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24: 4PM-5PM Jack is Back... Finally


The long awaited Day 8 starts out in New York with ex-con Victor Aruz (also known as the dude from The Shield) entering a shady looking building and being observed by a guy with a Bluetooth. I wonder if he knows how stupid he looks wearing a Bluetooth, I make fun of my dad for it all the time. The Russian, by his accent, is keeping tabs on Victor and reporting it to his superiors. Victor enters an apartment and finds his buddy Manny, dead in the shower from a gunshot wound to the head. He pulls his gun and puts in a call to his other friend, who is also dead with a bullet in his head as well. A woman who is surrounded by cops relays this news to him. Victor is now paranoid, avoiding the windows and starts to make his way out of the building. Victors makes it to an alley and steals a car. The sniper sees Victor in the car and starts to shoot. He manages to hit him in the shoulder, but Victor speeds away. The spotter (loser with the Bluetooth) gets the license plate and calls the police to report a stolen car.

Jack is napping in his apartment/hotel with his granddaughter Teri. She wakes him up because she wants him to change the channel to a new cartoon (she's quite the demanding little ankle biter). She also calls him Jack and he reminds her to call him grandpa. Jack gets distracted by a news update on the Mideast peace negotiations at the UN that should put President Taylor back in a positive light. Teri gets impatient and asks for cartoons again. Jack complies and gets a call from his daughter Kim. She and her husband Stephen (of course Kim would be married to a vampire) are running late due to the security around the UN. Jack tells her no worries and hangs up. Kim tells Stephen that she is worried about Jack because he has not answered her question about coming back to L.A. with them.

At a sit down meeting before the press conference, Taylor and Kanin are making final negotiations with President Hassan of the fictional country, Kamistan and his brother Farhad. Hassan is on the verge of agreeing to foreswear the pursuit of nuclear missiles, subject to permanent inspection. However, Taylor wants the inspections done by Americans and not foreign inspectors. The negotiations come to a halt due to this. Farhad is mad, but Hassan calms him down. Taylor wants this resolved before the press conference and they adjourn. Taylor tells Kanin to figure out a way to give Hassan what he wants. He is too valuable a leader to jeopardize the negotiations.

Jack meets Kim and Stephen in the lobby with Teri. He tells Kim that he is going to move back to L.A. with them. He is almost packed and will meet them at their hotel. Kim is overjoyed and Teri is glad to have her grandpa. Jack goes back into the building and Victor, who has been watching from across the street gets out of his car and goes inside.

Back at the UN the Chief of Staff, Weiss, begins to call the press conference to order. A reporter named Meredith Reed tries to gain access, but her press credentials have been revoked. Farhad tells Hassan that Taylor has agreed to the foreign inspection team with the condition that the head of the team be American. Hassan agrees and Farhad argues that they are sacrificing too much. Hassan gets a call from Reed and he tells her that he will get her in. He also tells her that their "private" interview is still on. The call seems strangely intimate. Farhad gets mad at his brother and tells him that he is the one who revoked her clearance. He reminds Hassan that he is married and that having feelings for this woman is going to ruin his image with his people that they will think he has been corrupted by the west. Hassan dismisses this idea and tells him to reinstate her credentials.

Jack answers his door to find Victor standing there bleeding and asking for help. Jack tells him that he does not do that kind of work anymore and tries to close the door. Victor tells him about a plot to kill Hassan before the treaty can be signed. He got the shooter into the country but now he has turned against him. Victor does not know his name but can find him. He will give over all of the information for protection. Jack is pissed, but tells him he'll help and that he better not be lying. At the new high tech CTU office, Cole Ortiz, the new head of field ops comes in and talks to his coworker/fiancée Dana Walsh. The conversation is somewhat awkward, but it could be because they are at work. We then see that Chloe (making a face as usual) is also working at CTU. She is having trouble learning the new software and has to get help from Dana. Though Dana is overly nice to Chloe, Chloe can't stand the fact that she needs help. Chloe gets a call from Jack and wants to talk to the new director Hastings (I miss Bill already) and Chloe tells him that he isn't to be disturbed. Jack fills her in on his info and she goes directly into his office. Hastings does not believe the validity of the intel and tells Jack that CTU does not run like he remembers it running. Jack tells him he will go to the President if anything happens to Hassan and let her know that he chose to refuse the information given to him. Hastings agrees to have a helicopter pick Jack and Victor up 9 blocks from their location.

Hastings comes downstairs and tells Ortiz of the developing news. Arlo, the FNG and cocky computer geek doesn't know who Jack is. Really? Jack and Victor leave the apartment but the police have found the stolen car. The sniper, spotter and shooter are listening in on the location and they tell their boss, Davros, not to worry because Victor is a dead man. Davros doesn't look too pleased. Kanin lets Taylor know that Hassan has agreed to the conditions. Weiss joins them and lets them know about the call he received from Hastings. Kanin thinks that if they tell Hassan that he will leave out of fear for his own safety. Weiss thinks that they need to tell him immediately. Taylor says she'll think about it. Outside, Weiss apologizes to a pill popping (Martha?) Kanin who tells him not to. Kanin picked him because he isn't afraid to speak up. Meanwhile, back at CTU, Hastings tells Chloe that it is obvious that she is only here because Morris has been downsized at his job, and she spends all her time on the phone with her child. Chloe tells him that she needs the job, and he understands, but tells her that she better get it together or else. Ortiz meets up with field agent Torres who is at the chopper. Torres tells Ortiz that he and Dana better pick a date because she is obviously getting cold feet. Jack and Victor make it to an alley where Victor passes out. Jack tries to repack the wound and a parking attendant sees them and calls the police.

Hassan's wife Dalia and daughter Kayla are preparing for the press conference when Hassan enters. He tries to tell his wife how beautiful she is but she turns her back and tells him that they shouldn't pretend anymore than they have to. Reed is let through with her credentials and Farhad tells her to stay away from his brother before she ruins everything. The press conference starts and Weiss learns that Taylor has not told Hassan about the threat. Jack helps Victor back up to his feet in the alley and a pair of cops comes up to them. Jack tells them who he is and as they go to get verification, the spotter and sniper arrive with machine guns. They take down the cops but Jack manages to get him and Victor into a building. Jack calls Chloe and lets her know the situation. The chopper will be there in 2 minutes and pick them up from the roof next door. Jack and Victor start up the stairs. The two bad guys are advancing. Jack manages to take one out with a fire ax and throw the other over the stairs. Jack breaks through a window and gets him and Victor to the roof. Ortiz approaches and Jack hands over Victor. Ortiz wants Jack to come back to CTU for debriefing, but Jack tells him no. As Jack walks away, he sees a missile fired by Davros. He pushes Ortiz out of the way as the chopper is hit.

Jack makes it over to Victor and tries to get information out of him. Victor manages to tell him that the hit man has someone on the inside that is very close to Hassan, but dies before he can give him a name. Back at the UN Reed tells someone over the phone that she has gotten back in and that she knows that she is behind scheduled. She reassures the caller that she will get it done.

Posted by Stacey on January 18, 2010 7:37 PM
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