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24 Fodder

24: 8PM-9PM: Jack Isn't the Only Crazy Agent...


Back over in Kamistan, Wasid is talking on the phone with Farhad and telling him that his men are being arrested by Hassan's security force. Farhad tells him not to worry that everything will be okay once the uranium and Wasid transfers the money to the Russians. Russian Bazhaev is looking at his dying son back at the restaurant when his other son, Josef wants to talk to him. He tells his father that he found someone to treat Oleg who he can threaten to not tell anyone. Dad says that it is too risky and so be it if he dies. Josef presses his father longer, and eventually he tells him to take him to the country home. Farhad tells Bazhaev he'll have the money in 5 hours. Bazhaev gives Farhad a couple of prostitutes to pass the time.

At Ziyas, Renee and Jack are trying to stop the bleeding from Ziyas missing thumb. Jack is about to call Hastings and call off the mission because he doesn't believe that Renee is ready for this, she is unstable. Renee tells him she is fine and that she is the best chance they have. Ziya wakes up and Jack tells her he'll be listening from the car. Ziya is pissed about his missing thumb, but Renee tells him to suck it up and to take her to Vlad so they can make money. Renee drives while Ziya directs. Jack follows and gets on the phone with Chloe. He spares her the details of the parole bracelet and wants to know if their cover story is ready. Chloe tells him that Dana is finishing it up. Before Dana can finish she gets a call from Kevin telling her she needs to be home in 30 minutes or else. Dana gets Arlo to cover for her by finishing the cover story and avoids Cole on her way out.

At the UN Weiss lets Taylor know that weapons-grade uranium is on U.S. soil and that is what Farhad is trying to get a hold of. Taylor and Kanin agree that this must be why Hassan is all but establishing martial law back in Kamistan. She meets with Hassan who defends his actions and says that he must show leadership and not be weak to his people, that that is all they know. Taylor disagrees and thinks it will look bad for the peace agreements and for his stand on human rights. Hassan wants to see his family. Ziya wants to know why Renee would want to see Vladimir again after what he did to her. Renee quickly changes the subject. Jack calls Chloe back about the profile who uploads it to his phone. Jack tells her to find out everything he can about Renee and Vladimir's relationship.

Josef is driving Oleg to the family home when Oleg tells him not to feel bad about his death. It is for the family. He also thanks Josef for always being there for him. Josef swerves the car around tells Oleg he is taking him to the doctor and screw what dear old dad thinks. At the UN, Hassan walks in on Dalia packing. Kayla plans to stay and he asks her to leave the room. Hassan begs Dalia to forgive him that the affair is over and that she was always his best counsel. Dalia seems relieved to hear this and for a moment it looks as though she may stay, but in the end she tells him that it is too late. When Renee and Ziya arrive, Renee tells Ziya to go in first and feel out Vladimir and let him know she is here. While Ziya is inside, Renee asks Jack for the cover story. He wants to know what happened with her and Vladimir but she deflects the questions. Jack tells her that he is a Munich based arms dealer named Ernest (haha) and they met in Mexico City.

Vlad is not happy to see Ziya. He wants to know why he is suddenly showing up 5 years later, he's on parole, and he must have the cops with him. Ziya tells him his parole bracelet is gone and shows him the wound. He tells him that Renee did it and she is outside with a deal for him. Lugo, thinks it's a setup. He has never trusted Renee and felt that she brought the feds down them. Vlad doesn't believe it was her and tells Ziya to get her. When Dana arrives at her apartment she finds that Kevin has invited another dirty loser over. She tries to pay him to leave with a grand but he gets violent with her. He tells her that he knows about her job and what she has access to. He wants a six figure payout and then he'll leave forever.

While Renee is taken to Vlad, Chloe fills Jack in on the abuse that Vlad dealt out to Renee, he put her in the hospital a few times and may have tried to rape her. Jack feels like Renee doesn't care what happens to her. Vlad starts asking Renee questions about where she has been and Jack provides her the answers on her comm unit. Vlad tells her that there is something different about her, in her eyes or her skin. Renee answers all of Vlads questions with only a couple of hesitations. Vlad seems satisfied but then orders her and Ziya to be put in the trunk of a car. Jack loses contact with her and asks Hastings for backup. Josef and Oleg pull up to Dr. Levine's office. He is getting ready to go home when Josef pulls a gun on him. He threatens him and his family if he tells anyone about Josef and Oleg. Dr. Levine says he will see what he can do, but the radiation poisoning is advanced. He asked what he was exposed to and is told weapons grade 235.

Jack realizes that he is following a decoy car when he can hear Renee again over the ear piece. Chloe tells him that another car left 5 minutes after the car he has been following. Jack tells her it will take him too long to get to her. Vlad kills Ziya and puts the gun to Renee's head. She tells him to go ahead, that she has nothing left to live for except for this job, and if he doesn't want it to kill her, because it's not like she hasn't tried before. Jack begs her to stop, but she just stares Vlad down. He finally believes her and apologizes saying that he had to make sure. Jack tells Hastings to call off the team; it seems that Renee is in.

Posted by Stacey on January 27, 2010 6:12 PM
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