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24: 8am-10am: Jack is Back....and so is Tony Almeida

7-1.11.jpg 8am-10am

The new season of 24 opens with Michael Latham, who is an engineer, being abducted while in his car with his daughter and being made to fix a CIP module. I was immediately flashed back to Morris being abducted, beat up and made to fix something which is exactly what happens to Latham. Not a good sign...but it got better.

Jack is currently in front of the Senate testifying about CTU and if their methods are a bit "shady" and by shady they are referring to torture. Jack admits to doing what needs to be done to protect the country and basically that he has no remore for it. He's such a badass. The hearing is interrupted when FBI agent Walker comes and and tells the senate that she needs for Jack to come with her immediately. At the FBI, Agent Moss briefs his team on Jacks arrival and Janis (a very serious and subdued Janeane Garofalo) and Sean prepare for Jack. When Jack arrives it is explained to him that a CIP firewall has been breached. Walker shows Jack a picture of one of the men believed to be hehind the breach and it is none other than Tony Almeida. Jack thinks Walker is lying because he saw Tony die in his arms and that a dead man can't breach a firewall.

Switch to a very much alive Tony walking into a warehouse and learning from Masters that they have accessed airtraffic control but the CIP is not working correctly. Bring in Latham to fix it. Obviously Latham would rather aide terrorists than die (Morris felt the same way) and fixes the chip. Meanwhile, in the White House, new President Taylor is watching an 'ethnic cleansing' on tv ran by General Juma in Sangala. She tells her Chief of Staff Kanin that she plans to send troops into Sangala to stop the killings. Her husband doesn't think that this will go over well with the press, but he will take care of a pesky reporter for her. Kanin tells Talor that Henry may be off his game beacause he is still not over the death of their son Roger. This is the part in the show where I got really confused. Roger was shown at the end of the 24 movie and now he's dead and no one really seems concerned with it and why is he dead? Seemed kind of awkward how they put that in, but moving on....we see that Latham has the chip fixed and the FAA notices they have a blip in their equipment.

Walker is trying to convince Jack that Tony really is alive and that she believes that the reason for his motivations iare because of the death of Michelle and his hatred for the government. Jack doesn't believe this is the reason but he agrees to help find Tony. Back with Taylor, she is arguing with her cabinet about her decision to invade Sangala when she gets word about the take over of the FAA controls. She begins to put two and two together and suspects that the two incidents are somehow related. Henry gets a call from a private investigator that he has hired to look into the suicide of his son. The private investigator tells him that the only sketchy info he can find is that his fiancée received $400,000 in an offshore bank account 3 days after Rogers death. Henry decides to talk to her and has his Secret Service agent Gedge take him to see her off the record.

Jack figures out that Tony must have used an old CTU informant named Schector. Moss wants to go in full force, but Jack tells him that Schector will lawyer up if they go that route. Walker tells Moss that she will take Jack in with just her and that she will keep him in line. Schector doesn't seem surprised to see Jack but wants a lawyer as soon as Jack mentions Tony even though Schector says that he's dead. Walker gives Jack some free reign and Jack takes a pen to Schector's throat. Just as Schector is about to tell all, he is shot dead by a sniper from across the street. Tony calls Jack and tells him to back off. The FAA loses control of a plane that is in the process of landing. Tony takes over instructing the plane and the pilots are none the wiser.

Jack realizes that there must be a mole in the FBI because there is no other way the sniper could have been there that soon and for Tony to know to call him there. Walker doesn't seem so sure, but the FBI has the building surrounded with SWAT teams searching the building, so there is no way that the sniper can get out. The FAA cannot regain control of their plane and notice that the course is changing. They get a recording of Tony directing the plane. Once the FAA informs the FBI they realize that their screens are locked. Tony tells the crew that he wants them to watch, and they see that two planes are about to collide. Tony has one plane pull up at the last minute and threatens that the next time it won't be like that. Emerson comes into the hideout and tells Tony that he wants the module and that he needs to get ready for the next mission, though he won't tell him what it is.

Press Secretary Nelson tells the public that Taylor will help Sangala and Taylor meets with the former prime minister Matoba and tells him that she will help the situation in Sangala, but that once Juma is caught, that he must be dealt with in a court of law. The sniper calls Tony to tell him that he is trapped and an FBI Agent locates him and gives him his jacket so that he can escape. Jack sees the man walking out of the building and notices that he is wearing construction boots instead of FBI standard black. Jack alerts Walker and she wants to arrest him, but Jack suggests they follow him as he could lead them to Tony. They set off after the guy.

Jack and Walker start to follow the guy when Walker gets a call from Moss wondering where she is. She tells him that she and Jack are following up on a lead and asks him to trust her. He doesn't and has Janis locate her by her walkie talkie that is on. Emerson shows Colonel Dubaku the module. Kanin gets a call from Gedge letting him know what Henry is up to and that he is worried about his state of mind. Henry meets with Samantha and tells her that he knows about the money. She claims that it was for a relative and that she loved Roger. Henry tells her that he knows she is lying. Gedge gets uncomfortable and tells him that they need to go.

Walker wants to know how far Jack was willing to go with Schector but Jack deflects the question and tells her that he is helping her find Tony and figured out that there was a mole in the FBI because it is obvious that someone helped the sniper escape. The sniper leads Jack and Walker to a boat. Jack takes down the guy and shoots out a security camera. Tony orders more men out to check it out. Jack and Walker take down more men and get on the boat. Jack searches for Tony and Walker find a computer deleting files.

Tony tries to run off the boat but Jack catches up with him. They struggle but Jack gets the upper hand and demands to know where the device is. Tony says nothing. Moss flies over in a helicopter and see Walker and Jack with Tony in his custody and he looks pissed. Jack begs his old friend to tell him what is going on.....

Posted by Stacey on January 13, 2009 8:14 PM
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