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24: 9PM-10PM: Jack Has a Terrible German Accent


Jack calls up Hastings and wants Renee pulled out. He thinks that she doesn't care what happens to her and therefore it's a risk to the mission. Hastings refuses so Jack tells him that he'll get her out when he goes in as the buyer and take her place. Back at CTU Dana calls Kevin to tell him that she found $120K in impounded drug money. She will get him a clearance card and walk him through it. She tells him to meet her in the CTU parking lot in 30 minutes. Vlad takes Renee back to the shop and she tells him about the job and buying some weapons grade uranium. She tells Vlad he'll get 30%. He tells her that he can make some calls, but he'll need 5 million up front. He leaves so that she can call Jack. He tells her no problem and that he can meet in 30 minutes. Renee tells him that it's hard to be in the same room as him but she can handle it.

At the doctors office, Josef's father calls and wants to know why they are not at the country house. He tells them they were stuck in traffic and will be there soon. Dr. Levine tells Josef that there isn't anything he can do for Oleg because he needs a bone marrow transplant. Josef thinks this in unacceptable. Dr. Levine tells him that he can give him some meds to flush out the radiation and stimulate white blood cell repair, but it may not cure him completely. Jack tells Cole to lay off the drive-bys because they will be spotted. Vlad wants Renee to work with him, but she tells him no. He apologizes for how he treated her and it was because he had too much to drink. Renee tells him that she has never heard him apologize. This angers him and Renee deflects by asking to shower. He shows her to the shower. Vlad tells Lugo to meet with the buyer and once the money is transferred to kill him. He wants Renee to work with him and she will give in.

At the UN Taylor is trying to buy time. She is afraid that countries will start pulling out of the peace agreements because of Hassans actions back home in Kamistan. She suggests telling the members that Hassan is doing this to prevent his brother from acquiring nukes. Kanin and Weiss believe this to be a bad idea because it may cause panic. She asks that everyone be assembled so that she can give a final plea. Hassan's head of security Tarin, gives Hassan a list of the people detained. He finds that one is a cousin of Jamot who is on his staff at the UN meeting. He tells Tarin to arrest Jamot. Kevin meets Dana in the CTU parking (why is she doing her shady business with her loser ex in the parking lot of where she works that specializes in taking down shady deals??). Arlo asks Chloe if she thinks there is something going on with Dana. Chloe tells him that she is probably avoiding his sleazy advances and he is lucky she hasn't put in a sexual harassment report. Dana gives Kevin everything he'll need while his equally as big of loser buddy waits in the car listening. She makes Kevin promise that he'll leave her alone, but his promise doesn't sound too sincere. Inside CTU Arlo watches Dana as she meets behind the van, with some guy.

Renee exits the shower where Vlad is waiting for her. He is convinced that she wants him back and wants to have sex with him. He tells her that if she doesn't then the deal is off. She lets Vlad kiss her and he tells her to come out when she is ready. Jack protests, but Renee tells him that she is going dark. She takes out her earpiece and sends it down the sink drain. Jamot is talking to the British ambassador with Tarin arrives and tells him that he needs to come with him. Jamot realizes that he is being arrested and gets angry. Tarin puts in a call to Kayla and tells her that he needs to talk to her about her father.

Back at the clinic Dr. Levine is telling Josef how to administer the medicine when there is a knock on the door. Dr. Levine assumes it's the nurse but it is two of daddy's thugs and they shoot the doctor. They get Josef and Oleg and leave the clinic, they are returning to daddy. Jack meets Lugo at the parking garage and is speaking German, but Lugo notices his English accent and Jack plays it off. Jack wants to speak to Vlad before the transfer. Renee is lying on the couch when Vlad answers the phone. Vlad tells Jack that he will have the info within the hour of the transfer. Jack wants to speak to Renee but Vlad plays it off. Jack puts through the transfer and he and men wait for it to go through. Vlad tells Renee his true intentions for Jack and she becomes angry and tells him that he is making a big mistake. She tries to call Jack, but Vlad knocks the phone out of her hand and tells her that she will be working for him and that they can be together.

As the transfer goes through the men prepare to pull their guns, but they are shot by Cole who is in a sniper position. Jack turns and takes down Lugo and asks him if he really thought he would come here alone. He has Lugo call Vlad and Jack tells him that he was stupid to think he could roll him for 5 million. Vlad says he will reconsider the deal and Jack talks to Renee. Vlad tells Lugo to bring Jack to him.

Josef and Oleg are back at daddy's nightclub and he is pissed. He tells Josef that he could have comprised everything. As punishment, he turns to Oleg and tells him that he is sorry and shoots his son dead. He hugs Josef and tells him not to ever disobey him again.

Posted by Stacey on February 3, 2010 5:45 PM
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