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24: 5PM-6PM: Jack has no Feelings


5PM- 6PM

First off, let me apologize for not having a review for last week's episode. I was without internet and cable for over a week (moving). But after watching last night's episode, I don't feel like we really missed much. But as a quickie, Henry went to the hospital, doesn't look good. President Taylor had her daughter Olivia sent for (they haven't talked in years) and non other than good ole Aaron Pierce picked her up (where is Martha??). Jack and Walker convince Marika to help them get Dubaku and Janis is worried that Chloe is going to take over her job. Oh, and Sean is shady. He's working for Dubaku AND having an affair with Erika, what a sleaze.

5PM starts with Erika confronting Sean about the arrest warrant that he put out on Jack and Walker. He explains to her that Dubaku has to get out of the country safely or he will produce the list with all of their names on it which implicate them in being corrupt. Walker is pissed (again) at Jack for simply thinking of Marika as an asset. Marika goes and meets with Dubaku who has gotten wind that the FBI has turned her. He pulls her out of the car and destroys her cell phone. He wants to know what is going on and she tells him what the FBI has told her and that she was scared. He forgives her and tells her that they lied to her and that he is the good guy of Sangala. He convinces her to come with him. Jack and Walker are finally released by the DC Metro police and get on the phone with Chloe and Moss to follow Marika by car since the cell signal has been lost. In the van, Marika realizes that the FBI will no longer be able to find her due to her crushed cell phone and grabs the wheel causing the van to flip and crash in traffic.

Jack and Walker race to the vehicle. Jack pulls a badly injured Debaku out and only seems concerned for him. Walker is trying to get a pinned Marika out and Jack yells at her to get away from the car as it is on fire. She pulls her gun on Jack and tells him to help her, but it's too late, Marika is dead. Walker is having some bad luck in these last few hours. President Taylor is sitting with Henry when Bill comes in to tell her they have Dubaku but that he needs to be brought to the hospital and she therefore needs to go back to the White House for her safety. She finally agrees and wants Olivia re-routed there as well.

Jack makes the paramedic who is working on Dubaku wake him up. He tells Dubaku that he will torture his family if he does not give up the list. Dubaku says something about it being on him and then passes out. The medics find a metal plate in his rib cage and Jack makes them cut him open and get it out (sidebar: the black medic was in Season 5 of Buffy as one of the sword wielding cult guys who is out to kill Dawn). Jack calls Moss and tells him he has the list but it's on a weird disc. Jack gives it to a chopper pilot (Which I found incredibly dumb. Why would you give such important information to a chopper pilot? Hello, they can crash) and tells him to give it to Moss. Sean is listening in and decides that he is going to crash the entire mainframe and reformat the entire system as soon as Chloe downloads the disc. He tells Erika what is going on and with some smoldering looks of love, she agrees. Dubaku goes to the hospital and goes into surgery. Walker is given Marika's personal items. Chloe receives the disc and realizes that they can only download it once, because it erases itself once downloaded.

In the mainframe room Erika is freaking out because she can't get the hard drive to wipe clean. She finally figures it out and the system is cleaned out. Sean backs her into a wall and kisses her and then shoots her in the stomach. She falls to the floor dead and then he shoots himself in the arm. Chloe realizes what is going on they race to the mainframe room. Sean starts yelling that it was Erika and that he figured it out and tried to stop her but she shot him and when he went for her gun that it accidentally went off. Sean flips the scene and blames Moss for what has happened because he kept him in the dark and that he could have stopped all of this. Moss agrees that he should have trusted him. But not so fast, Chloe recovers the files (that's why she will be given your job Janis) and Sean makes a mad dash to get out of the building, but Moss catches him and arrests him.

Rosa arrives at the hospital and accuses Walker of killing Marika when she finds out that she is dead. Walker is tearful and sorry, but Rosa won't hear of it. Walker confronts Jack about being inhuman when he tells her that it's over, they did what they had to do and they now have the list. She wants to know if he felt anything when his wife died and then she slaps him, wanting to know if he felt that. She collapses and they have a brief tender moment until Jack tells her that she will learn to live with it. Walker gets angry again and tells him what if she doesn't want to live with it and Jack tells her then she should quit. Jack also tells her that the next time she pulls a gun on him that she better use it. Walker replies "I did". Who's badass now Jack?

Back at the White House President Taylor is meeting with Olivia. Seems the two have not spoken in years and Olivia wants to go see her father. Taylor tells her it's not safe and that she needs to stay put. Olivia is put off and they almost argue, but are interrupted by Bill. He tells Taylor that the list has been recovered and that arrests will begin shortly. He also asks that Taylor call Senator Mayer and speak on behalf of Jack. She makes no promises but will think about it.

Jack is sitting on the steps of the Capitol Building (don't want to be late for your hearing 14 or so hours) and Tony sits next to him. He tells Jack that Juma is planning an attack of huge proportions on a target that will be of great importance. The attack is going to be soon and he needs Jack's help because going through the FBI red tape will take too long. Jack seems unsure, but Tony tells him that Ryan Burnett (Mayers Chief of Staff) is working with Juma. Jack wants to know if Mayer is involved but Tony doesn't believe that he is. Tony asks Jack to meet him on another street if he is with him.

Mayer tells Burnett that he just got a call from the President who wants to meet with him about Jack. Mayer doesn't like the timing of the situation but tells Burnett to come with him. Burnett looks put off as he has other things to do, like be a domestic terrorist. As Burnett gets his laptop he gets a text saying "Units in place, operation on schedule".

Posted by Stacey on February 24, 2009 4:31 PM
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