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24: 11PM-12AM: Jack Get's Tortured...In a Basement....Sound Familiar?


Arlo is convinced that Dana is cheating on Cole after she takes another phone call from Kevin. Kevin and his buddy are at a strip club spending the money and he tells Dana that they have a new partnership. Dana tells him no, but loser buddy gets on the phone and threatens her. Chloe covers for Dana in the debriefing, and then tells her she needs to get her personal and work like together because they need to help Jack. Speaking of Jack, he is brought before Bazhaev and Jack tries to make a $250 million dollar deal with him. He is still pretending to be the German arms dealer and he tells Bazhaev that his people intercepted the information from Farhad. Bazhaev doesn't believe him because he won't tell him who he is working for and thinks he is a cop. He tells Dimitri to make Jack talk. When Josef comes back from burying Oleg, daddy gives him Oleg's cross and tells him to never forget his brother.

Hastings lets Taylor know that Jack's whereabouts are unknown but that believes he is alive since he wasn't killed on the spot. Samir who works for Farhad calls him and wants to know the status of the rods. Samir tells him that he got word from General Wasim that Hassan's crackdown has increased and soon there will be no insurgents on the streets. Farhad tells him the rods will be there soon. Bazhaev and Josef arrive and tell him that the rods will be delivered later than expected because they have to figure out who the German is. Farhad is not happy with this, and Josef puts a gun to his head and tells him he is being ungrateful. Bazhaev seems impressed that Josef is defending him after he killed Oleg. They tell Farhad that he can go wait with his own people. Renee gets back to CTU and finds a very pissed off Hastings waiting for her. He wants to know what happened, why she didn't say anything about her suicide attempt. He orders a full report and a psych eval for Renee. Dana tells Cole they need to talk. She tells him that there are things about her past that she didn't tell him. Cole tells her that it doesn't matter. He gets pulled away by Hastings before Dana can finish telling him.

Kayla is finally able to talk to her father. She tells him that Tarin is innocent and then confesses to him that she is in love with him and they have been seeing each other for over a year. Hassan is furious and believes that Tarin has been using Kayla to influence him. He orders Kayla to never see him again. Kayla asks her father what is happening to him. Meanwhile, Jack is being tortured by electrocution and Dimitri sticking his fingers in his stab wound (I think we've seen this before....). Jack plays dead and when Dimitri comes back he manages to kick Dimitri into the current so that he electrocutes himself (seen this before too). Jack swings up and starts shimming down the pipe till he can break free. He kills Dimitri. Jack makes it upstairs and hears Bazhaev say that he is giving the rods to Farhad no matter what. Jack kills the fuse box and takes out the majority of the guys who come at him. Bazhaev finally approaches, but Jack gets the upper hand on him as well. Back at CTU Dana has left and Arlo tells Cole she has to reboot from another station. Chloe gets intel on Bazhaev and she and Renee are both relieved that Jack is okay. Jack tells Bazhaev that it's over, but if he cooperates that he can help him. Bazhaev breaks down and tells Jack that he killed his own son for nothing, and then he tells Jack that he'll do whatever for full immunity for himself and Josef.

Jack talks to Taylor and Hastings and they decide that immunity is the best way to go since they are running out of time. Taylor talks directly to Bazhaev. Dana has stepped out again and Cole wants to know what Arlo has been trying to imply. He shows him the pictures of her and Kevin in the parking lot. Cole wants a cell trace, but when he calls she doesn't answer. Dana has gone to the strip club to find Kevin and Nick and there is a gun in her purse. Cole leaves a message and then heads out with the SWAT team. Kayla tries to see Tarin but Nabeel blocks her. Kayla reminds him that Tarin got him the job and he tells Kayla he'll try to arrange a few minutes for them to see each other.

Cole and the SWAT team arrive at the truck holding the rods. When they open the doors, they find the guards shot dead and the rods missing. Hastings calls Jack and he puts him on speaker phone in front of Bazhaev. He swears that it is the correct truck and that he was telling the truth. Hastings relays that they also found a necklace, a gold cross. Bazhaev becomes pale and tells Jack that it is Josef's necklace from Oleg. Josef it turns out double crossed daddy and is on his way to deliver the rods to Farhad. He tells Farhad to have his money ready.

Posted by Stacey on February 16, 2010 10:52 PM
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