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24: 12AM-1AM: Jack Gets Sick

4.6.09.jpg 12AM-1AM

So is it just me or is Tony starting to get a lot of screen time, and by screen time, I mean all the action. Jack needs to get over this little infection of his and get back out there instead of loitering about the FBI hallways giving himself injections. Anyway, Tony and Moss are confronted at the Starkwood base by Hodges himself, who tells them they have 5 minutes to get off his property and release Greg or he will fire on them.

Jack and Walker work to find a way to get the FBI out. They locate Douglas Knowles in Mayer's files. Knowles works for Starkwood, but had begun working with Mayer. Jack contacts Knowles who is happy to hear from him and tells Jack that he knows where the canisters probably are. Jack tells Moss to pull out but to create a diversion while leaving so that Tony can stay behind. Moss leads his team away and makes like he is going to arrest Greg. As he and Greg scuffle and the guards close in, Tony slips into a warehouse door. Moss gets in a good punch before having a gun put to his head. He and his team get on the helicopters and leave. Tony finds Knowles and together they try and make it to the secure area. Tony calls up Jack and wants support but he starts trembling and has to walk away as the effects of the drug are taking hold of him. Walker notices and gets Janis to help Tony and Knowles maneuver through the base unseen. Jack tells Walker he is fine and they call President Taylor who wants to bomb the base but only when she has visual confirmation of where the tanks are. Jack has to give her that confirmation through Tony.

Ken, the skeezy reporter lover of Olivia's, calls and wants to know why the Joint Chiefs have met, and that he has a tip from a Port Authority worker that there are bio weapons on U.S. soil. He tells Olivia that if she doesn't give him the scoop that he will go public with how she got Kanin to resign so she could take over his job. She agrees to meet him at a hotel. Knowles and Tony find the building with Jack's help. They get Janis to unlock the door by figuring out the code with the nifty little toy that Tony conveniently has on him. The two are about to get caught by a patrol when Knowles walks away and confronts them. He tells the patrol that he has a right to be there, but they take him back to his office anyway. Tony gets into the building. Jack starts to shake again and this time lands on the floor convulsing and unable to speak to Walker. Olivia meets with Ken and tells him that yes; the U.S. is planning an attack but that he can't run with the story because it would ruin the plan. Ken doesn't seem to care unless Olivia will sleep with him. With Aaron waiting outside, she does so.

The CDC nurse gives Jack syringes to use to mask the symptoms. She suggests a new experimental treatment (of course) that could save his life. All he needs is stem cells from a relative and after reading his file, she knows he has a daughter (is this how they are going to get Kim back?). But Jack refuses to involve his daughter. I would want her crazy cells either. Jack gets back to work and let's Tony know that there is security closing in on him. Tony puts the two down and swaps clothes with one and pretends to be a guard. He gets on the elevator with head scientist guy Dr. Chapman and sees him looking at some photos of the virus. Tony tells Janis is he 4 stories below ground and he then finds the canisters. He takes picture and video and sends them to Jack who gets them to the president. Time for Tony to get out before the building is blown to pieces.

Hodges meets with Knowles who wants to know what is going on. Hodges tells Knowles that he is tired of working for a country that used to never care how he got the job done as long it was done, and suddenly they are making him out to be the bad guy. Knowles is upset and wants Hodges to stop whatever he is about to do. Hodges instead, hits Knowles repeatedly over the head with a decanter and then picks him up (pretty good for someone as old as Jon Voight) and tosses him over the side of the balcony, sending Knowles to his death. As Hodges tries to wipe the blood from his shirt Greg calls to tell him that F-18s are approaching out of Virginia Beach and that they will strike in 10 minutes. Hodges decides its time to call Taylor.

Olivia is getting dressed from her little tryst with Ken when he tells her that he is still going to run the story because it will be good for his career. Olivia suggests it won't be when she shows everyone, including his wife, just how he gets his leads. Turns out she filmed the whole encounter on her cell phone. Olivia also tells him that she doesn't want to see him around the White House ever again. While leaving, she gets a call from her mom ordering her back to the White House ASAP.

Just as the planes are about to wipe out Starkwood, Taylor takes a private call with Hodges. He tells her that he has three missiles ready to launch the bio weapon unless she turns the planes around. He proves this to her, by showing her pictures of the missiles ready to be fired. Taylor also has to have a private meeting with him at the White House and she has 30 seconds to comply and he hangs up on her. Taylor runs back to the situation room and demands repeatedly that the attack be stopped. The planes abort at the last minute and Taylor walks out of the room giving no one an explanation.

Posted by Stacey on April 6, 2009 6:32 PM
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