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Jack Is Back

Redemption.jpg After over a year of waiting (geez has it really been that long), Jack is finally back and ready to kick some well deserved ass. Normally my reviews are in depth but i'm going to make this one brief. Mostly, because my internet access at the moment is shotty at best.

The 2 hour movie takes place between 3pm-5pm and events are occurring simultaneously in Sangala, Africa and Washington DC. In Africa we are introduced to Colonel Ike Dubaku who is recruiting children to build his army and kill the "cockroaches" (it took me a good ten times of him saying that before I figured out that it was cockroaches) and we also see what Jack has been up to. He is living at a children's school for boys that is ran by his old pal from Special Forces, Carl Benton. We learn that Jack was in India before he came to Africa, and then "around" before then, we know that he is still thinking about his crazy daughter Kim, and that he is definately trying to stay on the move from something. That something turns out to be a supeona for his return to the U.S. to face charges of torture. The supeona is delivered by Trammell who works for some faction of the government. Jack of course tells him to get lost and tells Benton that he'll be gone by night to move on to wherever it is that Jack goes. Unfortunately that does not go as planned.

One of the children from the school has gone into to town to play soccer and ends up getting shot trying to escape Dubakus militia who are rounding up more children. Benton gets word of the "Freedom Fighters" plans and goes into town to try and find the kid from the school. Benton finds the wounded kid and radios to Jack as he is leaving that the militia is coming there to take the kids and that Jack has to help them. Well Jack as far as we know has been action hero free for the past year or so, so he's down. Jack gets the kids into hiding and then proceeds to take out the bad guys with some dynamite, and a couple of hand guns, nothing too fancy for our Jack. He ends up getting caught trying to take on three guys and they string him up for some torture, which is laughable considering what Jack went through in China. After Abozi (who is Dubakus brother) burns him with a machete Jack breaks down and tells him where the kids are. Except not exactly, he really tells them where Benton is hiding in the trees. The guards run off and Benton takes them out and Jack breaks Abozi's neck with his legs.

The kids, Jack and Benton are on the run. They end up having to abandon the bus and follow the river to the town where they can get out by helicopter from the UN. The U.S. President has ordered an evacuation of all U.S. citizens and army personel, because this isn't their war. A helicopter tracks them to the river and they have to move into the woods, causing Dubakus (who now knows his brother is dead) to track them by foot. One of the kids narrowly misses stepping on a mine field when Benton pushes him out of the way, but Benton is the one who steps on it. He tells Jack to go on and to get the kids to safety, he gives Jack the papers he'll need to get them all through. Benton waits for Dubakus and the gaurds to approach him and then surrenders. Dubakus shoots him twice trying to get the info from him on the kids whereabouts. Benton maintains on the mine field until he gets them close enough and then tells them all to go to hell.

Jack hears the explosion and races on to the town. Jack gets the children into town and after talking down a child with a machine gun and taking out a few bad guys he gets to the gate. Of course Trammell is standing there and refuses to let them through unless Jack surrenders to the U.S. government. And Jack being the good guy that he is, does so and all the children are saved.

On the other side of the world in DC it is in inaguration day for the new president, who happens to be.....a woman. President elect Taylor. She gets words that an imminent coup going on in Africa by none other than our favorite skeezy politician Tom Lennox (seriously, why wasn't he fired for trying to kill the president last season). Anyway, if Tom is still around that can only mean one thing...yep, Daniels is president (we get no explanation on how that happened, because Palmer didn't die...). Daniels has a meeting with some people from Africa and tells them that he is not going to offer assistance because it's not their war and that he is ordering everyone to evacuate from that area who is a U.S. citizen. Taylor of course does not agree with this course of action and tries to talk to some sense into Daniels, but that's impossible. Taylor decides that something will be done once she becomes president in a few hours.

We are also introduced to Jon Voights character Jonas Hodges. We find him at some company office on the phone with Dubakus. Dubakus is complaining that he doens't have enough children yet to take the city and that they are waiting for Colonel Juma (played by none other than Tony Todd) to arrive. Hodges tells him that he has supplied them with weapons and he can provide soilders, but Dubakus wants children. Hodges gets off the phone and tells the owner of the office to make sure that all traces of these phone calls are erased. The guys calls in one of his workers Chris, and tells him which records to burn and then to bury the ashes. Chris gets worried about what's going on and calls up his good friend Roger, who just happens to be Taylors son. Apparently Chris has had some issues with drugs in the past and Roger thinks that he is using again, but Chris convinces him to meet. Chris comes to the house and tells Roger that he first thought he was just embezzling some money for his boss, but that now he thinks that it is something much bigger. Chris has the files on his computer at home and thinks they can be decrypted and that he will email them to Roger because he really thinks this is something that Taylor should see.

Chris goes home to get the files and is met by a couple of men who want to know if these are the only files that Chris has, he tells them yes and then they pump him full of drugs to find out who he has talked to about the situation. Roger is at his mothers inaguration and keeps checking his phone waiting on Chris's email, but it never comes. We see Chris being buried in cement. At the inaguration standing off the side is Hodges (so he's some type of gov't official if he is that close) and Rogers secret service agent. The agent tells Hodges that Chris has been taken care of but that he doens't know exactly what Roger knows. Hodges tells him to keep an eye on him. Back in Africa we see that Colonel Juma has arrived and is anticipating the attack on the capitol. President Taylor is sworn in and a new day begins on 24.

Overall, I thought the movie was good, and it is a nice introduction to the new season and helps fill in some back story as to what has been going on the past year. The previews in my opinion for the new season were much more interesting than the movie itself. So on that note, here are just some random thoughts and observances.

-Tony Almeda? Seriously?
-Roger is hot, and his girlfriend/wife, already annoyed with her
-Chloe will be back
-Is CTU still functioning and in existence?
-Somehow, Dubakus survives the mine field explosion
-And can we please get rid of Tom already? He's such a weasel.
-Will the new day start at 5pm or will it skip to the next morning to allow Jack to get back to the states from Africa?

The new season of 24 starts on January 11 and here is to hoping that Day 7 can erase all memory of Day 6.

Posted by Stacey on November 25, 2008 10:14 AM
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