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24: 12pm-1pm: Jack is a Chemist?

7-12-1.jpg 12pm-1pm

Agent Moss learns that there will be an internal investigation into Walker's info gathering methods of Tanner. Moss phones her to let her know and wants to know how she got the information from Tanner, hinting that she used a bit of Jack's methods. She tells him that she did what was needed and that she is headed to Matobo's safe house to try and intervene. Moss tells her to wait for back up but she refuses, telling him that she needs to make it right. Sean gets a call from him wife telling him that she landed and wants to know if he had anything to do with it. He tells her that she must have just gotten lucky...riiight.

Locked in the panic room in the safe house, Matobo tells his wife Alma that they have to stay in the room until the FBI shows up. He knows that the people outside work for Dubaku and they will want names from him of who his allies are. Alma figures out (finally) that they will use her to get Matobo to talk. Sean calls one of Matobo's guards who is in custody of Emerson and Emerson sees FBI come up on the guys phone. Emerson wants to leave since the FBI know they are there, but Jack and Tony insist that they can't leave without Matobo. Crafty Jack decides to mix up a batch of chemicals and smoke them out. Jack and Tony whip up a bowl of household cleaners and dump it into the vent. Emerson warns Matobo they will die if they do not open the door. Matobo tells Alma that they must die for their country, but Alma decides it would be more fun to be tortured by a crazy Dubaku and opens the door. The two are hauled into a van.

Tanner's lawyers arrive at the FBI and want to question Janis since she was the only other person around during the 'interrogation' of Tanner. Moss tells them she can't because she is needed for national security means. Walker is caught sketching around the safe house and is caught by Emerson's men. She is put in the van as well, but not without making some nasty remarks to Jack. Jack being the nice guy he is convinces Emerson not to kill her. Tanner may have told her more information and they need to know what it is.

President Taylor meets with Kanin and tells him that she still plans to invade Sangala. She cannot let the U.S. be bullied and blackmailed by terrorists. Kanin disagrees and they then receive the news that Matobo has been taken by Jack and Tony. Taylor still wants Matobo found instead of giving into the demands. Janis figures out that Sean has something going on with another agent in the office, Erika. She assigns him to another task to get him away from her. Moss learns that Walker has been taken and is visibly upset. Janis hints that there is more between him and Walker, but he dismisses her.

Emerson gets a call from Nichols (they guy waiting with Dubaku) that their inside guy at the FBI learned that Walker learned nothing else from Tanner. Nichols wants her dead and they detour to a construction site. Dubaku comes in and wants to know why the President has not pulled the troops. Nichols tells Dubaku that he is free to use the CIP chip to make her change her mind.

Back with Henry and Gedge, Gedge tells him that he has a guy who can decipher the flash drive. Henry tells Gedge that he cannot take the info to his wife until he knows what is on the drive. They arrive at the friends house and Henry realizes that they are at Samantha's apartment. Henry suddenly realizes that it was Gedge who killed Roger (guess he was shady) and then falls to the floor paralyzed but still conscious. Gedge tells him that Roget was looking into things that he should not have been and now Henry has put him in the same position. Gedge calls agent Vossler who is seen watching Samantha. The plan as it turns out is to have it look like Henry killed Samantha and then killed himself. Vossler goes to Samantha and tells her that Henry sent him and that she is in danger. He wants to take her to a safe house, but that first they can stop by her apartment and gather some of her stuff. You would think that as long as Samantha has been around the Secret Service, that this is bullshit, but she goes with him.

Sean gets through on the call between Nichols and Emerson (can the FBI really pick up phone calls from anywhere and any phone? And if so, why can't they trace the calls if they are that high tech? Where is Chloe when you need her). He lets Moss listen in and they hear that Emerson is to kill Walker. The van arrives at a construction site and Emerson tells Jack to take her to the ditch and shoot her. Jack makes Walker turn around and he tells her to trust him (ha, yeah right) and he shoots her. She falls to the ground and from Emerson's point of view she looks dead. Jack rolls her into a ditch and we see that she is still alive and he grazed her neck. He puts a tarp over her and goes back to the van. Emerson doesn't want her found and tells Jack and Tony to bury her. Tony and Jack start covering her with dirt as Walker looks on from under the tarp.

Posted by Stacey on January 20, 2009 11:01 PM
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