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24 Fodder

24: 4 AM - 5 AM: Jack vs. Daddy Part 1

4 AM - 5 AM

The two hour season finale picks up with Josh and Doyle in the helicopter. Josh wants to know why he isn't going back to CTU and Doyle tells him that he is being given to his grandfather to save the country from going to war. Josh, not caring much about the whole war concept does not want to go. Doyle promises him that he will get him back (sounds like something Jack would say) and injects his wrist with a tracking device. Jack meanwhile is arguing with the agents that they are stupid for handing Josh over to his father. But the agents say they have their orders and Jack is to be detained once again. Jack gets on the phone with Chloe and wants to know what is going on. She tells him how Daniels made the deal with his father and Jack tells her that it's a bad idea but his father will never hand over the circuit board. He'll need it for leverage with the Chinese. Daniels is on the phone with Suvarov and is all but begging the man to call off the attack. He tells Suvarov about the trade, but Suvarov holds firm that they will have no choice but to attack if the circuit board is not recovered.

Jack decides that he is not getting the answers or results that he needs from Chloe, and calls up Karen. She leaves the meeting in the oval office to take the call. Jack tells Karen what he told Chloe and Karen agrees that it is a bad idea, but Daniels feels that it is the only way to prevent war. Jack tells her that she has to do whatever it takes to stop this trade from happening because he is in CTU custody and unable to do anything himself. Karen goes to Tom and tries to get him to help her go around the VP's back. He tells her no because their relationship is rocky at best considering that whole blackmail and treason shennanigans. Tom tells Karen that he will however look the other way if she takes it upon herself to help out Jack. Karen calls Bill's cell but he ignores the call. Seems Bill is still a little miffed about his wife firing him. On a personal note though, i'm glad to see that Bill is back for the finale. The FBI is at his and Karens house going through stuff. Karen calls the house phone and tells Bill that she really needs his help that she has no one else to go to. Bill picks up and wants to know if she is alright. She says that she is and apologizes once again. She then tells him about the trade and asks him to do whatever he can to stop it.

The CTU chopper with Doyle and Josh land on a beach. They get out and wait at a picnic table to hear from Phillip. Phillip calls Doyle's phone and Morris patches in so that CTU can hear the call. Phillip tells Doyle to have CTU shut down their satellites. Morris confirms that Phillip is in their system but can't figure out how. CTU shuts down the satellites but Phillip can't see the tracker in Josh's arm. Phillip then tells Doyle to dismiss the helicopter and that he wants to talk to Josh. Josh tells his grandpa how much he hates him but Phillip says that he won't be safe because of Graems involvement. Phillip wants to make Josh into the man that his father should have been. Phillip tells his men to go get Josh. Doyle tells Nadia that he will want to know if the circuit board is authentic and Chloe tells him that he can hook it up to his PDA (of course) and that she will be able to tell. Doyle tells Nadia that he plans to rescue Josh if he sees a chance and she orders him not to do so.

Karen calls Nadia and tells her that she wants the access code to view the satellite image of Jack's transfer. Nadia is clearly annoyed, but does as she is told. Nadia gets a another call that Marilyn is causing a scene because she wants to know what is going on with Josh. Nadia tells Marilyn that Josh is at division for questioning, but Marilyn tells her that he is minor and should have her with him. She threatens to call her lawyers and have Nadia fired. Nadia tells Morris to send additional security and he does so without hesitation. Chloe makes a face and wants to know why Morris is being such a good dog when he knows that the trade is wrong. In response Morris tells Doyle that he fully supports what is happening because he thinks it is the best thing. Doyle doesn't see it that way and tells Morris to keep his opinions to himself.

Jack's transport gets run off the road by a truck. While an agent gets out to check on things Jack steals the second agents gun and knocks him out. Bill gets out of the truck and walks towards the agent with his hands raised. Jack uses the distraction to knock the other guard out at well. Bill tells Jack that the trade has not happened yet and they head off to stop Doyle. Milo's brother Stewart arrives at CTU to collect the body. Chloe rushes to him and hugs him and Nadia sends Morris over to find out who it is. He reports back that it is Milo's brother. Karen realizes that her access to the grid has been blocked. She calls Bill to tell her that the agents are on their way to arrest her. She apologizes once again and tells Bill goodbye because she doesn't know when she will be able to talk to him again. The agents arrive to detain her. Nadia approaches Stewart and she admits that Milo died while saving her life. Srewart tells her that Milo talked about her and that he was in love with her. Chloe interupts the touching moment to tell Nadia that Bill sprung Jack from the CTU agents and that Bill agrees the trade is wrong as well just to rub it in Nadia's face. Nadia orders teams to retrieve Jack and Bill.

On the beach Josh is still begging Doyle not to hand him over to his psychotic grandfather but Doyle assures him that he will get him back. Nadia lets Doyle know that Jack is on his way with Bill. Doyle knows that tac teams can't move in because Phillip will know. He tells Nadia that he will take on Jack himself. Yeah, good luck with that. Daniels comes in to see Karen and tells her how dissapointed he is. She sticks to her beliefs and tells Daniels that they are making a grave mistake and that she did learn from Fayed never to negotiate with a sociopath. Daniels doesn't care and tells Karen that she and Bill will receive the strictest punishment and that it will be her fault if the Russians attack. Phillip calls Doyle and tells him to walk Josh towards the shoreline. Two men approach the shore on a small boat and walk over to Doyle he tells them to lay down the circuit board so that he can test it to make sure it is real. When Doyle opens the box it explodes and sends him flying backwards. The two men grab Josh and take off in the boat. Jack and Bill pull up and see Josh being taken away. They don't have a shot without hitting Josh. They find Doyle on the beach whose eyes are bloody and he tells that the board was a fake.

Phillips men scan Josh and find the locator, they short it out and Chloe realizes that they have lost Josh. Morris goes to pull the satellites back up. Jack calls Nadia and lets her know that he was right along. He tells her that the component was a fake and to send help because Doyle has been badly injured. Nadia is upset over the news. Daniels is pissed over the news of the failed trade and realizes that Karen was right and that Palmer had been right along as well. Tom tells him that in light of the current situation that he should let Karen go. Daniels says he will figure it out later. The trauma team arrive at the beach and determine that Doyle will be blind in one eye and maybe both. Nadia apologizes to Jack and tells him that she should have listened to him. Jack realizes that Josh is probably being taken to an oil platform because his father owns a few. Chloe goes off to research the oil rigs and Morris notices that she is looking rather pale. Phillip and Cheng are waiting at the oil rig and Phillip tells Cheng he will get the circuit board as soon as Josh arrives. Phillip tells Cheng that China is is future, whatever that means. Chloe stumbles over to talk to Morris about the oil rigs and Morris wants to know if she is okay, she says she is fine as she passes out on the floor. Morris rushes over and calls out for help.

Posted by Stacey on May 22, 2007 10:57 AM
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