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24 Fodder

24: 12 AM - 1 AM: Jack Doesn't Go Boom

12 AM - 1 AM

Doyle is left stranded on the highway as Jack takes off to go rescue Audrey. Doyle manages to comandeer a car off the highway and attempts to follow Jack. Doyle uses the cell phone from the car he stole to call CTU and let's Bill know that he messed up and Jack got away. Morris traces the signal from the circuit board and tells Doyle where to find Jack. Doyle tells Bill that he will find Jack and make sure that the information does not fall into the possession of the Chinese. Bill let's CTU know that Jack has gone rogue and he tells Chloe that he wants to her back to work and that he hopes that he can trust her this time. She tells him that he can.

Jack who is quite the tricky rogue agent pulls up next to some power lines and removes the tracking device. He then continues on his way. Morris loses the signal and realizes that Jack has been driving next to the power lines. He calls up Doyle to let him know the sitch. Milo wants to know what Chloe thinks about the whole situation. She says that she knows that Jack would not hesitate to give his life if it meant preventing the Chinese from getting the circuit board. Milo agrees, but neither think he would be willing to sacrafice Audrey.

The press secretary gets on the air and lets the nation know about Palmer. She tells everyone that VP Daniels has taken over and will be making a statement at 9 a.m. Daniels meets with Tom and wants to know what he plans on doing with the evidence. Tom tells him that he was only using the evidence to prevent the VP from challenging Palmer and to protect himself concerning Reed. He Daniels that he has his support and that he will not use the evidence against him. I smell a little bit of sketch coming out on Tom again. Daniels wants to know what they should do about Karen. Tom tells him that it would be wise to let her stay because she offers a balnace. The VP/President agrees.

Jack calls Cheng and lets him know that CTU is looking for him. He tells Cheng that they need to meet in an old abandoned hotel or CTU will be able to find them. Cheng agrees to the location. Karen again tries to convince Daniels to let CTU handle the situaiton on Jack, but Daniels wants everyone involved and Jack caught. Once he is alone with Lisa, he tells her how much he has been thinking about her despite the days activities, they kiss and she goes home to pack a bag to spend the night. Powers Boothe looks so much older than this woman and everytime he gives her that "lustful" look I can't help but get creeped out thinking that he could be her dad.

Doyle pulls up to the power lines and sees the tracks that Jack left. He knows Jack would not take the freeway that contains the cameras so he figures out which way to go. He calls Nadia and wants to see if she can get any conversations between Jack and Cheng. Doyle saw Jack steal one of the dead terrrorists cell phones. Nadia asks Chloe to help with finding the phone call. Chloe pulls up a list of encrypted info and sends it over to Morris's computer. He starts acting like a 5 year old and tells her that she should have asked before she did that. They start to argue and eventually Chloe lets slip that she wouldn't build a trigger for a nuke for terrorists. Morris is crushed but Milo breaks up the fight. Chloe asks for MIilo to help her and Morris goes to look for that cheap bottle of whiskey he had a few hours ago.

Karen gets word that some guy named Hock from the DOJ is in her office. Tom warns her to tread lightly around this guy because he has a lot of power. Karen meets with Hock who tells her that he has been interviewing Reed about trying to kill Palmer. He is facing death and is trying to offer up any dirt that will get him off of the death sentence. Hock tells Karen that Reed told him about Bill letting Fayed go from custody and then Karen covering it with a "blue folder" at Homeland. Karen explains that nothing was covered up. Fayed was detained 2 years ago in a border sweep but there was no evidence against him and he was let go. She says that it is customary to code the folder blue for these people so that they do not have their rights taken away. She further explains that she was going to resign so that this information was not used against the president during the crisis. Okay, I don't see how this is a cover up. It happened two years ago, they didn't know Fayed was a baddie and she coded the folder then. How is that a cover up?? The only way that would make sense is if they knew that Fayed was dirty 2 years ago and Bill still let him go. Anyway, Hock tells her it doens't matter someone will have to take the blame and better it be Bill because he is farther down the chain from the President.

Jack arrives at the hotel and goes inside. Nadia finds Jack's call to Cheng and lets Doyle know. They still have to decrypt it, but Doyle is on the right road to look for Jack. Bill gets a call from Karen. He tells her that he can't talk and will have to call her back. Karen goes to Tom for advice. Tom says to let Bill take the fall becaues his signature is already on the release papers. Karen is frustrated and Tom tells her it's no big deal that they will get through it. Yep sketchy Tom is starting to emerge again. Karen reluctantly agrees and leaves the office.

Jack calls Bill's personal voicemail and tells him where he is. He tells Bill that he will blow up the device as he has already planted C4 all around the hotel. He tells Bill to look after Audrey for him if he doesn't make it out alive, and thanks him for always being a good friend. Morris goes to Bill with a transfer request. He tells Bill that he can no longer work in Communications with Chloe because she is driving him crazy. Bill agrees to find some place for him.

Bill calls Karen back and she explains what is going on. Bill says that it's ridiculous and wants to know who is pressuring her. Karen is not being informative and tells Bill that she has to protect herself, and then fires Bill. Bill is rightly pissed and hangs up the phone on Karen. She tries to call him back but he ignores her phone calls. Doyle finds Jack's truck parked near the hotel. Bill goes to Nadia and tells him that he is stepping down from CTU director. Nadia knows something is up and Bill confesses that he was fired. He Nadia that for the time being she is acting director of CTU. Security demands that Bill leave and he does so. Nadia informs CTU that Bill has stepped down and that she is now in control.

Doyle ransacks Jack's truck for guns and ammo. He is on the phone when Chengs limo pulls up. He lets CTU know that he needs backup. Doyle sees Cheng get out of the limo. Cheng appraoches Jack and tells him he wants the circuit board. Jack tells him that he wants to see Audrey first. Doyle relays all of this to CTU. Audrey is brought in and Jack wants her gag removed. He removes it for her and tells her that he is sorry for all that has happened in the past 2 years. Jack tells Cheng he will give him the goods once Audrey is out of range for Chengs snipers. Doyle sees all of Chengs men around the building with weapons. Jack tells Audrey to walk down the road to the gas station and that there will be taxi waiting to take her to CTU.

Jack goes to hand over the board and detonate the C4 when stupid Doyle decides to play hero. He starts shooting and a shot hits Jack in his vest. Cheng escapes into his limo and drives off with two more following. The CTU helicopter tries to follow but is shot down by a missle. Doyle grabs Jack who wants to know why the hell he went all commando on him when he was about to detonate the C4 and kill Cheng. Doyle doesn't answer and Nadia tells Doyle to place Jack under arrest. Doyle actually reluctantly puts Jack in handcuffs while Jack continues to berate him for being an idiot. Audrey is brought back in and contiues to mumble the same phrase over and over again "Help me Jack, Please don't let them do this to me". Jack goes over to Audrey and realizes that she doens't even recognize him. This enrages Jack more because he knows that Cheng did something to her. He begs Doyle to help Audrey as he is led out of the hotel.

Posted by Stacey on April 24, 2007 5:55 PM
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