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24: 2PM-3PM: Jack Needs Help

2.2.09.jpg Sorry for the delay in posting. Technical difficulties with the internet yesterday. Stupid wireless.


Matobo and his wife are brought in to see Dubaku. Chloe tracks them to an office building. Jack gets Walker to help him Tony and Bill sneak into the building by using her FBI credentials. At the FBI headquarters, Janis has found a firewall breach at a plant in Ohio. She calls the plant manager and he realizes that they have lost control over the safety valves for the tanks. The tanks are filled with an insecticide that is deadly if inhaled too long and can burn the skin. President Taylor is immediately made aware of the situation and how many lives could potentially be lost if she does not call off the troops.

The plant manager decides to manually release some pressure from the valves to buy a few minutes to allow his workers to escape. He has Janis walk him through the operating procedures. She is reluctant to do so because the pressure (gas) will be released into the room with him, but he tells her he is wearing a mask and will be fine. She tells him how to do it, and a lot of gas is leaked into the room. Dubaku sees from the security cameras that Jack and team are in the building. He orders the CIP module to be disengaged and for everyone to clear out. He is confused as to why Nichols didn't kill them and Nichols offers no explanation. Sean sees that the firewall breach has been closed, but it is too late, the plant manager dies.

There is a gunfight when Tony, Bill and Jack enter the room. The CIP module is destroyed. Dubaku rigs Latham (the poor guy who had to fix the device from the first episode) with explosives. He blows the explosives to create a diversion so he can escape. Bye bye Latham. Meanwhile, Kanin is pissed off at Gedge for not returning his call about Henry. He finally tells President Taylor that her husband is missing, and that he had still been looking into the death of their son. President Taylor is taken aback, because he had promised her that he was done looking into it. I haven't decided yet if Kanin is involved with all this. Sometimes I feel like he is, other times I don't...thoughts?

Vossler who is still waiting in the car for Gedge hears the APB put out on Henry. He runs up to the room and finds Gedge dead, and Henry stumbling around. Vossler holds him at gunpoint, and Henry tells him that he will be implicated in all this because the police will be able to tell what happened. Vossler gets a call from Dubaku on Gedge's phone and Dubaku wants to know what is going on. Vossler tells him that Gedge is dead and he orders Vossler to bring Henry to him.

Back at the hideout, Jack feels that they need some help from an agency that their cover is blown and they can no longer do this alone. Bill and Tony are firmly against it but Matobo says that they can trust President Taylor. They all agree to a phone call to the president but that they are to meet her in private. Matobo makes the call. He emphasizes a private meeting and President Taylor agrees. However, she should look up the definition of private because she immediately calls Kanin to tell him what's going on. Tony decides that he doesn't want any part of this as far as being at the white house. He reminds Jack that he has done some bad things. Jack makes him promise that once this is all over that he will turn himself in, and they will face their past together. Awww, how sweet. Tony's look as Jack walks away says otherwise.

Dubaku is at an apartment when there is a knock on the door. He answers the door and finds his girlfriend waiting for him. He quickly hides the gun and gives her a kiss. She reminds him about dinner at her sister's and he tells her he can't make it. They reminisce about their first meeting at the diner and she leaves. Dubaku calls Vossler and makes arrangements for him to bring Henry to him.

Posted by Stacey on February 4, 2009 4:26 PM
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