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24: 5AM-6AM: Jack is One Unhappy Father



Cara lets Tony know that the bio weapon is ready to be used. Tony has Jibraan get on the Metro and tells him to ride it to Washington Center (I'm wondering if they meant Metro Center, because that's where all the lines come together and it would make the most sense to set it off there and I don't remember a Washington Center stop from my years in D.C.). Anyway, back at Jibraans apartment, Jack needs the guy who Jibraans brother stabbed in the neck to live, but doesn't want him doped up on morphine. Jack tells Walker she might want to leave the room, but she tells him to do what ever he needs to do. Jack wants to know where the canister is being taken and the guy doesn't know. Jack puts his hand into his neck wound causing the guy to scream. The guy finally tells Jack that he doesn't know about the canister but he does have a number to reach Tony. Jack has the guy call Tony with a bogus story about the money not going through but doesn't keep him on the line long enough for Chloe to get a trace.

Speaking of Chloe, her and Janis are fighting like 5 year olds and Janis wants Chloe to stop deliberately making her feel stupid, that's it's obvious she doesn't have the skills of Chloe, but Chloe doesn't even make a face (which is out of character for her). Chloe gets the trace down to Adams Morgan and Jack and Walker head in that direction. Jibraan gets on the metro and removes his earpiece. He tries to tells the token operator what is going on but she seems confused and sends him to a transit cop. The cop tells Jibraan to put his earpiece back in, he's working for Tony. Tony tells him that if he tries it again, he'll kill his brother. Olivia is waiting on Martin to ask about the bombing when she gets a call from Aaron. He wants to know why she snuck out and does not have him or her security detail with her. He tells her that the Hodges bombing is under investigation and phone and internet records are needed from all 11 people who knew that he was still alive and in witness protection. Olivia begs him to cover for her and that she will be back shortly. Martin arrives and Olivia freaks out on him. Martin tells her that he told the assassin to go ahead that she was good for the money and that she should have thought about all this before she even came to him. He tells her to pull it together or she'll bring down everyone with her including her mother. Martin advises her to transfer the funds or she'll have an unpleasant assassin upset with her.

Kim is in the airport letting her husband know that her flight has been delayed when she sees a man staring at her. As Jack's kid, she knows this is not a good sign. Her cell phone battery starts to die and when she looks up the man is gone. Cara gets on the same train as Jibraan in a disguise and drops a bag to floor and casually kicks it under a seat. The timer is set to go off in 15 minutes when the train reaches Washington Center. Jibraan catches a glimpse of the woman when she gets off at the next stop and she seems familiar to him. Cara calls Tony to have him come pick her up. Chloe lets Jack know that she got a better feed on where Tony is and that Tony is heading straight towards him. As the black van approaches, Jack decides to not let it turn into a pursuit and wrecks his car into the van. Jack pulls Tony out and manages to get the mobile computer away from him before he completely destroys it. He sends the computer information to Chloe. Jack puts a gun to Tony's head and tells him that he has nothing to lose so that he better talk. Tony tells him that he has nothing to lose either and won't talk. Jack can't bring himself to shoot him.
Janis manages to one up on Chloe to her satisfaction and defragments the ruined computer that Tony had after Chloe said it couldn't be done. They find the tracking device on Jibraan and learn that Washington Center is the target. Janis patches Jack through to Jibraans earpiece and explains to him who he is. Jack asks about a package, but Jibraan tells him that he doesn't have one. Jibraan remembers the woman on the Metro and realizes that she must have left something. Jibraan starts looking around the car for the bag and catches the attention of another man. Jack tells him to stay on the car until everyone gets off. Jibraan finds the bag and there are only 2 minutes left on the canister. Jack tells him to run like hell and bring it up to the street where he will be waiting for him. As Jibraan takes off, the man points him out to a transit cop who tries to stop him. Jibraan pulls the canister out and yells that it is a bomb and everyone panics. Jibraan makes it to the street and is about to be taken out by cops when Jack arrives. He takes the canister from Jibraan and throws it into the hazmat truck behind safety doors and it explodes harming no one. Jack tells Jibraan that he was very brave and that his brother is being brought to him. Jack starts to tremble and Walker tells him to take an injection, but he did 20 minutes beforehand, it's starting to not work. Walker hugs him and tells him that he can finally rest now.

Kim sees the man watching her again and moves next to another female passenger and asks her to see if the man is watching her. The woman, Sarah, says no and that the man is moving away. The man is FBI Agent Franks and is keeping an eye on Kim because Jack asked him to. Franks calls Jack with an update. Walker tells Jack about Hodge's death and Jack thinks that Tony might be next now that his plan was compromised. Jack wants a full detail on Tony back to FBI. Cara calls Wilson with the bad news and tells him that she has another play to get Tony out without having to kill him. Back at the airport its time to board and Sarah's husband Bob goes to get some coffee. Instead he catches Agent Franks in the bathroom and kills him. When Olivia gets back to the White House Aaron is pissed. She apologizes and tells him that she just needed to clear her head. Aaron seems to believe this, and she goes to retrieve her phone and internet records (who retrieves their OWN records in an investigation). Aaron calls Kanin (these people stay up to all hours) and wants to know if the voice recorder is still active in his office, which is now occupied by Olivia. Kanin says that it is, but can only be activated by his thumbprint. Kanin agrees to meet Aaron in 30 minutes at the White House. Inside her office, Olivia transfers the funds.

Janis is pissed that Chloe didn't thank her for her help and at being able to get the information off the damaged computer. Chloe begins to argue with her, but finds a picture of Cara from the metro. Chloe sends it to Jack and Jibraan confirms that it is the woman and he is then reunited with his brother. At the airport we see that Bob has a camera trained on Kim. Cara calls Jack and tells him to check the link on his phone and he sees the image of Kim. Cara tells him that he has to help Tony escape or Kim will be killed and that Franks is already dead. Cara wants him to keep the line open and she will walk him through the steps of helping Tony escape. Jack is extremely unhappy. Jack gets into the transport van with Tony and Walker. Cara tells him that if any agent gets in his way he will have to kill them. Jack looks at Walker while Tony, who knows what is going on, gives him a smug smile.

Posted by Stacey on May 12, 2009 11:58 AM
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