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24 Fodder

24: 9 PM - 10 PM: Jack Finds an Arm

9 PM - 10 PM

Daniels calls all the cabinet members together because he wants to kick Palmer out of office so that he can blow up that country. He wants to use the 25th amendment against Palmer. Since I obviously never paid attention during government class in high school, I have no idea what the 25th amendment says, but apparently it has to deal with firing a president. Palmer meanwhile is trying to get out of his wheel chair but he is having trouble standing. He tells his doctor to give him a shot of adrenaline. The doc tells him that it will raise his blood pressure and could be dangerous, but Palmer wants to be able to face Daniels on his feet. Jack is on the phone with Bill telling him about Gredenko's demands for amnesty. Jack tells Bill that he has no intention of honoring them, and Bill tells him that since the presidency is up in the air, the papers will not be binding anyway. Bill gets the attorney general to draw up the papers. That attorney general is a busy man.

Palmer walks into the meeting and has to listen to Daniels spill about how he is glad to see him doing better. That arrogant bastard. Tom tells the cabinet that the decision is theirs alone as to whether Palmer will stay in office. The doctor comes in and tells the group that he believes that Palmer is fit to stay in office. Palmer gets a chance to speak and he tells the cabinet that this has nothing to do with him being "fit" to stay in office but that Daniels is throwing a tantrum because Palmer took his nukes away. Daniels counter argues that he felt it necessary because Palmer has sat back during the entire ordeal and has done nothing. The meeting adjourns for 10 mintues while the cabinet members prepare their vote.

Milo approaches Nadia who says that they should just forget about what happened. Milo asks which part and she says the part where he thought she was a terrorist. Milo says that he is not planning on forgetting about the kiss. When he walks aways Doyle calls Nadia and tells her to come to his office. She goes in, and I was really suprised she didn't set him on fire or at least chuck a computer at his head. He tells her that he is not racist, but that he was just going with the most logical choice. She tells him that he's not racist, he's just a sadist. Doyle tells her that he knows where the leak came from and it came from Milo's computer. He didn't set up the proper security channel, because he forgot. Doyle wants Nadia to get the proof so that she can save him from the same humiliation that she had to endure. Nadia doesn't want to do it, but she finally agrees.

Back at the bunker, Karen and Sandra tell Palmer that he should "fire" the VP, but Palmer says by doing so, he would lose a lot of good people who support Daniels. Tom comes in and tells them that the cabinet is ready. The cabinet votes and seven are for the president (including Karen's vote, when did she become part of a cabinet) and seven oppose. The attorney general says that because there is no majority vote, that Palmer stays in office. Daniels who is still pissy about not being able to blow things up, interjects that Karen's vote does not count because she resigned from her duties. Karen agrees but that she came back and that she was recognized by Daniels while in the cabinet meetings. Daniels says this is not true. The attorney general decides that this is a legal matter and that the supreme court will have to hear the case. Palmer looks none too happy and winces in pain. On the way out of the meeting Daniels tells Tom that he doesn't think that he is on his side anymore and Tom tells him that he is on the side of the United States.

Nadia tells Milo that she is having some trouble with her computer, and he offers to reset it for her. When he walks away she uses a USB drive to download some files from his computer. Nadia gives Doyle the evidence says that he was right about Milo. Doyle instead of arresting Milo, goes and changes the codes so that no one will ever know about the mistake. He tells Nadia that all he wants to do is find the nukes and that they need Milo to do that. He then starts quoting the Koran which he probably googled right before talking to Nadia and tells her how he has read all religious books because he cannot find his own answers. Nadia gets sucked into his psycho babble. Milo wants to know what Doyle wanted but Nadia tells him it was nothing, but MIlo knows that something is up.

Karens calls Bill with her concerns about the vote. She tells him that it will be her fault if Palmer loses. Bill comforts her like a good husband. Gredenko agrees with the amnesty paperwork. Jack tells him that if he tips of Fayed that he will kill him. Gredenko says that he knows that Jack would. Gredenko calls Fayed and they agree to meet at the Santa Monica Pier.

Sandra writes up Palmer's brief saying that Daniels never voiced a negative comment about Karen being back in office. Lisa on the other hand tells Daniels that he doesn't have a chance at winning unless she lies for him. She can write in her brief that Daniels asked her to let Karen know that he was not accepting her back but that Palmer woke up before she had a chance. Daniels says that it is purgery, but Lisa says this is the only way. Daniels tells her to do it, and then lovingly squeezes her hand. One of Fayed's men Halil tells Fayed that they should just go ahead and launch the nukes. Fayed disagrees and tells Halil that if he doesn't return in the hour, that he is in charge.

Tom, who is just continually redeeming himself, walks in on Lisa and the VP and asks Lisa to leave. He then shows Daniels a bug that he had planted in the room. He tells Daniels that he did this to protect himself after Daniels made him lie about the ambassador. He tells Daniels to pick up the phone and call off the vote, otherwise he is going to jail. Karen is getting the launch codes ready to be called off in case Palmer does stay the president when Sandra comes in and tells Palmer that the VP called off the vote. Everyone is happy, but a little wary as to why Daniels would do it. When Sandra and Karen leave, Palmer calls up the doc and tells him to come see him.

Jack and team set up at the pier. An agent injects Gredenko in the arm with a tracking device. Since Doyle and his team are still 20 minutes out, Jack decides to send in Gredenko because they are running out of time. Gredenko starts wandering around the pier and hears a cell ring. He finds it hidden in the railing and no one is on the other line. But a text message tells him to go to Building J. Gredenko being the expert on the Santa Monica pier heads straight for Building J. Fayed's men grab him and pull him into a building. Gredenko pulls out the listening device and unplugs it. Morris loses audio. He tells Fayed that the Americans made him do it, but that he has a plan. Jack heads into the room. No one is there. Milo tells Jack that the signal is still coming from the room. Jack walks around the corner and finds Gredenko's severed arm on the floor.

Jack follows the blood trail while Fayeds men are holding up Gredenko and trying to escape. Fayed pulls Gredenko into a crowded bar of people who are watching news of the attacks. Gredenko knows that they are trapped and starts yelling that Fayed is the terrorist. The people in the bar recognize him and Fayed shoots at Gredenko but misses and hits someone else. The people at the bar attack Fayed. Gredenko escapes. Jack rushes in and is pissed that he didn't get to kick the crap out of Fayed, but he gets in one good kick before cuffing him and calling CTU to tell him that he has Fayed.

Palmer who is becoming quite the adrenaline junkie has the doc shoot him up once more even though it will raise his blood pressure again. Bill calls Palmer and tells him that Fayed has been caught but that the bombs have not been found, but that Jack will interrogate Fayed. Gredenko isn't faring so well since he cut off his arm and falls over dead under the Santa Monica Pier. Karen and Tom call a truce and she asks about the real reason why Daniels backed down and Tom says he has no idea. She tells Tom that someday she would like to hear the real story. Tom gets a call and he tells Karen that Palmer has ordered the nuclear strike. They rush to the room. Tom asks Palmer what he is doing and Palmer tells him that he tired of everyone thinking that he is weak. Tom tells him not to confuse being reckless with being strong. But it is too late, the nukes have been launched.

As for the previews for next week, is it just me, or did it look like Doyle shoots Jack??

Posted by Stacey on April 3, 2007 10:03 AM
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