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24: 10PM-11PM: Jack Gets Dosed



So I just realized that I did not post the recap to last week's episode. My apologies. My weeks are off due to being out of town for a full week for work. But to make a long story short, last week had Jack going to Mayer's house to see what he knew about Starkwood, which turns out to be a lot and they form an unlikely alliance. However, this alliance lasts all of about 1 minute because Quinn tracks Jack to the house and kills the Senator. That's another death on Jack's hands. Jack does manage to take out Quinn and calls up Tony for some backup. Other than that, Morris returns (Chloe's husband).

On to last nights episode. Larry gives Kanin a call to let him know about the mishap with Jack. Kanin is pissed at Larry, but Larry reminds him that he was the one who ordered Jack to be let out of custody. Kanin realizes that he is right and decides to resign so that nothing can be pinned directly on Taylor. Taylor doesn't seem too upset and wants Kanin to stay but he insists this is the right thing to do. Meanwhile Jack is on the phone with Tony and lets him know what is up. He knows that Starkwood is going to use a bioweapon to prove to the U.S. that their help is needed and then unleash it on the U.S. so that they will have to help (this is alien logic to me, but a plot device is needed I suppose). Jack knows that it has already been delivered to a port and wants Tony to meet him there.

Jack does some recon and finds out that only one Port Authority official is working and that is Carl. Carl is on the phone with his pregnant wife explaining that working the double shift will help their financial woes. Jack and Tony take him inside and demand that he pull up the manifest to see what shipments have arrived. At Starkwood, Hodges is having a meeting with the board and urges them to stop cooperating with the government, that all they are doing is slowly shutting them down when Hodges knows that their private soldiers are needed. Hodges leaves the meeting with board member Knowles who suggests that Mayer will never stop looking into them. Hodges tells him that Mayer is dead and that he was killed by a rogue. Knowles wants to know if Hodges had something to do with it, which he denies, but suggests it might be a good path to look into for the company.

Carl explains to Jack and Tony that he might know which container it is because he is involved in helping get it in and out, but, he though it was simply some dudes smuggling electronics and he needed to make the extra cash with twins on the way. Jack tells him that he will have to continue to play along so that they can follow the container out. Carl is reluctant but finally goes outside. Carl is met by a small army led by Stokes. Stokes is weary of why Carl is so jumpy and tells him to come along. Jack and Tony looks on and since Jack promised to not let Carl get hurt he is distracted by Carl's involvement. Tony tells Jack that he knew Carl was dead the minute he walked out the door.

Olivia goes into Kanin's office as he is packing to apologize for his having to leave but she thinks it is best. Kanin tells her that he is sorry that he thought she leaked the information to the press about him letting Jack go free and tells her that running the office is different from running a campaign that it is not all about just winning. After Kanin leaves, Olivia calls up her contact at the news station and tells him that he can run the story of Kanin and Jack. Turns out she was the leak. Moss is at Mayer's house and figures out that a third person was involved. He calls Walker and she finally tells him what she knows about Quinn and Jack going to Mayer about Starkwood because he believed they were involved. Back at the Port, Carl is being led away by one of Stokes men to be killed. Jack already let Bill down and he died and decides, against Tony's advice, that he can't let that happen to another person. He kills the baddie before they can shoot Carl and Carl runs to safety. With their cover blown, Jack and Tony decide to get the truck that has the container on it.

Per normal 24 style, a firefight breaks out and Jack manages to get on the truck with the container and pull the driver out. Tony covers Jack but is eventually caught. Stokes recognizes Tony as one of Emerson's men and wants to know where Jack is, Tony keeps his mouth shut which leads to a beating with a gun. Jack hears this happen over the walkie-talkie and calls Moss to tell him to get teams to the Port and to meet him at the weigh station that he has the bio weapon. As Jack is driving to the weigh station a light starts flashing that indicates a breach in the weapon. Jack pulls over just before entering suburbia and sees a hole in the side of the container and that gas is leaking out. He holds his breathe and enters the container and manages to seal off the leak, but he's already been exposed. Stokes and his men arrive and manage to airlift the container out while Jack is covering from fire. Jack calls Moss to let him know that the men got the container and are headed west and that Tony is being held hostage. Moss tells him that there is military facility near there, but they cannot just attack it without proof. Jack tells Moss to send the CDC team to him, because he is the proof.

Posted by Stacey on March 24, 2009 4:39 PM
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