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24: 6AM-7AM: Jack is the New Bio Weapon



While President Taylor is meeting with the Joint Chiefs about Tony, Olivia is being grilled by the DOJ and looks like she is about to throw up. Meanwhile, Cara is on the phone with Jack and tells him that it is time for him to make his move. He pulls his gun on Walker and the other agent and tells the driver to do what he says. Walker is confused and Jack ends up telling her that they have Kim and he has to do this. At the airport, Kim is starting to become more and more suspicious about Bob and his wife Sarah after she notices that his computer has been open the entire time, but not used and that he has a scratch on his neck. Sarah covers for him and says that it must have happened when he was getting out of the cab. Bob goes off to the bathroom, but really calls Cara to let her know that Kim is figuring things out, but Cara tells him to hold on, but to not get caught no matter what.

The FBI van pulls into a tunnel where they cannot be detected and Cara is waiting. Tony takes Jack hostage, but Cara wants to kill him. Tony explains that they can use his blood and organs to make more of the bio weapon since he has been infected. Aaron meets with Kanin and tells him that he thinks Olivia was involved in Hodge's death. Kanin "breaks" into his old office and gets the digital recordings from the hidden panel. Just as he is finishing up, Olivia comes in demanding to know why he is there. Kanin explains that he was getting some old memos that he had left and shows her the file. Kanin leaves, but Olivia notices the panel open and finds the recorder. Again, she looks like she might hurl and orders another agent to have Kanin detained.

Chloe and Janis can't get a reading on Jack, so Walker calls the airport to warn security. Kim is called up to the counter to receive her standby ticket and gets a call from Walker. Walker tells her there are operatives on her and Kim thinks it might have been the agent that her dad has watching her, but Walker tells her he's dead and that it is someone who has to have some kind of camera. Kim realizes it is Bob and Sarah with the laptop. Bob approaches Kim before she can tells Walker and she pretends to be on the phone about baggage. As they sit back down, Bob notices security moving into their terminal, he tells Sarah to take her and she grabs Kim with a knife to her throat. Bob starts shooting the security guards. Kim manages to pull a pen from her pocket and stab Sarah in the leg and get away as Sarah is shot dead. Bob escapes into a stairwell. Kim calls Walker to let her know the situation and Walker tells her that they need to Bob to find Jack, but Kim's cell dies. Kim decides to chase after Bob herself.

Back at the White House Olivia confronts Kanin about the data card and all but gives herself away. Kanin refuses to hand anything over and wants to speak to Taylor, but Olivia tells him that it's not possible. She has him searched and the data card is found. Olivia tells the guard to have him processed out and she breaks the data card. Kanin meets up with Aaron and tells him that they are luck he is a paranoid son of a bitch because something is definitely going on. He pulls the data card out of hidden pocket in his sleeve and tells Aaron that Olivia had a blank disc. Kanin goes to his car to listen to the tape. Jack is taken to a medical room where he is given a sedative and then a spinal tap to collect fluid to see if he is a good carrier of the pathogen. Tony tells Cara that he wants a bigger role in the organization and that she can make it happen because she is tight with the head honcho. Tony tells her that he just wants a meeting with him so that he can make his case. Cara tells him that she'll try. Olivia gets on the phone with Martin and he reassures her that everything will be fine, Tim Woods finds her and tells her that her mother is waiting on her for a meeting. Walker and her team arrive at the airport and realize that Kim is either a hostage or is following Bob.

Kim follows Bob through the parking deck and he then heads up the stairs towards a car on the top level. Kim goes to two cops at the entrance and tells them who she is. She gets Walker on the phone but Bob comes flying out of the parking deck shooting at them. One officer is shot, but the other manages to shoot Bob through the windshield. Bob flips the car and it comes to a rest catching on fire. Kim sees the laptop lying in the passenger seat and she rushes to the car to get it. As she climbs into the wrecked car, Bob grabs her wrist. She tries to get free and flames jump up and catch her arm and hand on fire. Bob finally releases and she gets the laptop to safety just as the car explodes. Walker arrives and Kim being a former CTU analyst instructs on how to get what she needs. Walker gets Chloe on the phone.

The doctor lets Tony know that they will need Jack's organs to get enough of the pathogen, Jack listens to all this as his pretends to be asleep. The doctor tells Tony that he only has a couple of hours left to live, but that the pathogen will stay viable for up to two more hours after that. Kanin meanwhile is listening to the tape in the car and learns that Olivia and Martin Collier did in fact conspire to kill Hodges. Cara gets Wilson on the phone and he agrees to meet Tony but warns Cara that if there is anything he doesn't like about him, that he will kill him. Tony orders a transport for Jack leaves the room. As Jack is unstrapped he jumps up and kills the three doctors and escapes out into a side street. Tony and Cara give chase.

Posted by Stacey on May 19, 2009 1:01 PM
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