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24: 5PM-6PM: Jack Tries Really Hard Not To Be Back. Without Much Luck.


Picking up from the last hour, a crowd gathers to stare at the flames from the chopper and take pictures with their cell phones. Cole is pissed because Victor is dead and the chopper was supposed to have anti-ballistics defense, and there was no team scouring the area for a missile launcher. Jack tells Hastings that someone close the president is who the inside man is. Hastings wants Jack at CTU for a briefing. Dana meanwhile has found that someone hacked into the UN database and is looking for the person now. Davros calls someone and tells them that the assassination plot needs to be sped up.

Hastings calls the UN and tries to get Weiss to put a stop to the press conference, but Weiss tells him that it's too important. On a break, Weiss brings Taylor up to speed and Hassan confirms his meeting with Reed. Dana and Chloe finally find that it is Reed who hacked into the security system and pulled up all kinds of sensitive files including security protocols. The UN is alerted and Reed is taken into custody while Hassan watches horrified. He is finally told that there is a threat to his life and is taken away to safety. Dana believes that they have the perp, but Chloe thinks that it was all a little too easy to find Reed and thinks she may have been setup. Hastings gets annoyed with Chloe and tells her to go debrief Jack. Jack is just as surprised as Chloe that they found the person so quickly. Hastings pulls Cole aside and tells him that he needs to cover up the fact that Hastings did not give him all the people he asked for because it would spark an internal review. Hastings wants his job, but Jack overhears the exchange. Cole is not okay with this, but Hastings asks for faith in him just as he had faith in Cole when he hired him.

Jack calls Kim and she tells him that she will come pick him up at CTU. Chloe fills in Jack on her beliefs during the debriefing. Jack tells her that he doesn't want to get involved but she persists and tells him about a man they have on tape entering Reed's building right before the files were stolen and then exiting 5 minutes later. If Reed has been framed, then there is still an assassin. Back at the UN Dalia is understandably upset at Hassan for letting Reed get so close to their family. She's no dummy. Farhad takes him outside and tells him that he must deny the affair with Reed or he will lose credibility. Hassan does not answer either way. Farhad, the shiesty little SOB, calls up Davros and tells him that his brother is on the fence about the affair. Davros tells him to push harder so that Reed is not discredited. He only needs another hour.

Dana tells Arlo to decrypt a file from Reed's computer. She then gets a call from Kevin Wade, who exudes loser, and tells her that he knows she is Jenny Scott. Dana looks terrified and tells him that if he calls again she'll call the police and hangs up. Cole comes up to her and she tells him that she is sorry she has been so distant. Reed is brought into CTU where she is going to be interrogated by Hastings who does not believe at all that she is innocent. Jack tries to replay Chloe's theory to him, but he won't hear it. Chloe asks again for Jack's help, using the play that she has always helped Jack and done some crazy things for him. He seems torn, but still tells her no. Kim gets out to meet Jack and tells him that he needs to stay. Chloe filled her in and she knows that if something were to happen that Jack would never forgive himself. She tells him that he isn't letting her down and it's the right thing to do. Jack tells her he'll be on the first plane to L.A. as soon as it is all over. He goes inside and gets to business.

At the UN the peace talks continue and Hassan asks Taylor about Reed's involvement. Taylor tells him that she is being questioned as they speak. Back at CTU, Chloe cannot find any traces of someone breaking into Reed's apartment. She needs visuals from drones (apparently these cameras are all over NY) but they are on Arlo's computer and she does not have access. Come on Chloe?? Hack in of course. With this done she finds a picture of the man (Davros) getting a cab. They get the cab number and Jack tells her to find out where it is going. Jack needs a weapon, so he gains clearance to the armory with Chloe's help. Dana gives her sister Ruth a call and blames her for Kevin knowing where to find her. Ruth tells her that she had no idea he was even out of jail and not to let the man ruin her life. Dana is afraid she'll lose everything. She has to hang up quickly when Arlo approaches to tell her that his computer has been hacked, from inside CTU.

Reed is being interrogated by Hastings. When she answers the question that she only ever intended to interview Hassan it registers as a lie. She is holding back the affair. This just causes Hastings to believe even more she is the right person. Dana interrupts with news. It's about Jack. Jack enters the armory and begins to fill his Jack Pack with goodies. He is caught by Hastings and Cole. Jack decides to blackmail Hastings about Cole not telling anyone that Hastings dropped the ball on the chopper pickup. Jack won't either (and he's going straight to the president) if they will let him follow his lead. Hastings agrees.

Davros arrives at the home of Maggie and Jim. Jim is cop on the UN security detail, and turns out Davros is a cop as well, and is sporting a pretty convincing Queens accent. He asks Jim if he can trade shifts with him, and Jim tells him no because he has a meeting with his kids teacher. This is the wrong answer and Davros pulls out a gun. He has Jim tie up Maggie and gag her. He tells Jim to call the captain and tell him that he is sick and that Davros will be taking his place. Jim refuses and Davros shoots Maggie in the leg. He tells Jim that next time, he won't miss.

Posted by Stacey on January 20, 2010 5:09 PM
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