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24: 11PM-12PM: Jack is Positive


The CDC shows up on the scene and starts collecting samples from Jack and hoses him down naked in the middle of the street. He is told that they will know within a few minutes whether or not he has been infected, even though he is not showing any signs. Jack wants to go back to FBI and CDC tells him that is the plan anyway. At Starkwood the canisters are arriving and Hodges wants them to be able to deploy them right away. Tony is hit repeatedly but refuses to tell Hodges what the FBI already knows. Hodges warns him that if he gives up the information that he will live (yeah right) but Tony, like Jack, doesn't give in easily to a little beating. Greg, Hodges right hand man, pulls Hodges aside and thinks that perhaps he has gone too far and that they should call off the attack seeing as how the world knows that it is they that will be releasing the canisters. Hodges tells him to grow a pair.

Olivia and President Taylor are going over candidates to replace Kanin. Olivia wants some guy named Rick Berman but mom seems reluctant (I'm sure Olivia has a hidden agenda for this want). Instead, mom appoints her as provisional Chief of Staff until a replacement can be found. Moss calls and lets Taylor know that Jack was innocent and framed by Starkwood who now has a bio weapon in their possession. Moss wants to move on Starkwood right away, but Taylor wants to meet with the Joint Chiefs first. At FBI, Moss lets Walker out of holding and apologizes for not believing her in the first place. He also tells her that Jack might have been infected by the bio weapon. She gets teary eyed which seems to make Moss a little jealous (okay seriously, what is the history between these two), but he asks her to debrief Jack and find out what they can about the canisters. On the way to the Joint Chiefs meeting, Olivia pulls Aaron aside who is leaving (with his arm in a sling) and tells him that she wants him to head her security detail. He doesn't want to do it, but she won't take no for an answer. In the meeting the Joint Chiefs cannot come up with a "good" answer to the problem, but Taylor wants something done, even if they have to attack Starkwood.

Tony is being held in a room with Stokes and still refusing to talk. Stokes gets bored and pulls out a gun to shoot him but is shot in the back by Greg. Tony wants to know what is going on and Greg tells him that Hodges has gone too far and lost his mind. He wants immunity in exchange for telling Tony where the canisters are. They go to Greg's office where Tony tells Moss what is going on. Moss says they will have to get Taylors approval and fills in Tony on Jack's condition. Jack gets the results on his blood test. The doctor opens the door between the two of them making you think that he's good to go. Jack reads the results with no expression. When he arrives at FBI Walker meets him and wants to know why he is out of quarantine. Jack tells her he is positive but that he is not contagious.

Back at the White House, Olivia and Taylor watch a tape showing footage of what the bio weapon is capable of. When Tim Woods the Chief of Homeland Security comes to Taylor with Greg's proposition, she readily signs his pardon. Moss tells Tony they will be there in fifteen minutes and wants Tony to be near the building when they arrive to offer visual support. Jack wants to go with Moss, but he tells Jack that they cannot risk him having symptoms of the infection while on mission. Jack, for once and probably the only time in his life, agree with Moss and stays behind. As Moss and team approach Starkwood they tell the air traffic controller that they have a warrant to search the building and any resistance will be met with arrest. The team lands and moves out. Inside the building, Hodges is trying to get the technicians to move faster. He is told the weapon will be ready within an hour. Moss breaks down the doors and the team rushes the warehouse. But, turns out, Greg lied. The warehouse is empty. Greg says that he has no idea where the weapons are and that Tony was threatening to kill him so he made up something. Tony, now really is about to kill for playing him, but Moss knows Greg is lying and has him arrested. Hodges is watching the whole thing on a monitor and realizes that Greg has bought them some time, and that they just have to hold the FBI off for another hour.

Moss and crew exit the warehouse intent on searching all of Starkwood. However, they are met by a very much alive Stokes and his army who tells them that they have allowed them to search what they came for but anything further searches will result in them being fired upon because now they are trespassing on private government property. Jack has been watching from the get go on monitor and seemed to have realized that the whole thing was a set up from the beginning, but can do nothing to help. Moss doesn't stand down, but doesn't advance. Both sides simply stand there eyeing each other.

Couple of random thoughts: Where are Chloe and Morris? And did anyone tell Chloe and Tony about Bill? I guess this is just me still being bitter of his departure. As for next week....looks like Jack is going to have some medical problems.

Posted by Stacey on March 31, 2009 4:58 PM
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