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24: 6PM-7PM: Jack Gets Beat Up....Has to Happen at Least Once a Season


Weiss is giving Hastings a call wanting to know about Reed when the new hour picks up. Hastings does not have any new information. Dana tells Cole that it will take awhile to decrypt the files on Reed's computer. Chloe doesn't have an exact address for Jack as to where the cab driver dropped Davros off, but has a corner. Jack tells her he will search on foot. Back at Maggie and Jim's house, Davros has them both bound to the chair. The captain calls and Jim tells him that he is sick but that Mike (Davros) will fill in for him. Jim tells him to leave and that they won't say anything. Jack walks up to a group of guys playing ball and shows off a picture of Davros. The leader of the group tells him to get lost. Jack flashes his gun and asks again, this time offering a $100 to anyone with info. A kid tells him he saw the guy go into a house across the street. When Jack arrives he finds Jim and Maggie's bodies. They have both been shot. As Jack ponders his next move, a cop knocks on the door.

Jack goes out on the front porch with his gun drawn. He tells Lu who he is, but before he has a chance to explain farther, Lu's partner tasers Jack and he drops to the ground. The partner does it again and Lu tells him to stop that they need to call it in. Mazoni tells him that they will, but after they deal with Jack, because he's a cop killer. Back at CTU a UN keycard is found in Reed's bag. The keycard access's Hassan's personal quarters. Hastings thinks he has it in the bag now (dumbass). Dana gets a call from a security guard out front telling her that Kevin is there to see her. Dana is visibly upset and takes off her engagement ring. She meets him out front and demands that he leave her alone, she even offers him money. Kevin wants them to pick up where they left off. He wants a place to stay and if not, then he'll tell the guard who she really is. Dana reluctantly gives him the house key and he tells her he already knows the address.

Hastings confronts Reed about the keycard; she finally breaks down and tells him about the affair. Hastings of course doesn't believe her, and calls Weiss to try and confirm the story. Weiss isn't available. Chloe tells Hastings that Jack is missing. Hastings....wait for it..... doesn't care. Chloe also tells him that she thinks Reed is telling the truth, again, Hastings doesn't listen, but he does agree to send units to help Jack if it turns out to be the truth. Back at Jim and Maggie's, Jack is getting the crap beat out of him by Mazoni. Lu wants to call it in and see if his story is true, but Mazoni tells him that he has no credentials on him and that if Lu doesn't like it to leave the room. Lu leaves and Mazoni tells him that their story will be that Jack resisted arrest. Davros shows up at the police department and stands with the other cops as Cole gives them their assignments and warns them about the assassination plot.

Weiss interrupts Taylor and Hassan's meetings to get Hassan to talk to Hastings about Reed. Hassan agrees and Farhad again begs him not to mention the affair. Hastings asks about the affair with Chloe listening in. Hassan wants to know if he is alone and he lies and tells him yes. Hassan admits to the affair and does not believe that Reed could have anything to do with the assassination plot. When they hang up, Farhad is pissed, but Hassan tells him that he did the honorable thing. Chloe wants help sent to Jack but Hastings still doesn't care and tells her to go help with decrypting the file, and if she leaves the building, he'll fire her. Farhad calls Davros to tell him about Hassan confessing to the affair. Davros tells him no worries and that his brother will be dead within the hour.

Jack manages to get the upper hand with Mazoni. Lu rushes in and holds them both at gun point telling them he is going to call it in. Jack again tells him who he is and to run the check. He also tells them that Jim must have something to do with the assassination plot and to find out where he was supposed to be assigned. Mazoni thinks it's impossible, but Lu complies to find out. Back at CTU, Arlo is still trying to put the moves on Dana, but she ignores him. The file is decrypted and it shows construction work for the UN from eight months prior with a bomb that has been set. Hastings calls the UN and orders an immediate evacuation. Chloe again says that it all seems too convenient and thinks that it is a trap to get Hassan out of the building. Hastings once again, thinks he is right, and calls Cole and tells him to protect Hassan.

Hassan and Taylor are quickly escorted from the building. Hassan doesn't want to leave without his wife and daughter but Cole tells him they need to go. Farhad tells him to go ahead and that he will wait. Hassan gets in the car and Farhad calls Davros to tell him that Hassan is in the third car. Davros is sitting outside near a manhole where the real bomb is planted. Farhad gets in the car with Dalia and Kayla and the motorcade starts out with Cole following behind in another car. Still in Queens, Lu tells Jack that he is right. Jim was supposed to be on guard duty but called in sick and was replaced with a Mike Farmer. Jack tells him that he's the assassin. Lu drives Jack towards the UN building. Jack calls Chloe and she tells him the UN building is being evacuated, and they both agree it's a trap. Jack gets put through to Cole and tells him what is about to go down. Cole tells him that it's too late, the motorcade has started out and he's stuck in the back (aren't you supposed to actually be with the man you are protecting instead of 5 cars back? Just asking). Cole speeds up and tries to get in front of Hassan's car but only manages to clip the end, pushing him out of the way just as Davros detonates the bomb. Coles car flips multiple times and it's unclear whether Hassan was hit or not.

Posted by Stacey on January 22, 2010 10:28 PM
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