then go out. The terrorists have taken out CTU. Jack loses communication and he tells Cole to call NSA

Posted by Stacey on March 17, 2010 4:38 PM
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