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24 Fodder

24: 1 AM - 2 AM: Jack Gives Therapy

1 AM - 2 AM

The episode picks up in the abandoned motel. Doyle is trying to get information from Audrey on where Cheng was holding her but she keeps repeating the same "Save me Jack" phrase over and over again. Broken record much? Meanwhile back at CTU Nadia is having a tough time dealing with her new title as director. Morris comes in and wants to know about the transfer but Nadia tells him that she is not going to approve it and that he should keep his personal life with Chloe seperate from work. Morris tells her that Bill already approved it, but Nadia reminds him that Bill no longer works there. Doyle calls Nadia and tells her that he has not had any luck with Audrey. Nadia tells him to return her to CTU. Doyle tells Nadia that it's his fault that things happened the way that they did. He should have trusted Jack to get the job done. Nadia tells reminds him that Jack went against the White House. Jack wants a few moments with Audrey because he thinks he can get through to her, he was after all tortured by the same men. Doyle refuses and puts him in a seperate car.

Karen meets with Daniels and tells him that they are shutting down the borders in hopes to keep Cheng from leaving the country with the information. She tells them that they have to keep this quiet from Russian President Suvarov. Daniels agrees and then tells Karen that he really does appreciate her opinions and that he is sorry that she had to fire Bill but feels that she did the best thing possible. Daniels gets word that President Suvarov is on the phone for him. He tells Karen and Tom that he wants them both in the meeting for this.

The presidents lover and aide (Lisa) heads into her apartment only to be grabbed from behind. She turns around and starts kissing the intruder. Turns out this guy Mark Bishop is not an intruder but Lisa's other lover. She tells Mark that Palmer is still in a coma and that Daniels is busy pushing his foreign agenda into the place. She's got a few minutes before she has to get back so they decide to have a quickie. Daniels, Karen, and Tom meet for the teleconference with Suvarov. He tells the three of them that he is aware that Cheng has the component and that he is prepared to take military action if the U.S. does not recover it. After the meeting Tom realizes that there must be a leak either at the White House or at CTU about the component. There is no other way that Suvarov could have found out that fast. Daniels tells Tom to let CTU know to use whatever means nessecary to get the component from Cheng.

Cheng uploads the components info to one of his lackies. They guy tells Cheng that there is a problem with the equipment and that he cannot fix it. He needs a security override and will need someone with the knowledge to fix it. Morris, I hear the Chinese calling your name. While Lisa goes to shower, Bishop takes her PDA and uploads info to a russian named Nikolai. He tells Nikolai that Lisa has no idea what he is doing. Chloe stops Morris in the hall and wants to know what he was talking to Nadia about. He tells her that he asked for a transfer because he no longer feels comfortable working with her. She tells him again that she is sorry for the "arming the nukes" comment but he tells her that it crossed a line and that they are over for good. Chloe completely out of character for her breaks down and starts to cry. Karen calls Nadia to tell her about the potential leak at CTU. Nadia wants to know why Karen fired Bill, because everyone knows that Bill is the best man for the job. Karen side steps the question and doesn't answer.

Nadia goes to meet with a shrink, Dr. Bradley, who has come to treat Audrey. Nadia tells Doyle to take Jack to holding and then meet her in medical. Bradley looks over Audrey who is unresponsive and finds that she has needle marks all over her body. Doyle takes Jack to holding who begs him to let him talk to Audrey. Doyle doesn't repsond and Jack pleads with him to take care of Audrey and to not let anything happen to her. Doyle goes and meets Nadia in medical. Bradley (who seems like he has a hidden agenda) tells Nadia that the only way to help Audrey is to pump her full of drugs to try and shock her out of her catatonic state. Doyle thinks this is a bad idea because it could further harm her or kill her. He thinks that they should let Jack talk to her. Bradley says he has read Jack's background and thinks this could be worse, besides he has jurisidiciton over Doyle to overrule him. Doyle tells Nadia that she needs to do what is right. He tells her that Bill would always do the right thing. Nadia is super offended and Doyle tells her that as director she can't be afraid to piss people off.

Daniels calls Lisa and tells her to hurry back because there is a crisis and he "needs her". Bishop wants to know what is going on but Lisa doesn't know. When she leaves Bishop calls Nikolai back for further instructions. Tom comes to Daniels and tells him that the leak is Lisa. Seems she has been spending some quality time with a lobbyist named Mark Bishop who was flagged by the CIA as having ties with Russian intelligence. Daniels admits to Tom that he has been sleeping with Lisa. Tom tells him not to worry that they will turn this around to be to their advantage.

Doyle goes into the holding cell and lets Jack know what the doc plans to do to Audrey. He tells Jack that he should do something about it and then unlocks his cuffs. Jack takes the hint and as gently as Jack Bauer is capable of, knocks Doyle out. He then takes Doyles keycard and escapes into CTU. Jack enters medical and beats up on Bradley and takes Audrey from the room. Bradley sounds the alarm. Morris and Nadia look up the medical room and see that Audrey is no longer there. Morris tells Nadia that if she had just let Jack talk to her that none of this would have happened. Nadia is hurt by that. Seems someone sucks at their job. Morris tells Nadia that Jack has not left the building and starts scanning the security feeds for his location. Nadia realizes that Chloe has left. Doyle comes to and Nadia tells him that she knows he did this on purpose and let Jack escape. Doyle tells her that he did what he thought was best for the operation. Morris tells Nadia that Jack is in the basement and Nadia and Doyle head down there.

Jack uses Doyles keycard to gain access to a room with no cameras and no alarms. He rigs the door so that another keycard cannot open it. He talks to Audrey and reminds her about her life and who she was before all of this happened. He tells her that he is sorry for what has happened to her but that he will not let anyone else hurt her. Nadia gets to the door and realizes that she cannot get through, she calls for an entry team. Jack is still appealing to Audrey who looks like she is crying. Jack hugs her and tells her that he loves her more than anything. As the agents start to make their way through the door, Jack begs Audrey for any informaiton because the guards are going to take him away soon and there will be nothing he can do about it. Jack moves Audrey to a corner and when Nadia and the guards come in he points his gun at them. Suddenly Audrey says the word "Bloomfield". Jack tells Nadia that Audrey is trying. Bradley says that it could mean nothing. Nadia radios Morris and tells him to look into Bloomfield. Nadia swears to Jack that she will not let the doctor touch Audrey. Bradley rejects this idea and Nadia tells him that Audrey is her witness and to back off. Doyle comes in and takes Audrey. Jack thanks Nadia.

Tom lets Daniels know that Suvarov was telling the truth. He has troops moving in on the U.S. military base in Russia. Lisa comes into Daniels office and he tells her that they know that Mark Bishop has leaked the information. He also tells her that he knows that she knows Mark. He plays back a tape where Bishop is telling his informant that he will access her PDA. Lisa tries to lie her way out of it, but Daniels is pissed. He tells her that she has committed treason even if she didn't realize that's what she was doing. He tells her that she will go back to Bishop and tell him that the U.S. has recovered the component. He also tells her that if she tries to expose the affair that he will have her held as an enemy combatant. Apparently that's a really bad thing.

James Heller (YAY!) is at his daughters bedside and tells her that he is going to get her out of there. Audrey doesn't respond. Heller lets Nadia know that he wants to see Jack before he takes Audrey out of CTU. Doyle tells Nadia that Bloomfield may have some meaning afterall and that it is an old copper mining field and that forensics found traces of copper on Audreys clothes. It could be where Cheng has his operation. LAPD is locking down the place, but Doyle is heading over. Nadia tells Doyle that she should have stood up to Bradley from the beggining, but Doyle reasurres her that she did when it counted.

Heller goes to see Jack, and tells him that he is to never see Audrey again. Jack tells him that he may be the only person that can help her. Heller tells him that everything and everyone he touches one way or another ends up dead, and reiterates that Jack is not to see Audrey ever again (not YAY). Like Jack is really going to listen to that nonsense.

Posted by Stacey on May 1, 2007 5:42 PM
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so how is secretary heller alive?!

-- Posted by: drew at May 19, 2007 9:05 PM

Last season his car went off a cliff, but he did live.

-- Posted by: stacey at May 20, 2007 11:00 PM

"Cursed"... I have to say "Ouch" for Jack Bauer :S

-- Posted by: Romeo at June 1, 2007 2:50 PM

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