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24: 2AM-3AM: Jack Gets Bested by Tony



Of course it only took one episode for Jack to figure out that Tony has switched sides....again. Too bad the seizing prevented him from doing anything about it. This hour starts out with Hodges making a phone call to his attorney Patricia. He tells her to see him right away as he is in deep doo-doo. As Patricia leaves her house, she is attacked by a man who gives a dose (lethal I'm guessing), of something. As she passes out/dies, she sees her twin standing over her in the form of Cara Bowden. Cara gets Patricia's fingerprint and takes her jewelry and heads off to see Hodges.

At FBI, the team has identified Tony's partner as Galvez from a security camera, and they lock down a four block perimeter. Tony shoots him self in the side and falls to the ground. He calls Galvez and tells him to stay put that the canister is worth a lot of dough. Galvez doesn't really want to be a part of these shenanigans anymore, but does so. The FBI arrive and find a downed Tony and a dead Moss. Tony tells them that they were ambushed and doesn't really remember much. Tony begins monitoring the FBI's movements and calls Galvez to let him know what is up. He wants Galvez to take the C4 he gave him and find an empty building. His plan is for Galvez to lure the FBI into the building and then blow it up. Galvez is a little daunted by killing a couple dozen FBI, but doesn't want to go to jail either.

Kim approaches Walker at FBI and tells her that she is leaving. Jack doesn't want her help, but she is glad they got to say some things that needed to be said. Walker is interrupted by a call and finds out that Moss is dead. She has tears in her eyes and tells Janis that someone will have to tell his ex-wife and that it probably shouldn't be her (eventually we'll get to the bottom of their torrid love affair). Walker is now the ranking agent and begins giving orders , she is going to meet the team in the field. Jack meanwhile, is giving his debriefing to another agent (and having a lot of trouble remembering) when he sees Walker in the hallway giving orders to the agents. She tells him about Moss and Jack decides to go along. He gets in the helicopter with Walker and she tells him to leave, but Jack says that he is coming along and will only stand down if his condition gets worse. Olivia tells her mom about Moss's death and Taylor remembers Hodges warning. She tells Olivia to transfer him to FBI for questioning, but Olivia warns her that he'll want a deal. Taylor doesn't confirm or deny any decisions about a deal.

Cara goes in to see Hodges as his "attorney", he knows exactly who she is. She tells him that he has become a liability to the people that Starkwood work for, and that he would have been protected without having to compromise anything. She tells him that the bio weapon was not for his personal use and as far as "the people" are concerned he had a psychotic break, but they won't go after his family if he'll just "do the right thing". With that, she hands him a little red pill and tells him that it will induce a heart attack and leave no trace and without him, there would be no prosecution. Olivia breaks up their little pow- wow to tell Hodges that he is going to FBI. Cara calls up Wilson to let him know that she gave Hodges the pill. Wilson is more concerned about Tony and Cara assures him that he will come through.

Tony doesn't look thrilled when Jack shows up on the scene. He questions Tony about what happened and then looks at the evidence. Tony story has some holes in it when Jack realizes that the bullet casings are from a .45 yet Tony was shot with a 9mm. Tony claims he doesn't remember much, and much to Tony's relief, Jack assumes that Galvez had help. Kim is in a car heading to the airport and calls her husband Stephen to tell him that she is coming home. The scene flashes to a baby girl and Stephen wants to know if she at least told Jack about his granddaughter, Teri (awww). She tells him no that she couldn't bring herself to do it, with Jack dying. Stephen tells her that she should stay, but she says she's coming home.

Back on the scene Walker wants to know why things are moving so slow with the sweep. Jack starts to seize and walks away to administer his injections. Tony comes over and tries to persuade him to go back to FBI, but he wants to help Walker. A transmission comes in from Galvez pretending to be an agent Stoller (who is dead) and claims that he saw Galvez go into an apartment building and that he is following. Walker tells him to keep a visual that backup is on the way. Jack wants to know if Galvez is with anyone and he answers no and that catches Jack attention. Jack stays behind to man operations while Walker goes to the complex. The man debriefing Jack calls and wants to know if he is sure that the man Tony said gave up the White House intel was named Vincent. Jack tells him yes, but something catches his eye and he hangs up.

Jack is looking at the transmission of the transponders and notices that Stollers isn't in the building. He calls Walker and tells her to get the men out because it's a trap. Galvez blows the C4 and the building burst into flames. Jack orders the men who are still standing to hold the line because it was a trap to draw them away from the perimeter. He rushes over with Tony to try and find Walker. As Hodges is being transported to FBI he notices a tattoo on one of the MP's arms noting that he served in Pakistan beside Starkwood, he asks the guard about Starkwood and he says that they were fine men. Hodges tells the man that he just made his day and then takes the capsule, a few seconds later, he is in cardiac arrest. Jack and Tony enter the building and Tony finds Galvez. He helps him disguise himself as wounded and walks him out of the building.

Jack finds Walker and she is fine. She says that someone must have known their sweep patterns. Jack calls back the agent doing the debriefing at the FBI and wants to know why he asked about Vincent. The agent tells Jack that Vincent is alive (Tony said he was killed while Tony was interrogating him) and that he was just caught trying to cross over into Canada and showed no signs of abuse. Jack confronts Tony (as he gets Galvez smuggled into an ambulance and away from the scene) with a gun to the head. He tells Tony that he told him that if he ever double crossed him that he would shoot him, himself. Tony tells Jack that he is disoriented and confused. Jack, in horrible timing, starts to seize again and goes to reach for his injections but somehow Tony has stole them. Jack falls to the ground and Tony takes the gun from him. He tells Jack that he never wanted to hurt him and as two medics approach, he tells them to help Jack and he walks away.

In the ambulance, Galvez kills the medic as soon as they are through the roadblock and then takes the driver hostage....

Posted by Stacey on April 21, 2009 4:30 PM
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