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24: 2AM-3AM: Jack Gets Blown Up


First off my apologies for missing last weeks recap, but I was out of town and my DVR decided to only record 2 minutes of the episode. So I did not get to see the episode myself. However, from the "previously on 24" clip, I gathered that there is a dude wearing an explosive vest who is now locked in an oxygen chamber and threatening to blow himself up, Tarin is in bed with Kayla somewhere swanky, and Cole and Dana dispose of Kevin's body. Moving on.

So Marco (dude with the vest) is trying to reconfigure his vest so that he can blow himself up. He has already gotten one circuit back on track and has three to go. The team tells Jack that it will take 40 minutes to get in door open (my boyfriend kept saying "it's an oxygen chamber, lower the oxygen till he passes out", he has a point) but this is 24, wouldn't be any fun to do it that way. Jack tells the team to hurry because they need him alive. Chloe lets Jack know that Marcos is from Harlem, that his mother is American, his Father is IRK and that his father committed suicide after four months of interrogation for extremist activities. After his fathers death is when Marcos began spying on the U.S. Jack tells Hastings that they need to get his mother there ASAP.

Cole and Dana are on the elevator heading down into the CTU dungeon and she is begging Cole to say something about what happened even if it's that he hates her. Cole tells her that they will talk after things at work are taken care of, but that he wouldn't have done what he did if he didn't still love her. Hastings is waiting for them and tells them that they are walking on thin ice. Cole is to retrieve Marcos's mother and Dana is now under Chloe. Ali is talking to Samir and lets him know that he is going to tap into the system off of CTU to be able to watch Marcos progress. The rods are being brought into the warehouse and there is a plan to get them into Manhattan and part of that plan is to shut down CTU's radiation sensors.

Dana gets back to work and is making some small mistakes. Chloe tells her to get it together, but also tells her that she is glad she didn't get fired. Arlo also apologizes for telling Cole about the other guy. Dana doesn't say much except tells Arlo that he is gone when Arlo asks if the other guy is still around. Skeezy Arlo is shameless in his attempts to start hitting on Dana again. Jack is finally able to talk to Marcos and tries to get him to come out, but Marcos tells him no, that America does not have the right to dictate who can and cannot have nuclear weapons. He refers to Kamistan as his country, even though he is American. He ignores Jack and goes back to work and completes the second out of four circuits to his vest.

Tarin and Kayla are hanging out in the hotel and he tells her that he will get asylum for them, but it may take up to 18 months and he will not be able to get a job during that time. Kayla tells him that she doesn't care. Her cell phone starts to ring and she goes to answer the call from her mother but Tarin grabs the phone and tells her to wait until they have asylum. Dalia leaves a message and meets Hassan with tears in her eyes. She tells him that it is his fault that Kayla ran off, and Hassan tells her he will do whatever to get her back. Cole shows up at the house of Marcos mother. She is packing to leave and she tells Cole that she got a call from Marcos telling her to get out of NY. Cole tells her that her son is working for the IRK and is about to blow himself up. She goes with Cole to talk to Marcos. Meanwhile, Dana apologizes to Hastings again, and gets call from Prady who is Kevin's probation officer. Prady tells her he can't find Kevin and she tells him that she doesn't know him. Prady calls her out and tells her that he has phone records of Kevin calling her number; he wants to meet with her. Dana finally agrees and calls Cole, who tells her she needs to handle it, that she is good at lying.

Elaine goes to Marcos and begs him to stop. She tells him that his father would not condone violence. He has three circuits complete. He tells her to go away and Samir and Ali agree that she will not be able to talk him down as they watch on. Elaine gets no where but Chloe realizes that someone has tapped into their system and is watching Marcos. Chloe gets the tap cut and Jack goes to talk to Marcos as he completes the fourth circuit. Jack tells him to go ahead and blow himself up, but if he does then he will make sure his mother dies. Marcos does not believe him, but Jack tells him that he will personally escort his mother to the dirty bomb site and expose her to the radiation. Marcos clearly believes Jack as he drops the detonator and walks out of the chamber.

Samir sees Marcos surrender through binoculars and initiates the failsafe. The countdown on the vest Marcos is wearing starts. Jack tries to disarm the bomb but he can't do it. He begs Marcos to give him a name, and Marcos tells him Tarin. He tells Jack to tell Elaine that he loves and then throws himself back into the oxygen chamber. The blast kills Marcos and throws Jack into the wall. After Jack pulls himself together he calls Hassan and lets him know about Tarin. Hassan explains that Kayla is with him and that they are together as a couple. Dalia immediately gets on the phone and starts calling Kayla again. Tarin has gotten in the shower, so Kayla answers the phone. Dalia tells her about Tarin and finally convinces her of the truth. Kayla breaks down and gives up their location.

Tarin catches Kayla hang up the phone and she tells him that she just wanted to reassure her mother so she would stop calling and that she didn't tell her where she was. Tarin tells her to get dressed that they have to leave. Kayla tries to stall, but Tarin pushes her to get ready. She goes into the bathroom and locks the door and begins to panic. Cole tells Jack that CTU can be there in 20 minutes but Jack tells him to have NYPD go because they can get there faster, and he tells Cole to remind them that Tarin has to be taken alive.

Posted by Stacey on March 9, 2010 3:52 PM
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