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24: 3AM-4AM: Jack Gets CTU....Sort Of



Jack is being treated for his seizure by the head of CDC. Jack is trying to tell her about Tony when Walker comes in. Jack is finally able to speak and gets out that Tony double crossed them and to get an APB out on him. Walker is shocked, but mostly because she realizes that Tony was the one who killed Moss. Tony however, is one step ahead and kills a couple of agents and steals their vehicle to get outside of the perimeter. Tony meets Galvez at a hotel and wants the canister. Galvez wants the money first. He gets it and then tosses Tony the bag. But Tony finds a phone book instead and when he turns Galvez has a gun on him. Tony of course gets the upper hand by a carefully placed flinging of the phone book and kills Galvez. Tony finds the canister in the vent and waits for Cara to arrive. Cara wants to hand over the canister to the "the people" so that they can make more, but Tony thinks it would be a bad idea to wait 6 months for another attack. They need to do so now, when the country is already down.

Tim Woods is meeting with the President and filling her in on Hodges attempt to kill himself when they get the call from Jack and Walker. Jack apologizes for believing in Tony and making her do the same. Taylor tells Jack that she may have a lead from Hodges as he told her that he was just a small part of something bigger. Jack of course wants to question him, and Taylor tells him that torture is not on the agenda for the day. Jack says that he won't lay a hand on him that he won't have to. They will give him something that he wants and that is proof of death. Jack knows his family was threatened and that is why Hodges tried to kill himself. Hodges will give them the info they need to go into witness protection. Olivia is pissed when she finds out her mother is making a deal with Hodges and wants to know how she could do so when Hodges killed her son. Olivia thinks he should be charged as an enemy combatant and tortured, but Taylor will hear none of it.

Cara sets up a conference call on her computer with the group of people. She tells them that she wants to go ahead with an attack and that they have found a fall guy named Jibraan who is Arab immigrant. The group seems unsure that they can pull it off in a few hours, but Cara finally gets Wilson to weigh in and he convinces them that Hodges gave them an opportunity with his lunacy. The group votes to go ahead with an immediate attack. Tony kisses Cara to thank her. Jack meets with Hodges who is ranting that his family will be hurt. Jack presents Hodges the deal, but Hodges says that he doesn't know who the people actually are, because he never met them. He does tell Jack that they were planning an attack for early next year so that the American people could see that these private military contractors were needed and that they were giving some of the bio weapon to enemy countries and sleeper cells so that they could then be blamed for the attacks. Hodges tries to compare himself to Jack, but Jack tells him that they are nothing alike, that he was trying to protect his country, not protect government contracts. Jack threatens to call up the Post and pretends to do so to give the story that Hodges is still alive. But Hodges swears to Jack that he doesn't know any names. The thermal readings show that he isn't lying. Jack the Taylor agrees that the threat will be imminent and not a few months out. Jack needs the CTU servers re-commissioned so that they can get access to the terrorists who may have been funding this sort of mission. Taylor orders to have them brought into FBI.

Jack knows that he needs someone who is familiar with CTU and can work fast so he calls up Chloe. She is glad to hear from him, but devastated when he tells her the news about Bill is true. She agrees to help and wakes up Morris. She tells him to get Prescott (their son) out of town because of the bio weapon threat, but that she has to stay and help Jack. Morris wants her to come with them, but she tells him to just get their son to safety. Jack and Walker brief some FBI agents on what they will be looking for and Janis puts up a fuss about working for CTU. Walker tells her to get over it. When Chloe arrives, Jack tells her the news about Tony. Chloe doesn't believe it at first, but Jack tells her the Tony that they once knew is gone and he makes her promise out loud that she is really willing to help and treat Tony as an enemy.

Tony and Cara are waiting outside of Jibraans apartment. Inside he is cooking breakfast (up awfully early aren't they). Jibraan, as Cara explains, is 27, has an expired VISA, and no ties to any kind of extremist group though his parents was killed in some bombing in Pakistan. She tells Tony that his body will be left with the canister and they will fill in the rest of his "background". Jibraan tells his brother to be careful at work, because it's dangerous being Muslim with all that is going on. His brother Hamid dismisses him telling him that everyone at work thinks he is Puerto Rican. Two more unmarked cars approach and Tony and Cara get out and enter the apartment building. Aaron goes to Olivia's office to get the witness protection document. She tells Aaron that she cannot believe her mother would do this after what Hodges did to her son and her brother. Aaron offers his condolences and asks if there is anything he can do, and Olivia offhandedly tells him that he can kill Hodges. Olivia apologizes and then calls up her friend Martin Collier. She previously worked with the politician and remembers a time when he told her that there was no problem that couldn't be fixed or eliminated. Olivia reminds Collier of this remark and he agrees to meet her at the White House.

At FBI Janis is busy bitching about how they are violating the Bill of Rights while Chloe tries to get work done. Jack comes over and lays into Janis telling her that if she doesn't want to be involved to leave, but that David Palmer had the server's re-commissioner so that they could be used. Chloe is confused. Why would Jack say Palmers name and now she wants to know what is wrong with Jack. Back at Jibraans apartment the lights go out. Jibraan goes to check the box and Tony's team rushes in. They take Hamid hostage and Jibraan as well when he walks in. Tony puts a gun to his head and tells him to do what he says and no one will get hurt. Doesn't Tony know that, that line is so cliché?

Posted by Stacey on April 28, 2009 3:33 PM
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