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24: 12AM-1AM: Jack Won't be Back to LA Anytime Soon


Knowing that Josef has the rods and a plan to give them to Farhad, Jack has daddy call up son. Bazhaev finally convinces Josef that he should return the rods. As Josef is leaving, Farhad and his men see it happening. Josef is shot and killed by Samir. Chloe gets a trace on the cell but Samir crushes it before they can get any more information. They do however hear Farhad's voice before the cell is destroyed. Bazhaev is being brought to CTU for questioning. Jack calls Renee and she tells him that she is still claiming self-defense. Jack tells her that he will be there soon. Weiss calls Hastings and tells him that someone has to take the fall for the mess up that has occurred. Weiss can't let it be Hastings because he got him the job and if Hastings goes down then Weiss will as well. Weiss thinks that it should be Renee. Hastings has a moment of nice guy syndrome and objects, but Weiss tells him that Kristin Smith from the Justice Department is on her way to handle things.

Since Cole and his team have nothing to do for the time being, Cole asks Arlo to track down Dana using her phone's GPS. Dana is still following Kevin and Nick who are now getting dirty with some strippers in the back of their van (classy). Hastings also wants Arlo to track down Dana and let him know when she is found. Meanwhile, Kristin has arrived and doesn't care what Hastings has to say. She wants the interview info restricted but she wants a copy of it herself. She thinks there are discrepancies between the statement and the forensic evidence. Chloe is upset that she can't be in the room to advocate for Renee, but Hastings hands are tied and he tells her to back down. Samir takes Farhad to a warehouse where they meet with a man named Ali. Ali tells them that they cannot get the rods out of the country. Samir and Ali suggest they use them in the U.S. Farhad doesn't think this is a good idea, because the U.S. will simply retaliate by invading Kamistan. Samir tells him that America will always be their enemy and that these peace meetings are to keep Hassan in power.

Kristin is interrogating Renee at CTU. Renee tells her she acted in self-defense. Kristin points out that Renee stabbed him fifteen times and that sounds more like revenge. She also brings up how she almost killed Alan Wilson, which is what got her fired from the FBI in the first place. Renee begins to break down and Kristin tells her to do the right thing. Renee starts to sign the confession. Hastings is watching from the monitor and still seems to be wary of letting this go down. Jack arrives at CTU (uh oh), and Chloe tells him about Renee being questioned. Jack realizes immediately that she is being set up. Jack takes out the guard at the holding room and barges in. He pins Kristin against the wall and asks her how she could do this. He tells Renee that she is being set up but she tells him it's too late. Jack grabs her arm and tells her they are leaving. The guard has come to and points a gun at Jack and Jack tells him to back down before he gets hurt but as Jack passes by the guard, he is tasered and he and Renee are both in custody now.

Farhad learns that Ali does not have a detonator for the rods. He offers to call a professor he knows who can build one. As Ali leads him to a secure line to make the call, Farhad attacks and tries take Ali out. Ali manages to get it together and stabs Farhad in the thigh. Farhad takes off running. Jack is meeting with Hastings and tells him that it's pretty shitty that CTU is now throwing their own under the bus. Hastings tells him that they are just asking her questions but Jack knows he is lying. Jack tells him that he is going to take this up with Taylor. Hastings tells him good luck seeing as how Taylor sent her own daughter to jail. Chloe interrupts to tell them Farhad is on the phone. Farhad tells them what is about to go down and wants protection. Hastings wants Cole to lead the rescue team but he is nowhere to be found. Hastings puts Owens in charge. Dana waits as the strippers finally leave the van. She gets out and heads towards the van with her gun. Cole pulls up and stops her. He makes her get in the car and demands to know what is going on because he thinks she is sleeping with Kevin. Dana takes a deep breath and begins to tell him her story, starting with her real name.

Ali is busy hunting Farhad while Samir makes arrangements for the rods to go to a secure location. Owen has decided to send in three teams as he believes that the rods will still be close to Farhad. One team will get Farhad, one team will find the rods and the third team for backup. Though Owen is new, he believes this plan will be an in and out. Jack tells him that he is wrong, that the rods will be long gone which makes this plan unstable. Jack offers to help with the Farhad situation on the condition that Hastings drops the charges against Renee. Hastings says that he can't do this because the White House initiated it. Jack tells him that he has more pull than he thinks he does, he is the director of CTU. Hastings tells him okay, but only if Jack stays and sees out the entire situation. Jack agrees. So much for LA anytime soon.

Dana confesses everything to Cole. He sees her gun and realizes that she was going to kill Kevin and Nick. He is angry and decides to take matters into his own hands. He approaches the van and holds the two at gun point. He tells them that he will either call the cops and they will be arrested, charged and convicted or that they can take the money, leave and never come back again, and if they do, he'll kill them both. Kevin agrees to leave. Nick doesn't like this idea and pulls out a knife and a gun. Kevin tells them that they are done and to give it up and Nick stabs him in the belly. As Nick stalks after Dana and Cole, Kevin calls out "Jenny" and Cole turns and shoots Nick, killing him. Dana runs to Kevin and consoles him as he tells her he is sorry and Cole looks on.

Posted by Stacey on February 23, 2010 8:34 PM
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