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24: 6PM-7PM: Jack Gets a Taser



Dubaku is still in critical condition but is expected to make a full recovery, until the hospital laundry guy (Udo), gets by security and gives Dubaku a lethal dose of some something which induces a heart attack. The doctors work to save him (though they don't try very hard) and pronounce him dead. President Taylor is watching an announcement from Juma, but it appears that it was pre-recorded, which means, where is Juma now?

Juma ii turns out is standing on the shores of the Potomac looking at The Mall and commenting on how pretty it is. Laurent (Dubaku's son) wants to know when his father will meet them. Juma tells him it will be soon. Udo calls Juma and lets him know that the dead is done, and Juma tells him that Laurent cannot know that his father was a coward in the end. Chloe is still at the FBI working on the list when she gets a call from Jack. He wants her to delete Ryan Burnett's name from the list so that he does not get arrested. Jack needs to interrogate him first. Chloe doesn't want to at first but hits delete as Janis walks into her office. Janis hovers over Chloe wanting some work to do, and Chloe finally concedes.

Jack and Tony get to the White House. Jack tells Tony that he isn't going to use Bill's help because he does not want to drag him into this. Tony offers to go with him, but Jack reminds him that he would never make it past the first security check point. Inside, Burnette calls Juma asking him to delay the attack because he is stuck at the White House (hmm I wonder where the attack is going to be) but is then interrupted when Kanin greets him. Kanin meets with Senator Mayer first and tells him that if he drops the charges against Jack that the president will sign off on his war crimes bill. Mayer holds his ground, which prompts Kanin to tell him that Taylor will simply pardon Jack if she has to. Mayer is furious and wants to talk to Taylor. Jack finds Bill and pulls a gun on him. Bill is confused and wants to know what is going on. Jack wants to know where Burnette is, but Bill won't tell him without knowing what is going on. Jack tells Bill that he does not want to involve him and knocks Bill out. He grabs the guards taser and leaves.

Walker gets on the phone with Moss and tells him that she thinks that Dubaku was murdered. He argues, but then she gets a picture of the license plate from the laundry guy. She decides to follow the lead. Nosey Janis, has discovered that a name from the list was deleted. She confronts Chloe who tells her that she will take care of it. Chloe lets Jack know that they are running out of time. Mayer, while waiting on Taylor, tells Burnette to write a story that will make Taylor seem incompetent on the pardon of Jack. Mayer goes to meet with Taylor and Burnette calls Juma telling him that he is on his way out, but instead, he is tasered by an angry Jack.

Janis finally gets the evidence that she needs against Chloe (girls are so vindictive) and goes to Moss with the phone recording of Chloe talking to Jack. Moss has Chloe detained. Moss calls Taylor who is meeting with Burnette to tell her that Jack is probably interrogating Burnette inside the White House, which is in fact true, as Jack tasers Burnette again and again. Jack is thisclose to getting a confession when security breaks into the room and detains Jack. Mayer is pissed when he finds out that Tony has been working with Jack. Kanin tells Taylor that in this situation she should trust Jack, but instead she has him arrested. She also has Burnette arrested for treason. She tells him that he can gain immunity if he talks, but he won't. Apparently the death penalty sounds more appealing.

Walker follows Udo's car which leads her to a warehouse full of Juma's men. She calls Moss and he tells her to stay put until he can get men out to her. He gets a chopper in the air, but it won't be there in time. Juma and his men are getting on a boat, and as it pulls away from the dock Walker decides to jump onto it, losing her cell phone in the river. Bill, after waking up, calls Tony and tells him that Burnette denied the immunity plea and Tony informs him that, that was their backup plan because his source is now dead. Back on the boat, Walker waits for the men to suit up in scuba gear and leave the boat. She then finds the blueprints to the White House. Laurent catches her, but she dives off the boat swimming for shore while Laurent chases her. The men in the water are drilling into an underground tunnel and eventually pull themselves into it.

Posted by Stacey on March 3, 2009 11:15 AM
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House coulda' saved Dubaku,

Would have made an interesting ep if they'd rushed house down from Jersey to bring Dubaku back and use him against Juma.

-- Posted by: Cecil Rose at March 4, 2009 12:40 PM

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