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24: 2 AM - 3 AM: Jack Looks Tired

2 AM - 3 AM

SORRY SORRY SORRY for not posting this last night. I have no idea where my mind goes sometimes. I know most people are as annoyed with this season as I am, but still I apologize for being late on the recap.

So Nadia comes into Jack's holding room and tells him that Heller has taken Audrey elsewhere and that he is going to file a restraining order against Jack. This seems a little trivial considering Jack doesn't even take orders from the White House, let a lone a piece of paper that tells him to stay 500 feet from someone. Jack looks sad and asks Nadia if he can join Doyle on the mission at Bloomfield. He tells Nadia that he knows how Cheng thinks and could be helpful, but Nadia tells him no. Jack looks even more sad and asks if he can be of assistance from CTU. Nadia tells him that she will put in a good word with the new director who is coming in. Milo goes over to Chloe and notices that she has been crying. Chloe only makes funny faces and never cries, so Milo knows something is up. Morris tells them that they broke up for good, but that they are still being professional, whatever that means. Doyle and team are ready to move on Bloomfield and Nadia reminds him how critical this mission is. Doyle seems impressed that Nadia has stepped up and they give each other one of those looks. Milo catches the look and gives Nadia a look himself, only Nadia won't give him a look back.

At some warehouse Cheng has assembled a rag tag team of individuals. Cheng stresses that he needs a team that will not be linked to him (so that's why all the men are Chinese), he tells his team that he wantst o attack the target in the next 15 mintues. Marilyn and Josh finally make a reapearance and Josh is watching the news. He gets upset that his father was responsible for so much death and tells his mother that he wishes he had never been born into the Bauer family. Marilyn tells Josh that he is not his father (hmmm could that be because his father is really Jack?) and then she turns off the news. Chloe comes in and tells Marilyn about Audrey still being alive. Marilyn does not look like a happy camper to hear this news.

At the White House Lisa calls Bishop and tells him that the crisis with the Russians is over. She wants to know if she can come over and they can pick up where they left off. Bishop okays this idea. Tom tells Lisa that as soon as she gets to Bishop's she needs to leave the room and allow Bishop to access her PDA. They have uploaded fake files stating that the Chinese men were caputured who had the component. This way Bishops Russian contact will pass the information along to President Suvarov. Lisa seems unsure of herself to be able to pretend to be with Bishop. Daniels reminds her that she had been lying to him for a year.

Chloe brings Marilyn in to see Jack. Marilyn apologizes for telling Jack that Audrey was dead. She starts to ask 20 questions but Jack doesn't feel like playing. She tells him that she will be there for him when this is all over with. Jack asks Chloe about the mission and she tells him that everything is fine. Zhou (who is the leader of Chengs tac group), questions Cheng about the limited entry point to the attack. Cheng says this is a good thing and will better able them to "obtain the package". Cheng also says to limit the casualties. Huh?? Terrorist gone soft? Doyle's team enters the Bloomfield facility only to find it empty of people but full of packing crates that once held guns and ammo. Zhou and his team drop down into the sewer access tunnel. Doyle calls Nadia and tells her whats up. She wants to know what Chengs men are planning to attack. Zhou gets directions to the entrance point of CTU.

Morris asks Chloe a question and she gives him a half ass answer. She apologizes and tells him that she is having a hard time with the "break up". She knows that Morris didn't break up with her because of her comment, it's because he is ashamed of arming the bomb and this was his excuse to make himself feel even more lousy about it. Lisa is outside of Bishops apartment and she tells Tom that she is scared. Tom tells her too bad because if she fails then she will be tried for treason. She takes the bag with the PDA and survellience camera and heads inside. Tom tells Daniels that Lisa has headed inside and Daniels is worried she won't be able to pull it off. Lisa walks in and seems uncomfortable kissing Bishop. He asks whats going on and she just says that she is tense. She sets her purse on the table so that it is open to where the camera can see. Lisa tries again to head to the bathroom but Bishop pulls her back tells her that she just showered. He starts to take her clothes her and throws her on the bed with the camera watching. Just tell the man that you have to pee. Whats so hard about that?

Zhou and his men set off charges and enter CTU, this also causes the security at CTU to be shut down along with phone lines and the computers. Nadia tells Milo that he shouldn't be upset about her talking to Doyle. Milo says that it's okay if there is something going on between them. Nadia says she doesn't know what she feels. Just a side note and any males reading this recap disregard, but Eric Balfour was actually looking kind of hot with that whole tousled hair thing he had going on. Anyway, Chloe is backtracking with the satellite and notice that Chengs men did leave Bloomfield earlier in the day. Nadia tries to call Doyle and realizes that the phones are down. Morris finds the same with the security and computers. Nadia calls for a code red emergency lockdown.

Zhou's men start taking out the CTU guards (so much for no casaulties). Jack hears the gunfire and tries to get the guard in the room to give him a gun. The guard goes outside and gets shot. Jack gets his gun and kills the baddie. Zhou makes it to the main floor of CTU and tells everyone to get on the floor and to hand over their cell phones. He has one of his men get a headcount and filter all of the communication. Jack takes out a few more gunman. Now this next part I absolutely did not see coming. Zhou asks who's in charge and before Nadia can stand up, Milo says he is. Without hesitation Zhou shoots Milo in the forehead and there goes the sexy hair. Jack sees what is going and heads off to find Marilyn. Two guards find Marilyn and Josh and one radios Zhou that they have the boy. Jack appears and kills the guards. Marilyn lets Jack know that they are after Josh. After hearing that the men want Josh it all came together and the last 9 minutes were no suprise.

Jack leads Marilyn and Josh into a ventiltion room. He jams the fan with the rifle and tells Josh to crawl in. Him and Marilyn are behind him when they get captured. Doyle keeps trying to call into CTU and can't get through. Zhou decides that someone should talk to him before he gets supicious. He notices that Nadia is actually the director and tells her to speak to Doyle. If she gives anything away he will kill everyone. Nadia talks to Doyle and doesn't start speaking code, but Doyle can hear the stress in Nadia's voice and knows that something is up. Jack and Marilyn are brought in with everyone else. Jack wants to know what is going on and Zhou hits him with his gun. Zhou gets on the PA system and tells Josh to surrender. He says that he doesn't want to hurt him but wants to take him someplace safe. He tells Josh that if he doens't come out of hiding at the count of 10 that he will kill his mother. Zhou starts counting and Josh comes out of hiding.

Cheng gets on the phone with none other than the mysteriously missing for like 10 episodes Phillip Bauer. Cheng tells him that he has his grandson and that Jack and Marilyn are still alive. Phillip seems pleased with the news and tell Cheng that he will get the repaired component once Cheng brings him his grandson. They agree to meet.

Posted by Stacey on May 9, 2007 5:35 PM
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This show is getting pretty bad when my wife figures out the plot 10min into the show,she says to me the chinese are going to attack CTU,next thing you know:)

-- Posted by: bigdogjoe at May 10, 2007 9:12 AM

Considering they showed that they were going into CTU the week before on the previews, your wife might not be as quick as you think?

But, I do agree, this season has been lacking creativity...only a few great episodes, the rest have been dull.

And what about Milo's hair? He must have went to the salon in the CTU building. Bad job! He deserved to get shot!

-- Posted by: minnie at May 11, 2007 10:38 AM

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