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24 Fodder

24: 3PM-4PM: Jack Takes it to the Streets

2.9.09.jpg 3PM-4PM This hour starts out with Taylor giving a speech to the American people letting them know that any further terrorists attacks have been averted and that she plans on helping the people of Sangala, by moving forward with the troops. Meanwhile, Vossler brings Henry to Dubaku. Henry accuses him of killing his son, and Dubaku confirms, telling Henry that his son was poking around into matters that were none of his business.

Jack, Bill, and Walker take Matobo to the White House where he explains to Taylor that Jack (and Tony) saved him and that they are truly on her side. Taylor still seems skeptical and wants Jack and Bill to explain everything. They tell her the truth and that there is a mole in her administration. Jack tells her that how else would Dubaku be able to get away with what he has done so far. Jack also tells her that he needs to continue working undercover and not involve FBI (there is a mole there too) or Homeland security. Taylor still doesn't seem to buy into it, until she gets a call from Dubaku telling her that he has her husband and that he will mail him back to her piece by piece unless she calls off the raid in Sangala. To prove his point, he has one of his men cut off Henry's finger. Kanin comes in with the news that Gedge tried to kill Henry and did kill Samantha. Jack tells Taylor that he can get Henry back, but that for now she needs to comply with Dubaku's wishes. They have until 4PM (which at this point in the show is 45 minutes away).

Jack wants Walker to look into Gedge's phone records. She tells Jack that the only person who can do that is Moss. She calls Moss who is more than relieved that she is alive, and she begs him to help her out and to not tell anyone that she is alive. He agrees, but only if she will meet him. He needs to make sure that she is not under duress. She agrees. In less important happenings, Sean at the FBI thinks they are being kept out of the loop and is obviously having an affair with the girl who sleeps around the office. Janis realizes it and calls him out on it.

Walker and Jack meet with Moss who has the phone records. He tells them that Gedge was calling Vossler, and that Vossler used to be Special Forces in Sangala. Jack wants to know if he has a family and he has a wife and baby. Jack tells Walker to go to the family because that is the only way they are going to get information from Vossler. Moss is appalled that Walker would go along with this and accuses Jack of turning Walker into a torturer like himself. Dubaku gets a call from his girlfriend and wants to know if he is coming to dinner. He tells her that he has a stack of shipping requests and won't be able to make it. Her sister Rosa wants to know why she is with a man that she knows nothing about, and that he does not seem legit. Marika walks out leaving Rosa holding an envelope in her lap.

Walker gets to Vossler's house and she takes the wife and baby into the living room at gunpoint. She handcuffs wife to the table and won't let her near the baby. The wife says some things to Walker that makes her seem to question what she is doing, but she stays anyway. Larry gets a location on Vossler and Jack follows him, eventually crashing his car into Vossler's. He takes Vossler into an ally and wants to know where Henry is. Vossler says nothing, forcing Jack to call up Walker, who goes over to the baby with a gun. Vossler can hear his wife crying and pleading with Walker and he gives up the information. Vossler gets the upper hand for a moment and attacks Jack. In the end, it's Vossler who gets stabbed and ends up dying. Walker gives the baby back to his mom, and calls Jack. She tells him that she isn't alright and maybe she is not cut out for this line of work. Geesh, who is, besides JB. Jack tells her that it's okay for her to leave, but she decides to stay in it.

At the White House, Kanin and Bill have decided to send a Matobo look alike to meet Dubaku to hopefully buy some time for Jack to find Henry. This plan goes south though, when the guards realize that they are being set up. They fire a rocket into the car and blow it up. Rosa calls up "Samuel" (Dubaku) and tells him that she knows that he came into the country illegally and that all she wants him to do is break up with Marika (I'm not sure where this story line is going, the gf seems so insignificant). Walker calls Moss and tells him about Vossler's death, he is not happy that she is still working with Jack but will get it quietly cleaned up.

Jack and Walker go to the location that Vossler gave them. They get the store clerk to open up the locked basement and they sneak in. One of the men sees Walker and a shoot-out (per usual) ensues. All seems well, until one of the gunmen shoots Henry in the chest before falling over dead himself. Jack rushes to Henry, but it doesn't look too good.

Posted by Stacey on February 11, 2009 11:34 AM
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