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24 Fodder

24: 10PM-11PM - Jack Gets the Girl...Sort Of.


Taylor makes the mistake of confiding in the British UN rep Dalton when he wants to know what is really going on. She has managed to keep everything on track, so she feels she owes him an explanation. Meanwhile Jack is in the car with Lugo and he tells Cole that he doesn't need backup. At CTU, Arlo is still all up in Dana's business as he watches her take another mysterious phone call. The phone call is from Kevin and Dana needs to walk him through the stealing of the money. Arlo tells Chloe that he thinks Dana is cheating on Cole and maybe he should tell. Chloe thinks he just wants Dana for himself and tells him that he is needed for a briefing in Hastings office.

Jack isn't too happy when he gets to Vlad's shop and he can't convince Renee to be pulled out. He gets even more pissed off when she goes back to Vlad's side and he grabs her ass. Vlad clearly does not trust Jack and wants Renee to stay with him. At the police impound, Kevin has found the money and is ready to get out since they only have 15 minutes till the next patrol. But his loser buddy Nick wants to hang around and see what else they can steal.

Vlad is striking out with his contacts about the rods and weapons grade uranium. He also doesn't like the way Jack keeps looking at Renee so he moves him into another room. Vlad finally calls Bazhaev who is busy telling a priest to make sure he buries his son properly with all the right prayers. Bazhaev doesn't seem to care what happens to him but is very concerned for the son he just killed. He tries to explain to Josef his actions, but Josef is not happy. Bazhaev tells Vlad that he knows of no one who would be selling what he is looking for and that the idea is ridiculous. Baz gets off the phone and calls his man Luka who is transporting the goods. He tells him that someone knows about the rods and that he needs to stop. Luka gets the driver to pull off the freeway. Meanwhile, Renee presses Vlad to keep calling people.

At the UN, Taylor is talking to Hassan and wants to know when the arrests will stop. He tells her in a few hours and then everyone will be questioned and will either be released or further prosecuted. Once Taylor leaves, Tarin tells Hassan that Jamot doesn't know anything and Tarin says he believes him. Hassan doesn't buy it and wants his wife and children arrested as well (Hassan is losing it). Tarin balks at the idea and seems to have him talked out of it, but as soon as Tarin leaves the room, Hassan has another one of his men, Nabeel do it. Tarin goes to talk to Kayla about her father, little does he know that Hasssan is now looking at him as well.

At the impound, Nick is messing around and ends up pulling a gun on Kevin. He tells him to give him all the money but when he pulls the trigger, it's just a water gun. Kevin doesn't think it's funny and wants to get out. As they are leaving, they hear the buzz of the patrol coming in. Dana has to hurriedly leave the briefing with Arlo to try and get Kevin out of trouble. Nick grabs a bat and starts to attack the guard. Dana freaks out and tells Kevin that he has got to stop him. Kevin manages to pull him off and they finally get out. At the UN, Tarin is talking with Kayla about her father and how she needs to talk to him before he destroys himself. Nabeel comes to the door and Tarin knows that he is there to arrest him. Kayla tries to cover for him but Tarin goes along with Nabeel and tries to talk him out of it, but Nabeel tells him that he has no choice. Kayla wants to talk to her father but she is told that no one is to disturb him, not even family.

Back at the shop, Vlad has run out of options. No one knows anything. Renee is enraged and wants Vlad to call them all again. She is there for the deal, not for Vlad. This pisses Vlad off and he hits Renee. Renee reaches her breaking point and stabs Vlad in the eye. He falls to the ground. Jack hears the noise and comes running and finds Renee stabbing Vlad in the chest over and over again. He reaches out for her, and in her blind rage, she accidently stabs him in the stomach. She sits back stunned as Lugo runs into the room. Jack flings the knife and takes him out. Jack then manages to take out the approaching men by shooting at their shadows (yes, Jack is that good). Jack goes to Renee and holds her while she cries in his arms.

Jack calls into to CTU and plays off Vlad's death by saying he attacked Renee. Hastings (being the douche bag he is) doesn't buy it and wants an autopsy done on Vlad. Jack tells him that they don't have time and need to follow up on leads that they have gotten. Hastings also yells at Dana to pull it together. Jack gets off the phone and Renee has another break down. He tells Renee that she has him and that she can get her life back. They hear footsteps and people speaking in Russian. Jack has Renee hide in the closet and tells her to have CTU track him from the air. Jack gives himself up and tells them that if they shoot him that their boss will not be happy. They lead Jack away. Cole shows up and Renee wants to know where they took Jack. Cole has no idea. No one has left the building. Jack is taken underground and led through a tunnel. They emerge and Jack is forced into a van.

Posted by Stacey on February 9, 2010 5:30 PM
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