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24: 5 AM - 6 AM: Jack vs. Daddy Part 2

5 AM - 6 AM

The second half of the season finale picks up with Josh getting to the oil rig. He is not happy with gramps and gets even more unhappy when he hears Cheng tell Phillip that the sub will pick them up in the next 30 minutes. The medics are still on the beach working on Doyle and Jack and Bill are waiting to hear which oil rig Jack's father is on. Morris is sitting with Chloe in medical when the doctor tells them that she is fine. Mostly dehydrated and sleep deprived. The doctor wants to run a few more tests and Chloe tells Morris that he needs to get back to work that she will be fine. Nadia find an oil rig that has supposedly been decommisioned. Morris runs a nifty thermal scan and finds warm bodies all over the rig. Morris calls the doctor and wants to know what the test results have revealed. The doctor tells Morris that they are no longer married and therefore he is not privy to that information. Daniels is in a meeting with Tom and the defense secretary Kanin when he learns that Phillip is on the oil rig. Kanin suggests that they just blow up the whole rig for good measure and therefore ensuring that the circuit board would be destroyed. Tom protests the killing of an innocent boy, but Daniels thinks this is this solution to prevent them from going to war with Russia.

As Doyle is being loaded into the ambulance he apologizes to Jack for not listening to him (lots of apologies going on in these two episodes). Nadia calls Jack with the information that Daniels is going to blow up the oil rig. Daniels certaintly has a thing for blowing stuff up. Nadia tells Jack and Bill to come back to CTU and Jack agrees on the phone. However, Jack of course has other plans and he tells Bill that he is going to use the CTU chopper to rescue Josh. Bill tells Jack that he'll fly and help cover him. Bill is just racking up the action in these final 2 hours. Jack agrees to the help. The two get suited up and Jack tells the pilot that he and Bill are comandeering his chopper. Bill takes over and they fly off into the sunset. Also heading into the sunset are the F-18's.

Daniels gets on the phone with Suvarov and lets him know of their plan. Suvarov agrees that it would work and Daniels links him to the satellite to show the progress of the F-18's and an image of the oil rig. Suvarov also gets confirmation that a Chinese sub is headed to the oil rig, so he knows that Daniels is not lying. Morris tells Nadia that Jack and Bill have hijacked a CTU chopper and that Jack wants access to the satellite. Nadia gets on the radio with Jack and tells him that he is crazy and is trying to commit suicide for the second time today. Bill gets on and tells Nadia that this is the right thing to do. She respects her mentor and agrees to help. Jack and Bill decide that they will land on top of the oil rig. The F-18's have locked the oil rig onto their target. Josh is still pleading with his grandfather to let him go when Cheng tells him about the chopper. He tells Phillip to get on a small boat that has a locator beacon and he gives the circuit board back to Phillip while he goes to take care of Jack.

With Jack firing at the guards, Bill manages to land the helicopter. Jack and Bill start shooting out the oil containers which cause explosions. Jack captures Cheng and sends him back to the chopper with Bill. Jack tells Bill he is going to find Josh and Bill reminds them that they only have 10 minutes until they are shark bait. Phillip is dragging a crying Josh down the platform and berates him for acting like child. Josh lashes out and Phillip warns him to keep his emotions in check. They arrive at the boat and Phillip stupidly sets his gun down while untying the boat. Josh instead picks up a wrench and hits Phillip over the head, he THEN picks up the gun and threatens Phillip with it. Phillip tells Josh that he won't shoot him and of course Josh does, hitting Phillip in the shoulder. Jack arrives and tells Josh to put the gun down. At first it seems that Josh is going to get all ballsy and kill his grandfather but he lowers the gun. Jack sends him back to the helicopter and tells him that he is right behind him. Phillip tells Jack that he does not have time to carry him back to the chopper and he knows that Jack does not want to die with him. Jack agrees but tells Phillip that he is getting off too easy. Jack walks of and leaves his father to die.

Nadia lets Bill know that he has 90 seconds to get moving. Josh runs up and gets in the chopper. Bill lets down the ladder. Kanin gives the fighter jets the okay to fire. Bill tells Jack to meet him on the side and he will swing by and pick him up. Bill does so and Jack jumps onto the ladder and they fly off into the sunset again as the F-18's blow up the oil rig. Nadia radios Bill and he tells her that he Josh and Jack are alive and they also have Cheng in custody. Kanin reports that the target has been completely destroyed. Suvarov sees this on the live feed and is satisfied with the outcome. He tells Daniels that he will pull out his troops. Near the shore Jack drops from the ladder. Bill swings around and Josh points out that Jack made it to shore. Jack walks to the beach and raises a hand to Bill. Bill nods with understanding and Josh wants to know why they aren't getting Jack. Bill tells him that Jack isn't ready to go back yet. The Chinese have pulled out their sub, but Daniels knows that he needs to contend with them, just on another day. Tom asks Daniels to let Karen and Bill resign so that their reputations are not destroyed. Daniels agrees and Tom drops the tape recorder on the table that he was going to use against Daniels and walks out of the room.

Morris goes to see Chloe and tells her that he wants to know what is going on. He tells her that he still loves her and was worried that he was going to lose her. Chloe tells him that's good because she is pregnant. Tom goes to Karen and tells her that her and Bill are pardoned and they will just have to resign. Karen thanks him and Tom tells her that he might actually miss her, but she needs to leave for him to find out. Karen smiles and breathes a sigh of relief. Bill arrives back at CTU where Marilyn is reunited with Josh. Cheng tells Bill that his people will not abandon him like the U.S. did Jack Bauer. Nadia wants to know where Jack is, but Bill tells her that Jack will not be found unless he wants to be found.

Jack shows up at Secretary Hellers house and wants to see Audrey. He tells Heller that he just watched his father die and did not feel a thing. He tells Heller that he looked up to him like a father and that he respected him, but that respect is gone now. Jack asks Heller why he didn't get him out of China when Heller was the one with the power to do so. He tells Heller that Heller was mad at Audrey not because she went looking for Jack but because she did so when Heller told her not to. Jack tells Heller that all he has ever done is what people like Heller tell him to do. Jack tells Heller he will never understand what loyalty is. Heller tells Jack that he will not be able to take care of Audrey the way he wants to because sooner or later he will be drawn back into the game. Heller brings up Jack's dead wife and begs him to do the right thing for Audrey. Jack still demands to see Audrey. Heller leads him to the bedroom. Jack sits down in front of an unconsious Audrey. He tells her that he is sorry that he couldn't protect her and that he is at a crossroads because now the only way to protect her is to let her go. He tells her that he loves her more than anything and always will. He kisses her on the forehead and gets up and leaves. Jack walks out the edge of the property and looks out over the cliffs and contemplates what the next day will bring.

Final Thoughts: The producers wrapped up a number of the characters story lines and next season will probably have a new cast. I read an article (CNN I think) that discussed a revamp of 24 (which is much needed) with a new cast and possibly another location besides L.A. With Chloe being pregnant and Bill having to resign they probably will not return which I think are two of the most popular characters on the show. I think neglecting to leave the show with some big cliff hanger was the right move to try and make the series fresh next season and hopefully there won't be any pointless story lines (i.e. President Logan and pill poppin Martha).

Day 7 starts January 2008 on Fox.

Posted by Stacey on May 22, 2007 2:49 PM
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