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24: 8PM-9PM: Jack Loses a Friend


Jack and Bill are coming up with a plan while President Taylor and Olivia suddenly work out their differences. Juma pulls Taylor away and gives her a piece of paper from which to read. Jack tells Bill that he opened up canisters of CH-4 in the holding room and all they need to do is ignite it and it will take out Juma's men. Apparently the President is in on this plan. Bill tells Jack it's a suicide mission. Taylor tells Juma that she will not read his statement until he releases a hostage. Instead of releasing a hostage, Juma shoots one in the head. Taylor starts reading the statement and it is being broadcast on a live feed. VP Hayworth tries to get the feed shut down but can't. Moss still wants to go in, but Hayworth is still not convinced.

Bill lets Jack know that Juma is not working alone, and even if they get out of this situation that there will still be a threat to the country. Bill makes Jack promise that he will find out who and then runs into the holding room. He gets off a shot which ignites the gas killing him and Juma's men around him (I actually got a little teary eyed. Bill was my favorite character). Juma is hurt and after a brief standoff with Jack, Jack kills Juma. Pierce has managed to get Taylor and Olivia to safety and once the room blew, Moss overrode the VP's orders and stormed the White House. Jack runs to the lockdown room and mourns over Bills body. Moss wants to have Taylor moved to a secure location, but she insists on staying in the White House so that the public can see that she will not be swayed by terrorists. Walker finally sees Jack showing emotion over Bill. He tells her that it should have been him that set off the explosion. Jack pulls himself together and tells Walker and Moss about the person still involved. Jack wants to talk to Burnette and promises not to touch him, but Moss has him put into custody over Walker's objections.
Walker goes behind Moss's back and tells Kanin what is going on. Kanin goes to Moss and tells him that Jack is going to talk to Burnette and it is on his authority. Kanin doesn't plan on telling Taylor. Hodges gets word that Taylor is still alive, Juma is dead, and Jack Bauer is to blame. Hodges doesn't seem too worried because he is still getting the shipment. The shipment must explode because he wants to nail down the targets. Taylor is meeting with Kanin and tells him that she wants Olivia on her staff. Kanin is adamant that she not be because of the information that she leaked on Taylor's competition. But Taylor believes that she has changed and wants Kanin to offer Olivia the job to make amends. Moss finds out that Walker went behind his back and tells her to turn in her badge that she's suspended.

Hodges has picked out 12 targets that will result in a large death toll. He finds out that Jack is going to question Burnette. His aide informs him that he has sent Quinn to take care of Burnette and Jack as well. Jack arrives at the hospital and is sent in to talk with Burnette. Quinn arrives dressed in scrubs and crawls through the air vents until he is above Burnettes room. Olivia thanks Pierce for rescuing her and asks about Martha, but Pierce doesn't want to talk about it (maybe she did OD on her pill stash). Kanin comes to Olivia and offers her the job and wants to put the past behind them. Olivia however blames Kanin for the corruption of her mother's office and tells him that she will find out who betrayed her mother.

Jack goes into Burnettes room who freaks out when he sees Jack. He is just about to start telling all when a canister is dropped into the room. It's a nerve agent and Jack is paralyzed. Quinn drops into the room and slits Burnettes throat and then stabs him in the chest with a piece of glass. Quinn smashes the security lock on the door and leaves. Jack comes to and sees the mess. He escapes through the ceiling like Quinn just as Moss busts in. Because Quinn tampered with the video in the room, Moss never saw him enter but only saw Jack in the room. Jack loses track of Quinn and calls Moss to tell him that he has been framed. Moss tells him that if that's the truth then he should turn himself in. Quinn calls Hodges and tells him that Jack has been framed for the death and that the FBI is after him. Jack tells Moss that he cannot let this distract him from the real threat to the President and sets off to find Quinn.

Posted by Stacey on March 19, 2009 4:47 PM
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