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24: 10am-12pm: Jack Goes Rogue (again)

7-1.13.jpg 10am-12pm

Picking up for the second half of the season premiere we have Colonel Dubaku demanding that the U.S. pull out the approaching troops to Sengala, if not he will use the CIP module to really wreck havoc on the states. President Taylor is trying to quickly ground all flights, but I have a feeling they can do more than remote pilot planes with this little toy.

Meanwhile at the FBI headquarters Tony is being prepped for questioning. Moss wants to do it, but Jack tells him that he knows Tony and that he can get him to talk. Moss is still pissed about him going off with Walker and getting the glory capture, but again Walker talks him into it. Moss reprimands Walker for lying to him and she promises not to do it again. Jack goes in to talk to Tony and Tony says that he is doing this because he hates the government for what they have done to him and that Jack should feel the same way since they killed his wife Terri, made his daughter hate him, and now the state that Audrey is in. Tony pushes the right buttons and Jack has him slammed against the wall and begins to choke him. Before their little lovers spat can be broken up Tony whispers Deep Sky into Jacks ear. Turns out this is an old CTU code name.

Jack leaves the room and calls the number and Bill Buchanan answers (glad to see that my favorite character has returned). Bill is surprised that Jack is calling and Jack is just as surprised that Bill answers. Turns out that Chloe (at least we have her faces) is working with him and that Tony is deep undercover trying to vent out all of the corrupt government officials that are working with Dubaku and that they are not working for any agency. While Jack is on the phone, Walker has Janis try and find out who is the mole in the FBI. She gets a hit on a secured sever and goes to check it out. The name that pops up his Seans. He comes in and Janis calls him out on it, but he claims that he was checking a flight status that his wife is on because he wants to know when she lands. This guy just looks moleish. Kind of like a younger version of Tom Lennox.

Henry (who by the way successfully thwarted off the reporter for a couple of days which made him look better in the eyes of Kanin) gets a call from Samantha. She says that she did lie to him and that Roger was murdered and that she needs to meet with him. Jack has agreed to help Tony get out of FBI custody so he can get back undercover. Chloe has hacked into the FBI mainframe or whatever it is she does and has a visual of the building and tells Jack she will lead him out. Jack headlocks Walker as gently as one can headlock someone to knock her out and take her key card. He gets Tony from the holding room by knocking everyone out (not gently) and they begin to make their way out. Janis figures out what is going on and blocks Chloe out of the system (little competition for Chloe) but Jack and Tony make it out with some gunfire and Bill picks them up.

Taylor learns of Jack and Tony's escape and tells Moss that it is his and Walkers job to get them back. She only has 2 hours left before the deadline that Dubaku has given her. Jack and Tony are back at Bill and Chloe's hideout (lots of those this season) and Bill and Tony explain to Jack that Tony was dead, for 10 minutes, but that Emerson (who Tony is working for) saved his life by freezing his body and bringing him back (I thought that only worked for spinal injuries), anyway, Tony explains that he really was working for Emerson because of what happened to Michelle and wanted to get back at the government, but then he learned of Emerson's partnership with Dubaku and that innocent Americans could be harmed and he couldn't go through with it. Instead he contacted Bill and now they are working together to bring down the U.S. government officials that are corrupt. Tony needs to get back to Emerson and he calls him and explains that Jack helped him escape. Tony tells him that he wants to bring Jack on board. Emerson agrees after some hesitation (he just got himself a new crew and will have to fire them, literally). Jack goes with Tony and Emerson threatens to kill him after Tony won't do it himself. Chloe and Bill are listening in and Chloe seems shocked that Bill let Jack go with Tony knowing this would happen. Bill claims that Jack knew it all along as well. Apparently so, as Jack grabs the newbie and threatens to kill him himself. Jack says that he has nowhere to go after what the government did to him and Emerson agrees by shooting said newbie and welcoming Jack to the club, and his initiation is to capture Matobo.

Taylor meets with Matobo to tell explain the predicament that she is in. Kanin thinks that she should adhere to Dubaku's request, but she doesn't want America to seem weak and to give in to terrorists, and she doesn't want to let Sangala continue to suffer at the hands of Juma. Henry meets with Samantha with his man Gedge (I can't tell if Gedge is a bad guy or just actually concerned for Henry) and Samantha tells him that Roger was framed with the SEC inside info and that the same men who fabricated this information killed him and made it look like suicide. Roger had uncovered some banking files that implicated top White House officials as having interest in the doings in Sangala. She gives Henry a thumb drive with all the information on it, and someone is watching as the meeting happens and sees Henry with the drive, whether it's Gedge or not we can't tell. However, I thought that it was Roger's friend that found the info and told Roger about it, and then his friend was killed. Am I missing something?

Janis goes with Walker to the hospital to speak to one of Tony's men. He won't talk as his lawyers are coming. Janis distracts the lawyers while Walker tries some of Jack's tactics on him. She shoves her gun into one of his bullet wounds and when that doesn't work she crimps the ventilator so that he can't breathe. Just as the lawyers are trying to get in the door she walks out. She calls Moss and tells him that the plan is to kidnap Matoba. Moss puts a call into Matoba's people and tells them to lock him down. Walker heads over to try and intervene.

Jack and Tony arrive at the residence and a gunfight ensues. Matoba's men have locked him and his wife into a panic room. The only way Tony and Jack can get in is if the door is opened from the inside. Jack and Tony know that if they don't get Matoba out that they will lose their chance at getting to Dubaku.

Final Thoughts: This season has started out strong and the movie was a good lead in, but I am unsure how much time has passed since the movie and the new day. Roger's death seems to be some time ago because Mom is pretty much over it or so it seems, but the issues with Sengala are still present. Also, how old is Chloe's kid now? And I can't imagine Morris just letting her go off and do this covert mission with Bill. So what is the back story there. Maybe some of these questions will be answered throughout the day.

Posted by Stacey on January 14, 2009 4:30 PM
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