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24: 3 AM - 4 AM: Jack Saves CTU (Again)

3 AM - 4 AM

Marilyn is starting to get hysterical as Zhou sends Josh away with some guards to go meet Cheng. Zhou threatens to shoot her but Jack runs over to comfort her. Zhou tells CTU that they are going to be put in a secure room until he and his men leave. The gunmen take Josh and drag him back down the sewers. Zhou has the hostages get into two groups. The first group leaves and Jack tells Marilyn to go to the front of their group and that he will try and go after Josh. Jack gets Nadia and tells her that they have to fight before they are locked into a room. Jack tells Morris to look alive and Chloe wants to know what is going on. Jack, Nadia and Morris each take down a guard with Jack breaking Zhou's neck. Just as a gunman is about to shoot Nadia, Doyle shoots him dead. Seems the calvary has arrived.

Jack tells Doyle about Cheng wanting Josh. Jack starts to give orders when Nadia tells him that he is still under arrest....but, she'll let him go and Doyle is in charge. Looks like Doyle is finally getting his wish this is an honor that was never bestowed upon Curtis. Nadia tells Doyle about Milo and Doyle asks how she is doing. Nadia admits that she is not good. They are interupted by Jack who doesn't have time for hear to hearts. Nadia gives Jack her cell phone and he tells her that she did a good job. Chloe also tells Nadia that she was brave, but Nadia doesn't look so sure. Jack and Doyle head into the sewer after Jack.

Josh reaches Cheng and Cheng calls up Phillip Bauer. Phillip wants to talk with Josh. Josh is pretty pissed at ole grandpa and reminds him that he threatened to kill him a few hours ago. Phillip scoffs at this idea and tells Josh that he is the legacy of the company and that he is taking him to China. OKAY gramps. Josh tells Cheng not to take him to Phillip but Phillip has something that Cheng wants so not going to see Phillip is out of the question. Before Cheng can drive off Jack and Doyle appear and shoot Cheng's cars and guards. Cheng takes off with Josh as a shield. Jack gives chase and radios Doyle that they are headed to the roof of the building. Josh manages to kick Cheng and escape. Jack takes out Chengs guard and orders Cheng to surrender. Josh falls into a hole and cries out for help. When Jack looks down Cheng escapes (more like vanishes in the 2 seconds it takes Jack to look down). Jack saves Josh.

Josh decides to let Jack know that he talked to Phillip and that Phillip has apparently surpassed any sort of level of sane. Jack doesn't seem suprised and promises Josh that he'll get him back to Marilyn. Jack lets Doyle know about his father's involvement with the Chinese and Doyle wonders why. Jack tells him that he will ask him as soon as he finds his father. Karen meets with Daniels to tell him that the Russians are within striking distance of their base. She asks where Tom is and he tells her. He also tells her about his affair with lisa. Karen tries to reassure him. Meanwhile Tom and team are getting a live porno feed of Lisa and Bishop. Bishop wants to know why Lisa seems distance. She tells him that she is fine and goes to the bathroom. Bishop goes to her purse and gets her PDA, but he thinks twice about downloading the emails and puts it back. As Bishop and Lisa are having a glass of wine he asks her what is really going on. Lisa smashes the wine bottle over his head and wants to know why he has been spying for the Russians. Bishop hits Lisa back. Tom and team rush from the van. Bishop wants to know who knows about him and he starts to choke Lisa. She passes out as the agents enter the room. Tom explains that they know what he is doing and that he is to upload the fake emails and call his handler. Tom tells him that he will get the death penalty if he doesn't comply. Cheng calls Phillip to let him know that Jack has Josh. Phillip tells him too bad on the circuit board. Cheng tries to threaten Phillip but it's pointless to threaten a crazy man.

Back at CTU a team from Division arrives about the security breach. Ben Kram lets Nadia know that her lack of leadership is what got everyone killed. Morris tells Nadia not to let Kram get to her. Naida feels guilty and says she should not have hesistated to stand up and then Milo would be alive. Morris tells her nonsense and that MIlo would want her to stay strong and in charge. Tom lets Daniels know that the emails were sent. He tells him to call Suvarov to confirm and he also tells Daniels that Lisa suffered some brain damage. Daniels is visibly upset but Karen tells him that he must focus for the phone call with Suvarov. The satellites cannot pick up any sign of Cheng. Jack calls Marilyn and tells her that Phillip wanted Josh but that he is safe and being sent back to her.

Daniels gets on the teleconferene with Suvarov and tells him that the component has been recovered and that it was destroyed while taking out the Chinese. Suvarov calls Daniels on his lie because he had men watching Bishop's apartment and he knows that the emails were fake. Suvarov gives Daniels 2 hours to get the component back or he is going to attack. Tom is heading into the military briefing that Daniels has called when he gets a cryptic phone call. He enters the meeting and tells Daniels and Karen that Phillip Bauer is on the phone and wants to speak with Daniels. Phillip tells the president that he will hand over the component if he can promise safe passage for him and Josh to any country of Phillips choosing. He says that the Chinese had their chance and now he is giving Daniels one. He tells Daniels that he will call back with details and hangs up before Daniels can reply.

Karen tells Daniels that this is ridiculous and that he cannot seriously be thinking of conspiring with a sociopath. She starts listing Phillips rap sheet and Daniels says that he knows what Philip is capable of. Tom agrees with the President that it might be the only way to avoid a war. Tom thinks that Suvarov is being squeezed by military generals still in office who hate the U.S. and who are looking for any excuse to attack. They have to retrieve the circuit board. Jack is leading Josh to the car and Josh wants to know what Jack plans on doing when he finds his father. Jack tells him that he has all kinds of fun things planned for him. Maybe even death. Doyle suddenly grabs Josh and ushers him towards a helicopter. Jack rushes after but is held back. Doyle tells him that he has orders and that Jack is to go back to CTU. The helicopter flies off. Doyle seriously needs to grow a backbone and stop making these stupid moves. One minute he is saving Nadia and letting Jack knock him out and the next he is letting the Chinese get the circuit board by foiling Jacks plan and taking Josh to hand him over to a psycho. Come on Doyle, get it together.

Next week is the 2 hour season finale. Hopefully the directors will get it right and we'll have a decent cliff hanger.

Posted by Stacey on May 15, 2007 6:00 PM
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