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24: 1PM-2PM: Jack Can't Stop Colliding Planes

Cherry-Jones.jpg 1PM-2PM

Moss calls in the entire team of FBI to look for Walker, Jack, and Tony. Sean tells Moss that it's pointless because she is probably already dead. Moss gets offended and tells him that they have no way of knowing that from a phone call. Bill and Chloe arrive at the construction site and dig up Walker. She is not breathing (why didn't she try and claw out herself? She's under less than a half an inch of dirt and the tarp was just laid over her). Anyway, Bill pumps her heart with adrenaline and she starts to breathe again. He explains to her, while Chloe patches her up that Jack is now working undercover with Tony and they are all not working for any agency as they are trying to uncover who is corrupt within the U.S. government. They need to use Matobo to get to Dubaku. Walker insists on calling Moss, but Bill tells her she must let people think she is dead.

While in van, Jack wants to know why Emerson hasn't told Tony why he is still alive after the shooting from CTU. Emerson tells them that Christopher Anderson wanted Tony alive and purposely missed his artery when he shot him. Anderson wanted Tony for other reasons, but after Jack killed him, and then the mission was moot. Tony decided to stay with Emerson after that because of what the government had done to Michelle. Once out of the van, Emerson grabs Jack from behind and threatens to kill him and wants to know what Jack and Tony are playing at. Tony tells him to drop his gun but he refuses. Jack tells him to take the shot and Tony does, hitting Emerson in the arm. When Emerson raises his gun to shoot Tony, he fires again and hits Emerson in the neck. Tony runs to his fallen 'friend'. Emerson refuses to forgive Tony and then dies.

Jack calls Bill and tells him to meet them at the hanger. He explains to the Matobos that he needs to deliver them to Dubaku, so that he can get to Dubaku and stop him. He's one of the good guys after all. Matobo at first says no because he does not want to endanger his wife, but she persuades him to agree. Kanin is trying to convince Taylor to pull out of Sangala, but she still refuses. While in the meeting she gets call from Dubaku telling her to look out her window. She sees two plans collide in mid-air outside of the White House. President Taylor calls a Cabinet meeting. They all tell her to back down but she again states that the U.S. will not be blackmailed. Tim Woods, the Chief of Homeland Security strongly disagrees and puts in his resignation. Meanwhile, Dubaku tells Nichols to get rid of Emerson's crew when he goes to pick up Matobo. Dubaku would rather have his diamonds back and no loose ends to contend with. Bill and Chloe arrive at the hanger where Chloe fits Matobo with a transmitter (it goes on his tooth) and Jack tries (in his own way) to apologize to Walker, telling her that he never would have believed her even if he had told her the truth back at the FBI building.

Samantha arrives to her condo to get her things and finds Henry sitting on the couch paralyzed. Samantha is confused by Henry's eye signals and is grabbed from behind by Gedge. He stabs hers twice in the back. She falls to the ground and he stabs her again in the chest. Gedge gets a call from Kanin wanting to know where Henry is (Kanin believes that Henry can talk some sense into Taylor). Gedge tells him that he is meeting with Samantha and Kanin is pissed. He tells Gedge to bring him to the White House immediately. Instead, Gedge puts the knife in Henry's hand planting his fingerprints on it.

Nichols arrives at the hanger and wants to know where Emerson and Jack are. Tony tells them they are dead because he wants the full payment for himself. Nichols seems content with this and puts the Matobo's in the van. He then motions for his guard to take out Tony, but instead Jack hits him with a sniper shot from the rafters. A few other men are taken out, but Nichols is still standing. Tony tells him that he just wants the diamonds and to leave with the Matobo's. Nichols does so and Chloe tracks them.

Gedge rigs a noose from the loft of the apartment and picks Henry up preparing to hang him. The drugs begin to wear off and Henry gets enough strength to lock his hands around Gedge's throat. They struggle and both go over the balcony with Henry landing on Gedge. Henry keeps his hands on his throat until Gedge dies. Dubaku is extremely annoyed with President Taylor (even calling her a crazy woman) when she still refuses to back down. Dubaku marks his next target which is a chemical plant in Ohio. The death toll should be around 18,000.

Posted by Stacey on January 27, 2009 4:31 PM
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